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  1. Und outplayed them last night and didn’t get the bounces. Outplayed em again tonight without the top 2 scorers.
  2. Last night I thought Caufield picked the head, but he didn’t. Hit him right in the shoulder and looked like he even tried to avoid contact.
  3. Poehlings are the definition of a try hard. The effort to skill ratio are unmatched.
  4. Jan used up all her bounces tonight. Great game.
  5. I know Caufield tried to avoid contact but he picked the head...accidentally. NCAA seems very liberal with 5 min majors so I think it was the right call as much as I don’t like it.
  6. How many crap bounce goals is Jan gonna pull out? That’s a 5.
  7. JBD is a damn sniper with the wrister when he has time and space.
  8. I’ve watched that disallowed goal over and over on dvr and not only does it hit Adams in the shoulder, the puck changes direction off the Miami dmans stick. Inexcusable to waive it off. Even though it means nothing, an apology should be issued. At least admit the call was trash.
  9. Hits Adams in the shoulder then deflects off the miami dmans stick before going in. Horrible call.
  10. Rough start. Brain dead coverage in their own end.
  11. With Ottawa’s track record over the last 2-3 years they should be last last ones trying to influence anyone about anything. The best thing for his development would be to stay away from that organization as long as possible.
  12. Great response. Proving that last night was a fluke.
  13. They’ve slept thru the last 3 games. Time to wake up from the break.
  14. The crapping over living in ND is comical...we aren’t gated in, we can live wherever we want. Them not liking it here seems like the ideal situation for everybody.
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