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  1. You need concussion protocol. Holy smokes.
  2. NBA suspends season. Can’t imagine NCAA will be far behind and UND will get hosed. I hope I’m wrong.
  3. Omaha is gooning it up bad. Keep pinto off the ice. He’s been targeted the last half of the game.
  4. Leaving versatile guys that can move up and down the lineup at home, ala Caulfield, is and was a bad idea. Thome getting the nod to me means it’s his to lose moving forward.
  5. I agree with this. The only reason Thome isn’t starting is because Scheel had a good 1st part of the season and was pegged as the #1 before the season started. Thome hasn’t had a bad game and has been the better goalie since Christmas.
  6. Maybe it’s the way UND played them all year, but they just don’t feel like a top 6 team. That sweep over BC has carried them. That doesn’t happen if it’s later on in the year. When I look at the pairwise, that’s the first team I would say doesn’t scare me. Maybe overrated is strong, but I don’t see them as a threat.
  7. Denver is so overrated and it’s been that way all year. If St. Cloud gets home ice vs Denver in the 1st round of the playoffs, Denver doesn’t make the faceoff.
  8. Good win. Hate that no goal. Bussi was so far out of the play and in left field when contact was made.
  9. Und outplayed them last night and didn’t get the bounces. Outplayed em again tonight without the top 2 scorers.
  10. Last night I thought Caufield picked the head, but he didn’t. Hit him right in the shoulder and looked like he even tried to avoid contact.
  11. Poehlings are the definition of a try hard. The effort to skill ratio are unmatched.
  12. Jan used up all her bounces tonight. Great game.
  13. I know Caufield tried to avoid contact but he picked the head...accidentally. NCAA seems very liberal with 5 min majors so I think it was the right call as much as I don’t like it.
  14. How many crap bounce goals is Jan gonna pull out? That’s a 5.
  15. JBD is a damn sniper with the wrister when he has time and space.
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