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  1. BU with 11 games played and CHN showing no more scheduled. Need 13 to be eligible for the postseason, correct?
  2. I do too. It’s too easy to jump online and say something negative about somebody. The crowd that likes Jake is a hell of of a lot bigger than the crowd who doesn’t. A job you don’t get much praise for if you do it well.
  3. Johnny just excited he’s part of this and not in a suit like he would be if he was still at UND.
  4. Dominant defensive performance in the 2nd and 3rd. It took a miracle for Omaha to win on Sat night last go around so bury them for the league title tomorrow.
  5. Hain called for a 5 minute penalty for the hit on scheel. denver is 7-11, put that in the blog.
  6. Cole Caufield making a strong case for hobey unfortunately.
  7. Feels like everything that had to happen for Omaha to win happened.
  8. Pinto is a diver. Have noticed it a few times this season.
  9. Omaha has been opportunistic tonight. Not scheels best game.
  10. Offensively defensively and everywhere in between.
  11. Cooper figuring it out and Rieger in limited minutes isn’t the liability it was in the pod that’s for sure.
  12. I was just gonna say jokingly that this is a perfect opportunity to take a penalty...and then they did.
  13. More effort in the first 5 minutes than all of last night.
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