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  1. Duluth is so good all over the ice at toeing the line on stick infractions. I thought it was a well officiated game last night, but that was 80s NHL hockey where any attempt at a shot and you had a player or two hanging on you. There is no room on the ice to create pretty plays.
  2. He probably couldn’t name a single player from either team. I wish midco or cbs was covering this tournament. Everything they do is better than ESPN.
  3. Will this Albany building survive another game? Place is falling apart.
  4. Such a strange game. I’d be surprised if they let them play with broken boards.
  5. That was offside. Don’t know how they got it wrong after review.
  6. Shouldn’t have tune up games in the national tournament, but it’s been a weird year.
  7. I said the same thing about Phil Kessel and I was clearly wrong.
  8. Damn, that would suck. (Immediately goes to onhockey.tv)
  9. Senden with a cast or brace on his left hand and wasn’t doing anything with it in the post game celebration. From what I saw, I doubt we see him again this year. JBD will likely be back. No idea on Mismash.
  10. Didn’t play anywhere near their best hockey and still won the conference tourney. Keep finding ways gang.
  11. I know it’s obvious but JBD needs to come back so Frisch can carry that 3rd pairing. Frisch is so underrated.
  12. It’s fast paced which will favor UND just by wearing DU down, but I think they could slow the pace down a little and bring some skill into this game. Feels like a 3rd line grinder game so far.
  13. Gaber more noticeable tonight than he’s been since the first game of the season. Would be huge to get him going.
  14. Figured out you have to switch the settings to play from beginning and then fast forward all the way to the end, which will get you pretty close to live.
  15. This new NCHC.tv app for the fire stick blows. Last week it took forever to figure out how to get a live game. Now I get the black screen.
  16. Now the season starts. They were always going to make it to this point.
  17. Johnny is more comical on the mic than he is on the ice. Hard to believe.
  18. I know it’s senior night but I think I’d be hard to give it your all for a game that doesn’t really matter against a team you’ve played played too many times and have clearly proven you’re the better team.
  19. Neither goal was his fault. Team in front of him looks like !@#$.
  20. On the left hand side you select “Live”. Mine started playing an interview with Alex and Berry. I pressed the right arrow as far as it would take me and now I’m basically live. I noticed a setting that is default as “play from beginning” that I think is the issue.
  21. Mine started playing from the beginning so fast forward as far as you can.
  22. BU with 11 games played and CHN showing no more scheduled. Need 13 to be eligible for the postseason, correct?
  23. I do too. It’s too easy to jump online and say something negative about somebody. The crowd that likes Jake is a hell of of a lot bigger than the crowd who doesn’t. A job you don’t get much praise for if you do it well.
  24. Johnny just excited he’s part of this and not in a suit like he would be if he was still at UND.
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