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Non-UND College Hockey 2021-22


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2 hours ago, Langster019 said:

Also would be curious to tune in and see quality per school. If each feed is from their own productions, that’s literally no different. 

If ESPN produces them, then they have an upper hand, just don’t see it. 

I watched a few ECHC games on ESPN+ this past season, and it sure looked like the feeds were locally produced, i.e., not produced by ESPN. But I could be wrong.

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4 minutes ago, nodakgirl93 said:

Sounds cheaper to the fans though for the games to be on espn+ not everyone has cable.

Oh thank god someone said it. I was starting to think I was the only one who is like “sounds like a great price point to me” 

wish NCHC could get our games on espn + … 

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5 minutes ago, cberkas said:

The one thing bucci can STFU about is talking about who’s drafted by who and who could be teammates. 

ESPN has always done that ... for 40 years.   Its a way of bringing NHL fans into the college game.   I don't need it, but I hope it adds fans to the college game. 

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