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  1. Ha, highly doubt someone is going down like that into the boards on purpose. Clown take.
  2. I don’t think he’s cracking that lineup this year.
  3. Could fire a beach ball through Hedquists 5 hole https://twitter.com/ushl/status/1344109558793461763?s=21
  4. https://twitter.com/ryanchesley04/status/1341817274978754561?s=21
  5. Miami looks rough, pass about as well as Trubisky.
  6. Exactly. If they even go the NCAA route.
  7. It’s a bummer we couldn’t get all these new 10 year old recruits together for an Easter egg hunt last weekend.
  8. Cole Spicer commits. Stockpiling the 04’s. All from Grand Forks too.
  9. Haha just cherry pick the leading scoring defenseman in the USHL. Wishful thinking to say the least.
  10. I’m guessing he was talking about Trey Fechko. I think he was a freshman (maybe sophomore) at Holy Family this year.
  11. The high school tournament has drawn damn near sellout crowds at the Xcel for as long as I can remember. The class AA night sessions are always packed to the rafters.
  12. Maybe not as bad, still knee on knee. Those hits in general are bad. Saw a lot of them this week in the Minnesota high school tournament.
  13. Not much talk in here on JBD’s knee to knee no call. Wasn’t long ago the same happened to Mismash and people in here were all hell bent. Typical
  14. Yeah, I’m aware, still doesn’t make them a good hockey team.
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