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UND versus NDSU - 1st DIV I Conference Game 2020 Rona moved to 2021 @ Manure Pit - RIVALRY?

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Thats an odd take since every one of your posts makes you look like a dick.   I am kind of shocked they have not banned you yet.

Make no mistake, this is their super bowl 

If you thought this team would be 4-1 at this point raise your hand.......

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4 minutes ago, SlowHand said:

50 seconds in.  Dont be that guy.

I noticed it the first time, but the announcers don’t notice it after playing it 4 times.

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1 minute ago, UNDBIZ said:

You started your intent here today is to troll. 1 troll post will be your last troll post. 

Uhhh wtf are you talking about? I said I'd pick on some ridiculously soft guy butthurt about NDSU getting a quick score. And @VMeister lol.

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Just now, 1972 said:

I still think that 3rd down spot was bad

Ya i don't think his knee hit, he was on the pile yet.  

On 4th down, NDSU was so bunched up...up the middle.  Should have taken a time out and changed the play call.  

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