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  1. for some reason the NCAA seems to think they are the end all, be all, for the sporting world. but the times they are a changing, and i think they are gonna get a dose of reality very soon, if they continue on this path. we have proven in the last 12 months that alot of what we thought we couldnt live without, actually wasnt that important , and we could live with out . the same holds for the NC$$
  2. Tkachuk is a little bitch. he fights dirty, and is starting to loose the respect of his teammates
  3. that better be reviewed...looks like a goal to me
  4. and just like that 2-1 scsu
  5. it was close looking at full speed
  6. holy crap does mankato looked confused by scsu
  7. cripes, we arnt even 5 minutes in and Melrose is already butchering names
  8. We can only imagine what a pairwise might have looked like. I believe Duluth, und, Mankato, and maybe BC would have been the number 1 seeds. Still think Duluth and should have swapped spots, or Badgers shouldn't have been a 1
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