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  1. Don't think sandlin was too happy...final shot of him leaving the bench....."F me!" He says
  2. My one simple take on the weekend...Cole Smith played like a beast the whole weekend. Easily the best player on the ice when he was on it ..IMHO
  3. Not sure if it was the injury, or not, but Adams and bast collieded at center ice, and bast was off after that
  4. the thing that stood out to me, about Thome, was his calm demeanor in net. one shot, in particular, was an absolute screen shot, in which he calmly flipped his glove out and made the save. that shot had top corner, glove side written all over it, and he made the save like it was a wednseday afternoon practice. not sure how he even saw the puck.
  5. Really dude? You think scheel has been stellar? Thome better be in net tomorrow
  6. For fs sake get scheel out of there
  7. Explain to me why scheel is still in net?
  8. Scheel still in net...hope bubbs knows what he's doing here
  9. Not a 5...wow, thought it was text book
  10. Gutty win. Bounces didn't go thier way most of the night, goalie was hot, but found a way to get the 3 points. 5 out of 6 on the weekend. Shake it off and get ready for a hungry mad Duluth on friday
  11. Michaud ENG! 5-3! should be game.
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