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  1. Nothing, other than what I have seen on tape..looks like a solid lineman...but could be more to it,I suppose...hopefully it works out well for both parties
  2. surprised wyoming let this guy get away...
  3. it may be fun watching them play, but it probably isnt real fun to play them...if you play them hard, and they get hurt, youre the bad guy; if you get beat by them, you feel like crap, and your fans are pissed; you blow them out of the barn, and you are the big mean school...tell me what the upside is to playing them? i mean, sometimes it is 16/ 17 year olds playing against 24/25 year olds
  4. i, for one, am glad to NOT see the U18 team...it is a no win game. let them play the ushl teams
  5. so we extend Bubba, loose a bunch to the portal, raise season ticket prices, and raise tailgating prices....what else can they do to completly cratter the program?
  6. This.....the only thing this institution has is hockey...they have given up on every other sport, except hockey..and for us to be an after thought in the national tournament is a joke...something has to change, and change soon
  7. Starman and Saski are both covering it on Westwood One radio
  8. it was like watching in slow motion..i could see he was thinking of sweeping it to the corner, and in my head im screaming COVER THE PUCK UP!....and then its in the back of the net...that was a killer..could just see the team was out of it after that
  9. if it is true, hopefully dosent set us back like tyson jost leaving did
  10. it will be the biggest regret of his career, if he does
  11. some of the best games i ever watched was gopher/sioux games called by Doug and the Rug..
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