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  1. Kleven has had a real bad weekend
  2. And we will loose him for next weekend as well, correct?
  3. Isn't it fun when the officials what to be part of the game
  4. I'm at the game...didn't look like a penalty to me....
  5. this is EXACTLY the problem.. band director dosent know crap about football, and the whoever is in control of the sounds system knows less. cant believe Bubba hasnt said anything about this. it literally cost us more than one false start
  6. having attended a game in Green bay recently...no...no they dont. it is pin drop quiet other than telling you what down it is or getting jacked up after a big play..i could hear rodgers caddence, and i was in the upper deck
  7. the person or persons responsible for the music and overall noise when UND in on OFFENSE. need to be fired, like yesterday...it is totally inexcusible to be playing any sort of music, or making any sort of noise when the offense is on the field. what is so damn hard to figure out! is a freaking joke, and NDSU fans are still laughing about it. i have been watching this happen for way to many years.
  8. 1972


    its a damn slippery slope........
  9. 1972


    I know some people who are vaccinated, and don't want to go.....it's not about that
  10. 1972


    Well, that's kind of like comparing apples to anvils.
  11. 1972


    Because I don't want to show my "papers" to go somewhere....I've just had enough
  12. 1972


    my wife is, i am currently not, but am thinking of doing it,mainly for extra protection if i should get sick( i hope it will, anyway) but im not going to go to anything that requires me to show any kind of proof...just what my stance is. we will be canceling our plane tickets and hotel this week...probably will have to eat the tickets, but it is what it is, i guess
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