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  1. read what you wrote again, and see if that applies more to the left or the right...idiot
  2. alright heyduke, here is a little test, try to follow...i am going to put up two statements, and you tell me wich one is the narcissist 1) "you have to wear a mask so I am safe." 2) "The sooner we acchive herd ammunity, the sooner we can get thru this virus"
  3. we have covered this...try to pay attention. requesting a ballot is vastly different than just sending them out to everybody.
  4. give up, you just are not keeping up with the conversation
  5. well you got 1 out of 4 correct......
  6. no that would be" i dont feel safe so the rest of you need to do what i say"
  7. out of the 200k excess deaths, how many of those folks were not going to see 2021 no matter if they got covid or not? that is the number i would like to see
  8. im gonna say this one more time for the cheap seats....POSITIVES DO NOT MEAN SICK, HOSPITALIZED, DEAD, OR EVEN SYMPTOMS.... what freaking number is gonna make you guys happy? zero? because if its zero, that will never, i repeat, never, happen. face it already, the only sure thing in life is that you dont get out of it alive. been that way forever, and will be that way forever.
  9. nice misinformation yourself there skippy. endangering whos health?
  10. dang, you almost went a whole day without posting some nonsensical bullcrap.....try again tommorow
  11. so you think the media is telling the truth, and not picking and choosing what they cover to push the narative to what they want? ok. havent been paying attention for the last 10+ years, have ya
  12. wow, you either are that dumb, or you are trolling, either way, get some help. you cant even help yourself, you often even are arguing against your own points, and yet...you cant see it. seeriously...get help
  13. you still fail to see that, overall, the democratic party is a very small portion of the country...very small. a democratic strong hold should NOT have more say than a whole state, let alone multiple states. that is how equal representation works. quit being dumb
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