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  1. I’m ok with letting Augie in...with one condition. Sanford has given the other Dakota schools at least $10 million. I’d vote yes when the check clears.
  2. You realize “Fabulous Fargo Dome” gives you away, JBB? May as well throw in a “Bid Dakota 3”.
  3. They took you because of your winning personality.
  4. NCAA compliance and physicals tomorrow; on the field 8:45 Friday.
  5. I believe whether urban interstate speed limits are lower is determined by population/density of the city.
  6. By Friday you mean Saturday at 9:00
  7. From someone who would know. Plus, I was hoping.
  8. Santiago to the Blue Bombers.
  9. Must have been just you and I.
  10. Magic number is 160.
  11. Has anyone ever seen Matt Entz and Gary Busey at the same time?
  12. Both Danny Freund and Joel "Slappy" Schwenzfeier got their degrees in Business/Finance areas. And Carl Reinholz played receiver in college.
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