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  1. Started March 16. Not sure how long it was in the works.
  2. Was. He’s back at the foundation.
  3. I think Mussman did ok with what he was handed: low budget, no real conference, nickname issue.
  4. I believe it’s February 21, M-W-F early mornings.
  5. I thought the fix was in for Steve Crutchley.
  6. I think that assumption is going to throw off your calculation.
  7. Look at you, getting all uppity in Manhattan!
  8. Kalen was a done deal yesterday. Hopefully he brings Schmitty along.
  9. Supposed to be Champions Club there 12-2:00.
  10. Chris Klieman had a 3-7 coaching record when he took over down south.
  11. VMeister


    According to my amateur lip reading, there was another word between “let’s” and “go”.
  12. You really think UND will move up to FBS that quickly?
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