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  1. Stick was selected in the 5th round.
  2. #74 is Todd Thomas. I'm not sure if that is Turgeon behind them or not.
  3. That picture would be from 1978 or 1980. I would guess 1978.
  4. Locker room where swimming used to be? Offices in the next building south, whatever that is.
  5. Doubt they'd knock it down until at least HPC II construction starts. But offices and locker rooms are supposed to move west right after Spring semester.
  6. One correction - the Western Illinois game is away. I just remember that because that's the day of the Nashville hockey game.
  7. Yes, but it was through Delta. Coach was under $500 US.
  8. At least the sting that caught Behrns involved a female...
  9. After you see what Delta did to prices that weekend from GFK to Nashville, check out Winnipeg. Got 1st class from Winnipeg through Toronto for $700-ish.
  10. Can't be easy playing football with those shoes.
  11. He was already in his 5th collegiate season.
  12. He’s a senior. Why the extra year?
  13. I didn’t offer an opinion on whether or not he should play. You stated that NDSU could hang 50 on UND, whether or not he played, after already failing to do so without him playing. And you did all of this 24 hours after hanging 21 points on the 6th place defense in the MVFC, who averages giving up 23 points a game.
  14. NDSU has gotten exponentially better; UND hasn’t improved a bit. Got it.
  15. They already didn’t score 40 without him.
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