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  1. Anyone know where I can watch the highlights?
  2. Not watching the game and trying to decipher through these comments is absolutely exhausting. What did Starman have to say?
  3. I was working when this happened, so I don't really know the specifics. Was the puck played with a high stick? I thought that was the rule.
  4. Thome should have started last weekend. The Sioux need to step up. I expect them to destroy Miami tomorrow. Calling it 6-2.
  5. Omaha hit like 50 posts tonight.....just sayin.....
  6. I agree with you, but he's got those natural offensive instincts.
  7. Tychonick should convert to forward. It would compliment his skill set so much better. An opinion....
  8. Sioux will dominate both games.
  9. Berry doesn't sound too happy about Westerns cheap play.
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