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  1. Sloppy in the D zone. Miami didn't play well. I loved the forecheck we had. I expect a better Miami team tomorrow night.
  2. Denver sweeps. This team wins with bounces only. Boo Berry.
  3. Sioux90


    Booo Beeeerrrryyyyy!!!!
  4. Sioux90


    I just came for the angry rants. Fire Berry yet?
  5. Expect a losing season next year, and the next year, and the next year....
  6. I said that on Saturdays thread. It's an odd combination of talent, experience and youth. Bubbs needs to do his job though. This team isn't playing well at all.
  7. Hopefully we get some second half Hakstol magic. Oh wait....
  8. D zone play has been weak. Forwards need to backcheck better.
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