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  1. So what's your point? You can judge him by not condoning his past behavior, but others can't by saying once a bully (a loser) always a bully. It's character, a mindset. What he did wasn't harmless and went on for years. Being 14 isn't an excuse. I don't want North Dakota Hockey to have the reputation of bringing in bad kids with baggage.....
  2. I was bullied all the way through middle school. Growing a few inches changed that though. A bully is a person of weak character, and most of them never change. I'm sure this proud program has had a lot of jerkoffs like Mitchell Miller come through over the years though. It's important to point out that this guy bullied that kid for years. Disgusting.
  3. Sioux90

    Hobey Baker

    I apologize. Guchi has this in the bag. Pun intended. I think this is a pun...Maybe, maybe not.
  4. I want to give a shout out to Blackheart for giving us hockey games of late. It brings back great memories. Thank you! Check out youtube.
  5. Sioux90

    Hobey Baker

    You're both pathetic.
  6. 165 pounds. He needs to put some weight on.
  7. How is Western Mich landing these big recruits? What is the appeal. Honest question here.
  8. So GF is shutdown for bars and restaurants? Everything still open here in La Crosse WI.
  9. So I live under a rock, my internet and cable have been down for a couple of weeks....So how did the Sioux do last weekend? I hope Wilkie didn't sneak one past Thome.
  10. I was commenting on a post that claimed the CDC considers abortions "death". I'm not here to be political, so save your sass for someone who cares.
  11. CDC considers abortion death, as in the aborted baby? If that's the case, would it be 623,471 murders?
  12. I'd say yes if it wasn't for all of the talented D men trying to come in over the next few years!
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