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On 7/28/2019 at 12:12 PM, Frozen4sioux said:

Omaha - UND - Wisconsin.......


 However, now 2 high end recruits that sluffed of UND for Wisco.

Its one thing to lose a recruiting battle but recruited players is another.

Maybe these guys weren't UND type guys, maybe they weren't Berry type guys, but Im one more lackluster season away from saying the next decommit is from BEHIND the bench.


17 hours ago, stoneySIOUX said:

Originally from Schenectady! All my dad's family still live in Glens Falls.

Clarkson would be a great matchup too, or Cornell. Be good for both of them to come west more often.

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On 7/27/2019 at 3:11 PM, Rebel_Sioux said:

1. Minnesota 

2. Wisconsin 

3. Minnesota St

4. ASU

5. Michigan Tech

6. Air Force

7. BSU

8. Notre Dame

9. BC

10. BU

That pretty much would be my list, expect I'd bump Tech up a few (only for the Band of course :D)

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On 7/26/2019 at 6:02 PM, Tradition said:

If we were starting from scratch, the teams I would be most excited to see on our non conference schedule would be:

1. Minnesota 

2.  Wisconsin 

3. Michigan

4. Boston College 

5. Boston University 

Great list. Those are the traditional powers in college hockey. I would add only Minnesota State from the WCHA (no one else from that league excites me, particularly not BSU), maybe Penn State, Notre Dame and Ohio State from the Big Ten, Cornell and Harvard from the ECAC, and U Mass-Lowell, Northeastern and Providence from HE. No team from Atlantic Hockey excites me in the least. Arizona State is intriguing because of location. 

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1. Cornell (their coach spoke at Sioux boosters several years ago and gave a great speech. He talked about how he liked scheduling games with UND because they’re willing to travel and return the favor whereas certain “big” schools only want you to come to their barn). He said they’re willing to play anyone, anywhere, so long as their opponents will come to their arena. Plus, the student section at Lynah Rink is pretty darn creative with their cheers and chants! 

2. ASU - I went out to Tempe last December for the series against CC. While their current arena (ironically named, Oceanside Arena) is nothing to write home about and CC got smoked, the atmosphere was great. Plus, the weather in the winter time is awesome. 

3. Bowling Green - Bergeron got that program in the right direction and given how they took the eventual national champs to the limit this past April, I think they’d be a tough, physical opponent and they’d give fans a program most of us have never seen in person before. 

4. Penn State - A road series at State College would be an incredibly fun series! Has anyone seen that Nittany Lion student section at Pegula Ice Arena? -They’re rockin’ and I bet they’d go bat sh*t crazy if a blue blood like UND and it’s massive traveling fan contingent came to town! The atmosphere would be electric!

5. Quinnipiac - I thought that after UND and Q had faced each other a couple of times in the national tournament in recent years, Coach Berry and Coach Pecknold would’ve scheduled some series against one another but maybe there was too much personal bad blood between the two programs after the national championship game. That said, I think the two programs could get a nice non-traditional rivalry going and build off what they started in the Fargo regional and national championship in Tampa.  

Honorable Mention - Air Force Academy. Coach Serratore gave one of the best, funniest speeches in Sioux booster history, you could bet he’d give another fantastic talk if he and his team ever came back to Grand Forks! He gets more out of players than any other coach in college hockey given their inherent recruiting limitations. You can count on AF pushing top teams to the limit (they darn near upset North Dakota in 2011 at the Ice Breaker tournament at the Ralph). 

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Would love to see teams that perennially have larger upside of helping the Sioux in the PWR later in the year (i.e. no more Canisius, Bemidji State, AH) and old rivalries:

Big10 - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame 

WCHA - Mankato, Michigan Tech Band

Atlantic - No Thanks

Hockey East - BC, BU, Northeastern, Providence

ECAC - Quinnipiac, Union, Cornell


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41 minutes ago, Siouxhky19 said:

Would love to see teams that perennially have larger upside of helping the Sioux in the PWR later in the year (i.e. no more Canisius, Bemidji State, AH) and old rivalries:

Agreed.  We play to the level of our opponents, so let's make sure our opponents are decent.

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