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  1. Wow! Makes me wonder if the junior leagues will raise the maximum age for eligibility.(?)
  2. So, for example, we could have Weatherby this year AND the following two years?
  3. I had issues with the app on AppleTV for the SCSU game. But, was able to airplay from my laptop. It’s been frustrating for sure.
  4. Tyler Dunbar with 2Gs for Muskegon through 2.
  5. I’m not sure where to put this but I saw somewhere today that Massimo Rizzo will play for Chilliwack this year.
  6. Does anyone know where Braden Costello is playing this year? I don’t see him listed with Trail.
  7. Mismash (sr) Adams (sr) Kawaguchi (sr) Blaisdell (so) Pinto (so) Gaber (fr) Hain (jr) Weatherby (jr) Caulfield (so) Keane (sr) Senden (jr) Ness(fr) Albrecht (so) Budy (fr) Rieger (sr) Kiersted (sr) Bernard-Docker(jr) Sanderson (fr) Frisch (so) Kleven (fr) Bast (sr) Miller (fr) Moore (fr) Scheel (jr) Thome (sr) Feeney (so
  8. No word on whether another forward is coming in and who that might be? Nick Portz might be ready.
  9. I think someone had suggested previously that they might bring in 4 defensemen (Sanderson, Kleven, Miller, and Moore) and move Rieger to a F/D role like they did with Casey Johnson. I think this makes a lot of sense. Then they would bring in 4 forwards (Gaber, Rizzo, Ness, and Budy).
  10. Jackson Keane too! He was good at the end of the shortened season
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