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  1. I think someone had suggested previously that they might bring in 4 defensemen (Sanderson, Kleven, Miller, and Moore) and move Rieger to a F/D role like they did with Casey Johnson. I think this makes a lot of sense. Then they would bring in 4 forwards (Gaber, Rizzo, Ness, and Budy).
  2. Jackson Keane too! He was good at the end of the shortened season
  3. I just looked them up. So, are they showing the half off prices or do they give a discount at checkout?
  4. Beaver Island tap room & Olde Brick House are a couple of spots we plan on checking out pre game. Press Bar burned to the ground Sunday night/Monday morning. So, that’s out. Howie’s is a top notch dive bar for after the game. They also have a bus for the game as does MC’s Dugout.
  5. 1. Minnesota (in-laws are goofer lovers and will rub salt in wounds but refuse to “care” when the Sioux win) 2. UMD (cheap) 3. Denver (fancy boys) 4. SCSU (Jan Brady with terrible fans) 5. Michigan/BC/BU
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