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  1. 1. Boston U (top drafts picks) 2. ASU (down there in January or February please) 3. Michigan Tech (miss em) 4. UMtc (should be annual forever) 5. PSU/OSU/Michigan (during a football weekend)
  2. Is it weird that Halliday and Bowen are not on this list?
  3. Dylan James picked by Sioux City
  4. Add Jake Sanderson to that list. Might be the best if the bunch. No idea when he’s projected to come in though
  5. Incoming: Blaisdell Rizzo Pinto Caulfield Albrecht Frisch Bast Outgoing: Rieger
  6. Question for you jersey pros: What exactly am I looking for when I go to a store and want to buy the jersey the NHLers wear on the ice? Is it “pro authentic” that I’m looking for? I don’t want just a fancy replica.
  7. Fitting since their rink is reminiscent of a jail. I’m sure they felt at home.
  8. I’m all in on the conference tournament championship. Autobid! First time Sioux get it as an NCHC member is this year
  9. He will be eligible for junior next year too.
  10. Does anyone know why Jackson Kunz has played so few games for Shattuck this year?
  11. I’m having issues with my Apple TV
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