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  1. Sorry, I should’ve looked closer... I’m out
  2. I noticed that Carter Randklev is currently not on Fargo’s roster. Is he still injured?
  3. 7 West is not a brewery but has great burgers and beers.. think JL Beers. Beaver Island brewery is worth a visit. They have some tasty brews. The best tap room in the area is Bad Habit in St. Joseph but that is a few miles away from campus. I typically go MC’s Dugout pre game and Howie’s (dive bar) post game. Food: The Olde Brickhouse (downtown) and Val’s Rapid Service (closes at 7pm... think The Kegs). Also, there are a couple of good options in Sauk Rapids in Jimmies Pour House and Olde Capital Tavern.
  4. It is a tough loss but it does make room for guys like Stephen Halliday or Ethan Bowen if they are ready by the end of this season.
  5. 1. Boston U (top drafts picks) 2. ASU (down there in January or February please) 3. Michigan Tech (miss em) 4. UMtc (should be annual forever) 5. PSU/OSU/Michigan (during a football weekend)
  6. Is it weird that Halliday and Bowen are not on this list?
  7. Dylan James picked by Sioux City
  8. Add Jake Sanderson to that list. Might be the best if the bunch. No idea when he’s projected to come in though
  9. Incoming: Blaisdell Rizzo Pinto Caulfield Albrecht Frisch Bast Outgoing: Rieger
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