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  1. JBD - I think he is crazy to not sign pro contract unless the NCAA tourney being canceled is enough fuel for him: This guy has top-4 NHL defenseman written all over him and was the best defenseman on UND throughout the year. Kiersted gets more points, but he's a gambler and can be a liability in the D-Zone at times. Also note: UND has a LOT of talent they coming in on the back end for 2020-2021 season. Speaking of Kiersted though, I think he's in a similar boat as #KawaHobey - I think he'll end up signing a contract this summer. His stock may never be higher with how many points he ha
  2. CC's 7 road wins this year: - 2 against Jan Brady U when they were struggling at beginning of the year - 2 against Princeton (ranked #55 in PWR) - 1 against St. Lawrence (ranked #59 in PWR) - 1 against Air Force (ranked #48 in PWR) - 1 against Omaha
  3. I'm a little surprised to see so many comments boasting around Mankato's "#2 ranking", how good of a team they are, the lessons UND will take from this, etc. etc. Let's challenge how good of a hockey team MSU is and that "#2 ranking" they currently hold: - The WCHA is a weak conference. Of the 6 conferences in men's hockey, they are 5th. Only Atlantic Hockey is a weaker conference. Look at how many teams the WCHA has put into the tournament since its rebirth for support on why I can say it's the second weakest conference. Further, let's put into context that MSU was not invited to
  4. Would love to see teams that perennially have larger upside of helping the Sioux in the PWR later in the year (i.e. no more Canisius, Bemidji State, AH) and old rivalries: Big10 - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame WCHA - Mankato, Michigan Tech Band Atlantic - No Thanks Hockey East - BC, BU, Northeastern, Providence ECAC - Quinnipiac, Union, Cornell
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