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  1. He played two seasons for Niagara tallying 1 goal and 7 assists in 32 career games. He did not play last year.
  2. If we were starting from scratch, the teams I would be most excited to see on our non conference schedule would be: 1. Minnesota 2. Wisconsin 3. Michigan 4. Boston College 5. Boston University
  3. According to sportsscolarships.com, of the 60 division 1 men’s hockey teams, the most scholarships used by any one team was 25. Some should keep this in mind when talking about “dead weight” on our team. Those players are often the ones getting zero scholarship money but putting in 30 plus athletic hours in per week in addition to their class work because they love the game and want to compete and do their best for their favorite team. Seems we should be appreciating their contributions rather than disparaging their efforts and suggesting they be run off the team. Just my two cents.
  4. Yes. Sanderson is 2021. He’s another blue chippa.
  5. We have some very highly touted defensemen recruits coming through pipeline right behind Frisch and Bast too. Scheduled to come in 2020 are Tyler Kleven, Mitchell Miller and Luke Reid. That’s a lot of talent to look forward to.
  6. Coach Berry, during a post game interview, I believe it was after the final game of the season, was being asked about next year and the incoming forwards. Part of his response was also mentioning they “may be bringing in a couple defensemen.” Obviously that would be both Bast and Frisch, but who knows what that was dependent upon. Poolman’s decision? Someone else leaving? If they both came in, we’d have 9 defensemen plus Casey Johnson. That’s too many good defensemen sitting out each game.
  7. Oliver Wahlstrom one and done from BC.
  8. Chad Krys signs with Chicago. BU is hemorrhaging.
  9. Joel Farabee signing with Philly after freshman season.
  10. https://www.sbncollegehockey.com/platform/amp/2016/12/2/13821626/gopher-hockey-commitments-mat-robson-penticton-vees According to this article, Robson would have “2.5 to 3.0 years of eligibility” with the gophers. He only used 1.5. So he could have returned for a senior season.
  11. Goofer Rem Pitlick gives up his senior season to sign with Nashville. He was their leading scorer this year.
  12. There are currently 6 forwards scheduled to come in next fall: 1. Shane Pinto 2. Harrison Blaisdell 3. Massimo Rizzo 4. Judd Caulfield 5. Carson Albrecht 6. Murphy Stratton Stratton has to sit out the year but can practice with the team.
  13. Better change “pour” to “poor” before MafiaMan sees it...
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