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  1. Only on the power play. 5 on 5 the Blues have been better.
  2. I'm not biased at all. Yes, I hate Boston, but I picked them to win it all before the playoffs even began. I took a field bet against Tampa Bay and picked Boston. The problem with your post is that you think the reffing has been one-sided and I disagree. I also agree with Berube that the calls have actually favored Boston in this series. Having said that, I don't think either side has a legitimate bitch about the officiating. Boston is more talented, clearly plays on edge more (Marchard is the dirtiest player in the NHL since Matt Cooke), but the difference will come down to goaltending. I thought St. Louis had the advantage with Binnington, but the difference so far has been Rask.
  3. What a whiny post. What about the non-call when Chara slashed a Blues' players stick in 1/2 and there was no call? What about all of the non-calls on Marchard, who could have a penalty every time he steps on the ice? Ironically, Bruins fans on this Forum were just providing excuses why calls were not made against the Bruins, stating "it is playoff hockey and they let more go." The non-call last night should have been called a trip on Bozak but I thought there was also embellishment on the part of Acciari.
  4. See also an article from www.letsgobruins from 2016 which is titled "Pair of Bruins voted 1-2 for Dirtiest Player in the League." But I'm just making this up.....
  5. Brad Marchand makes every list of the dirtiest players in the NHL. See https://thehockeywriters.com/top-10-dirtiest-nhl-players/. That is just one example. Chara is on some of those lists. Chara loves to use his stick as a weapon.
  6. Marchand is enough of a reason to hate the Bruins, but I hate their style and the fact that they are a Boston team. You can defend them all you want but I don’t get why you seem intent to convince me otherwise.
  7. The Bruins have always played on edge and they are very proud of that reputation. It is not an isolated player or 2. I mentioned only a handful. How about Dave Forbes who ended Henry Boucha’s career, Mike Milbury or Terry O’Reilly? If you ask most fans, the Bruins and the Leafs would make most lists of most hated/dirtiest teams
  8. I get the sarcasm, but I still threw up a little in my mouth thinking of the Bruins winning the Cup...I dislike all Boston teams (college and pro) but the Bruins hold a special hatred because of their players over the years---Marchand, Chara, Lucic etc.--and their style of play.
  9. Where did you hear that? From everything I’ve heard, even after “falling” because of injuries, he will be between 2nd and 4th round.
  10. Corban Knight was drafted in the 5th round. Rizzo is expected to be drafted higher. Plus, he was at one time projected to be a 1st or 2nd round pick prior to injuries. He is a very skilled and highly recruited prospect.
  11. I agree. I also hope that the idea to play juniors was his or at least agreed upon. We don't need another Ryder Donovan situation. We brought in Corban Knight and Mark Senden early, and Rizzo seems to have a lot more upside. I'm pretty sure he could be top 6 on this team.
  12. I couldn't agree more. Very well stated. I love the Michaud get, but I would like to see Rizzo also. Make room for very good prospects.
  13. I agree that they are the favorite and I think they will win, but I hope anyone but UMD wins (even more than DU). I don't agree that they have good, legal checks. They play on edge, and Nick Wolff is about as dirty as they come. Keep in mind that this is the same UMD team that coincidentally injured Jost, Boeser and Tucker Poolman in the same year, and Pionk tried to injure Cam Johnson. I intensely dislike UMD and its fan base. They are always douchebags, much like Ciskie and Drunk Hockey Guy.
  14. Agree. My source is his family.
  15. Frisch is coming this fall. The source is pretty rock solid.
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