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  1. Well stated. He was 14. I would hate to think that we would not allow a 2nd chance to a kid who is in middle school when he made bad decisions.
  2. What an asinine article. I love how 3 of the top 4 teams this year are in the same division (UND, UMD and MSUM) along with a strong SCSU team.
  3. The best response that I have seen. Accurate and succinct.
  4. I have no problem with Perunovich winning the Hobey, but I agree that this guy's justification for voting for Perunovich is lame. There is also some east coast bias in voting by Meloni having John Leonard of UMass 3rd on his ballot. Meloni is a UMass grad. What is worse is how Swayman made the Hobey Hat Trick over Dryden McKay of MSUM. McKay's numbers were better than Swayman's by a long shot, and better than Ryan Miller's when he won the Hobey. The argument that he plays in a weaker conference just doesn't cut it for me because MSUM beat and tied UND and swept UMD in Duluth. Plus, the WCHA is no weaker than the ECAC.
  5. I would really like to see Miller come in, and possibly Moore, but not at the expense of JBD. IMHO, JBD is/was the best defenseman in the NCHC, including Perunovich. Perunovich is a difference maker with his vision and offensive abilities, but JBD is no slouch offensively and he's WAY better defensively than Perunovich. JBD is special. I have followed UND hockey for many years, and only James Patrick and Travis Roche would qualify as defensemen as good or possibly better.
  6. Ethan Frisch will play even if Miller, Moore, Sanderson and Kleven come in and they are all as good as advertised. He's exactly the type of player the UND coaches love. He's a good skater, is smart with the puck, and he's a very good character guy. When he gets stronger, he is going to be very good. I see him as a Colton Poolman type player.
  7. I agree. Johnny Gaudreau is listed as 5'9" 150 lbs, and he has done pretty well in the NHL.
  8. David Hoogsteen, Ryan Duncan and Jeff Panzer were all smaller and seemed to do fine. Jason Blake wasn't a lot bigger when he played at UND.
  9. I have 2 lower bowl tickets for sale for Friday's 1st round playoff game against CC. Section 105, Row K. It is the end where UND shoots twice. $35 apiece/$70 total. Call or text me at (701) 371-0195
  10. James Patrick is a good comparison. He was very poised like JBD. Travis Roche also comes to mind.
  11. I completely agree. In my mind, he's the best defenseman in the NCHC. However, since the all-conference teams are stat driven, I expect Ahcan, Perunovich and Ian Mitchell to get selected in front of him. Ahcan and Mitchell are not in JBD's stratosphere defensively, and Perunovich is not as good defensively either. I wouldn't even be surprised if Kiestad and Colton Poolman are selected ahead of him, but he is hands down the best Dman on UND.
  12. Says you? Your logic is completely lacking but I’m not going to argue with someone who argues just for the sake of argument and doesn’t have the expertise to even support his arguments. Why don’t you ask some hockey officials if the calls were correct. Then you might have some credibility.
  13. He didn’t and hasn’t. I don’t like some keyboard warrior telling everyone they are biased because they don’t agree with his judgment, especially when he doesn’t have the experience or expertise to support his judgment or to criticize others on this board—let alone the referees. The refs made the correct call and that is not biased or looking at it through green colored glasses. It is the call that would be made the overwhelming majority of the time.
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