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  1. Ethan Bowen is only 18 and does not turn 19 until May. He has 13 points in 12 games this year, and had respectable numbers the last 2 years in the BCHL as an underaged player (2018-19--39 points in 58 games; 2019-20--31 points in 41 games). I don't know how you conclude that he's not ready. I'm guessing he comes in along with Schmaltz, Portz and Kunz.
  2. Really? His numbers were very good. 9-2-1 record, 2.05 GAA and .933 save percentage. Those are solid numbers, especially for a young goaltender.
  3. I generally agree with you, but if you look at the rankings, Michigan has 6 kids that are likely to be drafted in the 1st round and 4 in the top 10. They are getting some scary, albeit very young, talent. BU has had similar talent in past years, but we also know how talented those teams were.
  4. If you look at his Elite Prospects page, he is ranked between 16 and 49. I have heard that he may be a first round draft pick.
  5. Why don't you take 5 seconds and tell us everything that you know about hockey.
  6. Why not Scott Morrow? I thought that he was the big get on defense.
  7. Cornell goalie Matthew Galajda is transferring to Notre Dame
  8. Agreed. One of my favorite players to ever wear a UND uniform and vastly underrated. Great player who will be missed.
  9. I'm sure that Sandelin knew that UND was going to hit multiple posts in OT (including the one where Sanderson hit both posts) and just waited for the right opportunity to send out a freshman to shoot a puck 5 hole that Scheel stops 99/100 times.
  10. Best post of the year. Someone who understands the game.
  11. Seriously? I watched every game and I think he was their best overall defenseman from start to finish. Apparently the coaches agreed because he was on the ice for every critical penalty kill, faceoff in the defensive zone, and was always matched up against the top lines of other teams. When they put JBD and Sanderson together for the 2nd unit, they were also lights out offensively. Sanderson is the most talented D man, and showed flashes of how talented he is, but the gap between Sanderson and JBD is much closer than the gap between JBD and Kierstad. Kierstad can be a bit scary in the D zone.
  12. Look who is all conference this year and every year--it goes strictly by points and always has. Ronnie Attard 1st team over JBD and Sanderson? Seriously? Maybe offensively, but not even close to as good. The fact that someone is first team NCHC is not exactly a convincing argument. Look at who is on the ice on every penalty kill (JBD) and who is on the ice at the end of the game (JBD) and at critical times when the faceoff is in the defensive zone (JBD). Plus/minus is a better measure of a defensemen's ability than points, and even that doesn't tell the entire story. You should ask any former
  13. Kiersted the best d man on the team? Try 3rd best. Sanderson and JBD and 1 and 2 and I don't even think it is close. Kiersted is a good player, but gets a lot of credit for points, many of which are assists on the PP. Defensively, he is a distant 3rd behind Sanderson and JBD.
  14. 2 tickets for sale for: 1. Semifinal game between UMD and SCSU at 3:05 pm 2. Semifinal game between UND and DU tonight at 8 pm 3. Championship game tomorrow (Tuesday) night Section 105, Row R, seats 14-15. Asking $200 for all. Call or text at (701) 371-0195.
  15. Give me a call at (701) 371-0195 or text me.
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