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  1. Hopefully they learn they can actually make plays and not just rely on puck luck from long range shots.
  2. Bring any sport onto campus would be good, but I don't think a new single sport stadium is a wise financial investment at UND right now. Now if they could find a way to make a stadium on campus that could host multiple sports that are currently off campus, I'd be on board. Otherwise they might want to wait on new stadiums until they have few more years of stable funding from the staten Also, didn't they just agree to partially fund upgrading their existing stadium?
  3. The Armory that houses AF ROTC and Army ROTC was the basketball arena prior to Hyslop. I heard a rumor that they want to move ROTC and give the Armory to the Art Museum but that was from a student so who knows how accurate it is.
  4. Also, most of the natives I know hate the cartoonish native logos. The other logos were controversial as well but I doubt the school wanted to bring out their most controversial logo, especially if it is true that it was never the primary logo.
  5. I can't say for certain, but I suspect it's the feather and spirit cloud referenced in the graphic.
  6. Wait...seating? Fans aren't just suppose to sit on the grass/snow?
  7. So when do we change this from Twins? to Twins! or at least Twins?!
  8. Ah man. I didn't include that I'm a servant leader in my application. Guess that's why I haven't been contacted yet. Not because I'm still in the AF, live in KS, applied on a forum, and have no experience in academia.
  9. Certainly hard to see both hockey teams surviving when they are talking about closing entire schools down. Not sure what AK politics look like but I suspect there will be some hot seats in 2020.
  10. I mean ECAC routinely sends more than one team but I agree that the size is too big for an easy schedule. I agree that Hockey East has some tradotionally strong academic schools as well but Hockey East is getting pretty big too. I think an Ivy Legaue hockey conference could add value to the east coast. However, that does increase the number of total autobids by 1 or 2 (depending on the WCHA's ability to survive). At what point does it become realistic to discuss expanding the tournament again?
  11. Saw this today. Not sure who they would join if they could get it done. https://www.thedp.com/article/2019/07/penn-hockey-endowment-club-ice-varsity-bonachea-siegel-alumni-ivy-league-ncaa
  12. What about Southwest Minnesota State? A large school like that certainly could make the jump right? (Sarcasm)
  13. That's my point. Adding anyone beside Illinois would give them 9.
  14. Illinois is going to have a team in the near future and they want an even number so ASU is probably going to be in NCHC. Otherwise they will have to join the new CCHA or the WCHA until more PAC teams make teams. That being said, MSU is a better fit in the NCHC then some of our existing members. I say we should take ASU and MSU but that's just me.
  15. I should add that while I'm excited to see these 6 or 7 (I'm not sold on MSU) teams form a stronger conference, I don't really see this as a win for college hockey as a whole unless one of several unlikely things happen: 1. ASU and MSU join NCHC, the other 6 teams back out without MSU 2. ASU and 2 other teams join the WCHA to keep it afloat. 3. The Alaska schools merge to form 1 join team (not sure if this is allowed) or one school ends their hockey program. Remaining school joins new CCHA. 4. UAH was likely excluded because of the travel cost and because they are a drain on the out of conference ranking. Their only viable path, that I see, is to join Atlantic Hockey if the WCHA folds.
  16. I mean, considering their options the NCHC is really their most favorable scenario for at least 10 years...yes
  17. To me the red flag was that they hadn't renewed Idalski's contract nor had they let him go and begin a search for a new coach.
  18. Well I'm sure their mom's are getting the soap bars ready
  19. Idalski supporters confuse me. Either he was a good recruiter to get all of those Olympians and a bad coach who couldn't do anything with them, or he was a bad recruiter who couldn't beat out the other local schools and had to settle for Europeans, and still couldn't coach them.
  20. I think Boston would be on a neverending penalty kill if they played with regular season rules. But it is fair to say the Blues have had their share of penalties too.
  21. Didn't they already settle that lawsuit?
  22. Well...so much for being done in Philly. To be fair, prior to the extension I would have agreed with you.
  23. What was wrong with the first goal? And do you really think the Blues have been getting the better calls?
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