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  1. I for one would have been willing to wait a few more years so we could have had Fighting Moose
  2. To be fair, the article does say it's under rated. I think everyone knows GF is a hotbed. Well aside from that ASU author who has apparently never heard of us.
  3. 1. Minnesota - both my brothers went there 2. UMD - most of my cousins went here 3. SCSU - had a terrible tour there as HS student. Plus they keep breaking my brackets by losing right away. Plus they hurt Chay Genoway 4. BSU - My parents went there 5. Wisconsin - better dead than red 6. DU 7. Every other NCHC team 8. Every other Big Joke team 9. Cansius 10. All other old WCHA teams
  4. It's also fun seeing rival teams starting to sweat about the Pairwise without having to do so ourselves.
  5. Why would they? Nashville is pretty far away from all of the NCHC school.
  6. What I've read previously is that Golladay was disappointed that Mussman got fired. He was really only here because of Mussman so he asked him for his help to transfer and Mussman did so. It's unfortunate but I don't really blame either of them.
  7. The playoffs are over for us. Not much to comment on at the moment. Hard to see him getting fired during the off season after we made the playoffs.
  8. As a conference it's difficult to overcome the weak schedule when you have that many teams bringing down the strength of schedule. Atlantic Hockey runs into the same problem. Thing is though, I'm not sure kicking out three teams will fix it. Other WCHA teams have struggled out of conference as well. Most notably Ferris State. Time will tell and I'd like the see the WCHA survive and thrive. This year has been better than the last few.
  9. Wow. That's a lot of goalies to be injured at once
  10. I agree with this mostly. I prefer the Sioux name and usually still use it. But I don't mind the name Fighting Hawks itself, it wasn't my first choice but I can stomach it. The logo is where my support falls short though. It's dreadfully boring. That being said, I got my daughter and Hawk jersey and let her use that name. It's not her controversy and I don't want her to receive same hateful judgement that others spewed out earlier.
  11. I my be biased because I'm in the AF, but I don't really understand the apprehension towards former military members. The former military members I've met in academia were some of my best professors. Are there any specific examples of military leaders not working out at UND?
  12. That would be my top 2. Rosowsky is a distant third. Frankly I'd be shocked and a little angry if he gets it.
  13. NCHC.tv has been my source of UND hockey for 7 years as I've lived too far away for any games (although I did come back for 2) Now that I finally moved and live close enough to Omaha for a game there I've been told that I'll be on a work trip that weekend. :-(
  14. Cousins reminds me a bit of Romo. Historically doesn't do well in clutch situations and we saw a bit of that yesterday (overthrawn balls). But like Romo, that doesn't mean the loss is his fault. Our defense was bad, Bailey missed a PAT, we had turnovers, Cook got injured and yes, there were some blown calls and bad playcalls. The end result, we as a TEAM lost. Admittedly, I used to be an Anti-cousins fan and sometimes do still wonder what we'd look like with Keenum or Bridgwater. But the truth is Cousins is the best QB we've had in awhile and we aren't going to get anyone better in the near future. We still have games left and still have a very good chance to win the division or the wild card spot.
  15. But what if you have to fly from LAX to London?
  16. These refs tend to "Let 'em play" when it favors the rodents.
  17. Yeah. My browser didn't update the site in time. I've edited my post now to correct my error.
  18. Depends if he liked winning more at SCSU or being paid more to be .500 at Minnesota
  19. Did the Gophers dress their third goalie?
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