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  1. But we won...why would we drop 3 spots?
  2. We should have kept it to make a new rivalry trophy
  3. I liked Weatheby's performance too. Definitely could have won in regulation of the officials hadn't blown that goaltender interference call.
  4. That should have been a penalty instead of a goal
  5. The AFROTC cadets who pulled the nets out for the kickers used to do that. Not sure if the tradition lives on.
  6. You can cherry pick matchups if you want but we've all been through these hypotheticals before but it still comes down to three things 1. We have good rivals in both conferences. There will never be a perfect conference thanks to the Big Ten. 2. Big Ten won't be inviting anyone until they know what Illinois is going to do. Not to mention any other actual Big schools. 3. The NCHC is the best conference in hockey hands down. No one is leaving the SEC for old rivals.
  7. I suppose I could have worded that better. But recently yes. Especially if you exclude Wisconsin and Minnesota. I don't think we should leave the NCHC and forgo the majority of our rivals just so we can play those 2 teams more often. A Big Ten offer would have to extend beyond just hockey for me to be interested.
  8. Amazing that some people still think the Big Ten carries the same weight in College Hockeybad it does elsewhere. It lacks the power and tradition. Maybe someday it will those but for now it falls short. We have more history and rivalry against the WCHA, and some Hockey East teams than the Big Ten, excluding former WCHA members.
  9. It was nice to see them execute some plays and set up shots rather than just take the first possible shot. I for one am happy with their performance this far as will the pairwise.
  10. Yeah. Last year we ended the season at .667 which was the best in the NCAA. Currently we are 2nd with .620 and the Big is currently leading the NCAA with .641. There is something to be said for Big's weaker strength of schedule, but as a conference we could have done better. Hopefully we pass up Big Ten by the end of the year.
  11. It only there only there was some reason for this that could be explained by science...
  12. I think the NCAA has too many dumb rules about how many sports schools need to have and at what level(s).
  13. Did the committee know that they could use Google to research these people? About half of them didn't even warrant a phone call.
  14. Both of my brothers are rodents so they are definitely the biggest rival to me. Come to think of it, so are my parents but they are a different kind (BSU) and they usually cheer for UND except when we play BSU. Beyond that, I have cousins that have gone to Mankato, UMD and my Grandpa went to SCSU so pretty much any game against a MN team is some sort of rivalry for me.
  15. I've always though that the AF and the WCHA would make a lot of sense as while. Unfortunately I think SiouxVolley is right. They are happy where they are at.
  16. They're all but guaranteed a bowl. Granted, about 85% of FBS teams seem to make a bowl these days
  17. I'm hoping it makes it. They're certainly set up better than that other league was last year.
  18. Idk but I live close enough to Omaha that I hope to be there for it as well.
  19. I mean, I toured them all too. And I stand by my statement. Admittedly some people preferred the Wilkerson complex but that was usually because of the proximity to aerospace or the easy access to late night at Wilkerson. So I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
  20. The NCHC was designed to be a league of elite teams. The SEC of college hockey. With that in mind, I don't see how St Thomas would be invited anytime soon. While I'm hopeful that they make the jump, they aren't ready for the NCHC. Mankato and ASU have better shots. Heck, BG and Michigan Tech have better shots than St Thomas. If they do go D1, I suspect that St Thomas will either join the WCHA, or try to form a league with the other homeless teams.
  21. Your grammar makes me cringe, as does the existence of a negative thread after we beat a ranked team. Could we have done better? Sure, but that's true of every game. Is Bubba a perfect coach? Of course not. If he was, he'd be coaching in the NFL. Is recruiting his responsibility? Of course, but let's be honest, while UND is a great school and I love it, but unless you play in the Ralph or Betty, our facilities need help. The HPC is certainly an improvement, but they have to attend class, eat and live in GF like every other student. Also, athletes probably weren't too eager to come to UND when programs were getting cut every year.
  22. None have been listed yet, but what are the odds that a UND player makes an XFL team?
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