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  1. https://www.usahockeyarena.com/ Plymouth, Michigan This past season the U18s played Minnesota, Maine, Holy Cross, Bowling Green, and LSSU in their home barn.
  2. https://www.sjhl.ca/news_article/show/999164 I have not seen him play, but he's been named the RBC Player of the Year in the SJHL. FWIW the SJHL gave us the likes of Reiger, Sanderson, and Chartrand.
  3. Michaud was 208-237 on faceoffs this season. 46.7%
  4. https://portal.stretchinternet.com/canisiushockey/
  5. The way UND came out of this recent bye, I'd love to see them get another one!
  6. I'm not sure Keane is coming. As an undersized forward I'd expect scoring to be his calling card, but his production in the USHL and BCHL hasn't been there. Also, his eliteprospects page doesn't look like the others. Just my own speculation, but it seems like that would make the forward numbers work out.
  7. I've wondered the same. Being that he arrived the same time as his son, it's easy to speculate that they'll depart together. If/where he goes and who initiates the change are open questions. Nothing would surprise me. He has experience as a NHL assistant and USHL HC, that's a nice resume. Plus he's not a UND lifer. Perhaps he's more open to other opportunities than Berry or Jackson. Those are my thoughts.
  8. UConn junior defenseman Joseph Masonius signs with Penguins AHL affiliate. http://www.wbspenguins.com/2018/04/19/joseph-masonius-signed-to-ato-ahl-contract-for-2018-19/
  9. http://www.uscho.com/senior-signings-2018-offseason/ Signing sometimes take a day or two to show up on this list.
  10. Is Nick Jones' appearance here foreshadowing another announcement? C?
  11. Obviously we all hope and expect our team to return to the NCAA tourny next season, but I'm surprised there hasn't been any discussion on here regarding how absolutely critical it is that they do so for the sake of experience. Next years senior class, except Jones, will be able to share the lessons learned from their magical run to the Natty as freshmen. The juniors will have a grand total of 1 NCAA game under their belts. The underclassmen will have none. This team is only a year away from not knowing what a Frozen Four is like! I think that those experiences produce more success, more experience, and so on. It is THAT cycle that I hope remains unbroken even though the NCAA streak is over. The team was actually quite good this year, and I'm not in the alarmist/sack Bubs camp, but we need to start a new streak right away. The end.
  12. This isn't going to be easy, but there simply won't be a better opportunity for two wins in one weekend the rest of the way. And since it appears our Pairwise hopes are perched on the edge of a cliff, anything less than a sweep would be bad news bears.
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