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  1. Yeah, there was some angst when he took 4 of his recruits with him to Miami. No big deal, Dashke is the only one worth anything...
  2. Never saw anything official on Blaisdell. No CHN confirmation. No EP confirmation. Is it New Hampshire?
  3. If you sole goal in life are one sided games an imbalance in the skills, the I guess you’ll get that massive self esteem boost by watching someone else do what you wish you could. Some of us love the game, the competition, the joy of excellence, some don’t...
  4. Unfortunate, this will lessen the sport as a whole and provide little entertainment. This was what I feared early on and it looks like it is coming true to some degree...
  5. Omaha could use a player like him. Good skater with some sauce. Corner man. Probably a better center than anything they have and he couldn't center for the Hawks. Will be interesting to see where he ends up...
  6. “We”? Aha! Now you’ve done it! You’ve given away your identity! A member of the Secret Society for the Hiring of Coaches! You’re probably the one sharing your sign on to the Transfer Portal! NCAA is gonna hunt you down brotha!
  7. I don’t see where this is necessarily accurate. All the pressers I have watched, he presents himself and his team as accountable and is very complimentary of other teams and coaches. That’s not to say he hasn’t made mistakes, but what young (and competitive) men don’t?
  8. Well, we’re back to ‘fire Berry’ but at least we’re not arguing over who’s net it is...
  9. Would love to see a comeback here...
  10. It was a nice shorty, but did we have to see 47 replays?
  11. Well, once you lose that face off the power play is dead. Don’t even try!
  12. After the pods, all the fans across the nchc gave them props...
  13. No, you drink every time Bucci says ‘shot’!
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