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  1. Hopefully whatever they do will favor the product and not the politics.
  2. This is some sad sh@t. I don’t know how this didn’t figure into the character requirement necessary to take part in a team sport. Especially with the undercurrents implied and the lack of demonstrable remorse. My opinion of this program is tainted, much like so many other teams in football.
  3. Depends on who wins the first face off. Give him time, he just got here...
  4. What the H.E. Double hockey sticks are you talking about?
  5. Yet some of the “fans” won’t see it that way. I’m with you, not in college hockey, not on this team.
  6. Rivalries are unhealthy when: 1. One of the competitors holds advantage over enough contests that demoralizes the other fan base decreasing interest and hype. 2. the fan bases talk more shat than sport.
  7. I am happy for the kid, and happy for Omaha. Say what you want, for a young program in a tough market to recruit from, they do ok. I think they need to establish themselves, but all in all, chirping aside, they are two, maybe three years from having something. UND? No. Denver? No. UMD? Probably not. But a consistent top half threat? I say yes, based on their commits and open recruits.
  8. They needed to improve their cross checking ranking...
  9. Shhhhhhhhhhh tfu https://medium.com/six-four-six-nine/evidence-over-hysteria-covid-19-1b767def5894
  10. Duluth. Period. Wolff needs his teeth rearranged. Somebody should pick Perunovich up by the ankles and beat Wolff with him. Can’t hate the Mavs, they’re just trying to get over the hump. Impatience is their only crime. Young team, coach can’t control what happens on the ice, unless you blame Berry for Pinto’s majors. Other than that, want to hate Denver, but they have class. This year, not so much, but same as Omaha, fighting for their lives.
  11. In all fairness, some of the angst is well earned by some of our less that sportsmanlike brethren. Some of the antics that have taken place at Baxter by Hawks “fans” deserve to be chastised. Harassing folks in the student section, hanging around the doors after a win and drunkenly boasting superiority do not make us welcome guests. Sure, they have some homers, but for the most part they are a minority, just like we have ours. I’m more interested in what happens on the ice not social media.
  12. A lot of people feel this way, too many bad calls/non calls ruin the game for knowledgeable fans. The band wagoners don’t even notice and the intellectuals wax poetic on interpretation. We had two at the Ralph go in our favor a while ago and no one said a thing, then two against and it was the end of the world. My point is this, the refs are deciding games, not on purpose, but deciding nonetheless. That sucks, for both teams, and, both fan bases. It decides the future, and that is wrong...
  13. Their road record should solve that question...
  14. Put away your broad brush. I know a lot of great hockey fans in both places. Their are homers (fans) everywhere... why we might even have a few ‘round here!
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