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  1. You could tell mid period it started breaking down...
  2. True that. Those with impacts have clearly shown conditioning impacts in games played. Seems like Denver, UMD, and Omaha have been unable to play 60 minutes without significant periods of recovery.
  3. But they have to show up. That is a different team post COVID impact. They haven’t shown the offensive pressure of the POD. Granted we are the most talented team they faced, but ...
  4. Mavs got smothered in the neutral zone and the frustration showed.
  5. Absolutely controlled the last series. No wonder the Mavericks seemed frustrated at the end of it...
  6. Watching his interview, I was taken by how humble and down to earth he is. You always expect a little sass from these kids, but he just seemed “nice”.
  7. I put in on the officials, they waste time and generate frustration with bs holding and marginal tripping call and miss the important stuff. Add to this the players at times not knowing what’s gonna get called and it sets up this stuff. Abate should have been called in the face off circle for unsportsmanlike conduct (and been reviewed for suspension) we would have built the snowman, lesson learned... Gabinet would have benched him, done next. The scrum happened because all of the players were at wits end. Prokop got a shot as he was being held JT didn’t start fighting until everyone was going.
  8. I agree with crb1, Gabinet is a decent coach who is trying to build a team to be competitive year in and year out. I also agree that Abate is a problem, Gabinet’s problem, and that he needs to deal with it. Watching the games in the pod, I think that kid was in the box more than out! I don’t think Gabinet wanted that scrum to happen, that he called for it, because it’s a black mark on an already poor showing. He needed a win tonight, for a lot of reasons. I’m sure he was frustrated with a few things, our shut down of their offense, some of Stearns’ calls (admit it, Stearns made some major
  9. I agree, bad decisions like that demoralize the team in my opinion, and, the goal tender.
  10. My posting history, like commenting on play as it happens in relation to the game of hockey. I apologize. Have a good night.
  11. Actually, I was just asking the question and folks get all winky about it. It’s in the book, it was a question and y’all start talking trash.
  12. For all of you hockey savants: Rule 40.3 A player shall not shoot the puck away from an official after the whistle has blown. PENALTY—Misconduct. and, it was called in the Pod.
  13. Now omaha does the same thing. Hmmmm. Like I said, I thought that was a penalty?
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