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  1. NIL and the portal are both the benefit of the bigger blue bloods. Small and mid sized schools will end up to be the farm system via division 2 and 3. Five years from now we will start to see the slide.
  2. It is an excellent post, and speaking for my wife (which I can only do in her absence), an omaha fan and others that I know in Omaha, UND is highly respected as is Denver. The NCHC is the toughest league in Mens hockey and we are lucky to enjoy the games as we do. Every fan base has bitterness and jealousy within, but let’s face it, the NCHC as a whole has an awesome product that is much appreciated.
  3. Well said, and who is ‘right’ doesn’t matter. Both sides made decisions and that is ok. This conversation has taken pages with no known substance. Both sides moved on, maybe we ought to as well…
  4. You’re right, he’s 17, good luck and success to the young man.
  5. With that said, interesting year coming up.
  6. Minnesota probably pulled the scholarship to support the Young’uns
  7. I struggle with this thinking, he had 4 go pro (1 of which was a senior and 3 juniors), Roden is really the only loss. Lost 4 grad students. Primeau under performed and is getting too old to sign a pro deal anywhere. Harrison got his second concussion and hung it up. Gabinet has done some immature things among his peers, but the Mannino thing was not on him. My understanding was that Mannino stole some recruits and deleted the recruiting files when he left in the middle of the night. I’ve listened to his pressers, sounds like a decent (and respectful) individual.
  8. So you notice that they aren’t calling penalties that aren’t penalties? NCHC refs would be up to 6 apiece by now.
  9. Full access to ESPN doesn’t include espnu?
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