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  1. As a Terre Haute resident I can confirm that ISU was pretty happy with their opening win despite the low passing yards.
  2. True, but he did so with a large budget and international recruits. Meanwhile smaller schools in MN were just as competitive as us with a fraction of the budget and using local players.
  3. I agree that this often gets neglected and like women's hockey, the argument that native North Dakotans don't have an opportunity to compete within the state anymore. However like women's hockey, it was a very expensive sport to maintain. Long term, the squeaky wheel gets the wheel. I suspect sometime in the future (I have no idea or guess as to win), UND will bring Women's hockey back. I'd be surprised if the same is true of swimming and diving.
  4. It's unfortunate, but realistically they both needed to take pay cuts if they were going to stay and keep the team competitive.
  5. It was rigged in the sense that all of the good names were eliminated before the public vote. Hawks came out as the consensus vote. Using "Fighting" and the How About We Keep Sioux probably helped push it over the top. The logo has grown on me a bit, but I'll be happy when they finally change it (whenever that may be).
  6. And he didn't stop by UND? Slacker
  7. He's my favorite Wild player, but I wonder if Parise would waive his clause to play for Hak given how this last year ended? To answer my own question, I doubt it, but it's interesting to think about. Same goes for Oshie or Toews. I doubt they'd willing leave their teams, but it would be interesting if they did.
  8. Sucks that it happened, but it sure would have been nice of the administration to have cut the program earlier in the year so the athletes could get a better chance to transfer.
  9. I see your points and if he was several years in I would agree. However with only a year or two into the job I would have liked to see some professionalism to offer the school more stability.
  10. Obviously it worked well tonight but I hope to see Parise get back in the lineup. I get that the younger guys have played well down the stretch he's done well the second half too.
  11. I can't say I would have made the same decisions he did, but he did well in his short time here. That being said, he tried to leave a year after he got here, and then he got a job that had political ties and he got bit. What goes around comes around.
  12. You have a point but this probably isn't the year to judge with all of the COVID craziness. Long-term I would expect things to even out a bit with some 3rd or 4th line players transferring to the smaller schools. That being said, it was never the greatest system to lock high schoolers into contracts that were very difficult to get out of. Perhaps there's a compromise to be made like giving transfer students some sort of redshirt status? I'm sure the system will be tweaked again at some point in the future.
  13. I'm sure ASU and the Colorado schools would appreciate more western teams but I haven't heard anything concerning that.
  14. To be fair to Kenny, he was loyal to the coaching staff that recruited him. I think he would have stayed if the staff hadn't been gutted.
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