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  1. Well I'm sure their mom's are getting the soap bars ready
  2. Idalski supporters confuse me. Either he was a good recruiter to get all of those Olympians and a bad coach who couldn't do anything with them, or he was a bad recruiter who couldn't beat out the other local schools and had to settle for Europeans, and still couldn't coach them.
  3. I think Boston would be on a neverending penalty kill if they played with regular season rules. But it is fair to say the Blues have had their share of penalties too.
  4. Didn't they already settle that lawsuit?
  5. Well...so much for being done in Philly. To be fair, prior to the extension I would have agreed with you.
  6. What was wrong with the first goal? And do you really think the Blues have been getting the better calls?
  7. Well baring creating a new poll/thread, no I don't. Just my personal observation that almost everyone I know who is part of the "Forever Sioux" crowd is more upset by items 2 and 3 of @Siouxperfan7 previous post than anything else. Nothing can be done about 2 now but they can create a new logo. Also, everyone I know, excluding you two, (who admittedly, I don't really know outside of this forum), like these logos better than our current USPS copy.
  8. It was sad to see any sports go but it makes sense based on the facilities and the weather. Frankly I'm surprised we still have softball.
  9. You'd probably have about 90% of the fanbase on board with the name (lame as it may be) If any of these were the actual logo.
  10. They said they wanted to avoid a Saturday game. Fine by me, so why not a home and away series?
  11. I'm not saying Perron didn't deserve a penalty, but Krugg initiated that conflict, held/tackled Perron as well, and then arguably charged Thomas.
  12. Knight is going to the KHL
  13. Rebel_Sioux

    New Coach?

    That's kind of creepy that you know what plates he had...
  14. It may not be a sport per say, but this is good news for UND Aerospace. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/1351104-UND-Flying-Team-wins-nationals-for-first-time-since-2010
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