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  1. Idk but I live close enough to Omaha that I hope to be there for it as well.
  2. I mean, I toured them all too. And I stand by my statement. Admittedly some people preferred the Wilkerson complex but that was usually because of the proximity to aerospace or the easy access to late night at Wilkerson. So I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
  3. The NCHC was designed to be a league of elite teams. The SEC of college hockey. With that in mind, I don't see how St Thomas would be invited anytime soon. While I'm hopeful that they make the jump, they aren't ready for the NCHC. Mankato and ASU have better shots. Heck, BG and Michigan Tech have better shots than St Thomas. If they do go D1, I suspect that St Thomas will either join the WCHA, or try to form a league with the other homeless teams.
  4. Your grammar makes me cringe, as does the existence of a negative thread after we beat a ranked team. Could we have done better? Sure, but that's true of every game. Is Bubba a perfect coach? Of course not. If he was, he'd be coaching in the NFL. Is recruiting his responsibility? Of course, but let's be honest, while UND is a great school and I love it, but unless you play in the Ralph or Betty, our facilities need help. The HPC is certainly an improvement, but they have to attend class, eat and live in GF like every other student. Also, athletes probably weren't too eager to come to UND when programs were getting cut every year.
  5. None have been listed yet, but what are the odds that a UND player makes an XFL team?
  6. Having been an RA and seeing all the buildings, and personally lived in Walsh, JF and Bek, I respectfully think your list is crap. JF and Bek are some of the best dorms on campus. Most students, myself included, prefered the larger rooms over the tiny suite bathrooms. If any dorms should be demolished or remolded, it should be every dorm in the Wilkerson complex. Those were tiny and decrepit. As a side note, my mom made me stay in Walsh my freshman year because it was the only boys only dorm because she didn't think freshmen should be in coed dorms. I'm pretty sure that dorm had as many girls in as any of the actual coeds.
  7. I've lived in IL, MS, TX, and now KS since going to UND. In that time and those locations I've seen more of UND logos (all three variants) than NDSU logos. NDSU has really only ever come up with regard to football... ...mostly notably wrt their former coach now coaching KSU. I think our school has a bigger footprint than most people outside of ND realize. Yes, successful sport teams play a role, especially with local recruiting. Carson Wentz helps their cause as well. But I don't think it's as one sided as others seem to think, especially when you consider that our academics carry the logo across the country too.
  8. Two things: 1. Perhaps one of the few good things Kelley did was hold a contest. It got a lot of people interested and invested in the process. The committee however, failed him by eliminating any truly unique name far before the voting process and by Schafer's horrendous handling of the logo. 2. I suspect your perception of NDSUs popularity might be tainted by living in Fargo.
  9. "To us, the trouble lies with words like Indians, Redskins and Redmen. Or Midgets, which was in use in McLaughlin, S.D., until 2015 and still is being used in Dickinson, N.D." This is my wife's high school mascot, The Freeburg Midgets (IL)
  10. I did one class of that program. Was not worth the extra credits to me, but to each their own.
  11. I like the Ravens one but the Nite Hawks logo looks like it's about to die. So ours is certainly better than that pile of feathers.
  12. Beyond what was already said, I'd host an alumni game during the off season.
  13. So did Cansius have a record good team? What about BSU? They may have had record good years, but we have been inconsistent at best the last 2 years. That being said, I'm optimistic for this year and I'll cut the team some slack for the last few years given how close they were to making the playoffs, but Berry needs get things done this year.
  14. They may just have to outlast their governor https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/455900-group-launches-effort-to-recall-alaska-governor?amp To be clear. I'm not being political nor am I saying the governor was right or wrong. But people are mad at him. Funding issues aside, lacking a conference would hurt them. It'll be interesting to see what the New WCHA/CCHA does as I doubt they want to stay at 7. There will likely be a lot of conference shifting in the next few years. I'd be surprised if AK dropped hockey all together so i wouldn't be surprised to see them make a club team or join Canadian hockey if they fold their D1 teams.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I love our hockey team. But big screens have never done much for me.
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