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  1. It was your inclusion of BSU. They're a fun little school and I love the local game but they don't typically have the budget or mindset to compete in the NCHC. Honestly, I don't expect any NCHC team to leave anytime soon. Some teams like Miami and CC have been struggling but I suspect they'll keep playing on. If anything, I could see ASU and MSU joining as the 9th or 10th teams before anyone left or swapped out.
  2. Not according to the article. I'm legitimately not sure how they determine the AQ when the title is shared.
  3. I mean...they did apply to join a couple of years ago...so it seems like a reasonable assumption. Same goes for ASU
  4. He did. Looks like in Management https://commons.und.edu/news-archive/55/
  5. Ugh. How did they get this far with this goalie/defense?
  6. Well, we didn't get an all NCHC or an All-MN final, but there will be a first time winner regardless so that's always cool. My grandpa was a SCSU grad so let's Go Huskies I suppose!
  7. I made this same joke in my head for the same reason every time I hear his name.
  8. Zach Driscoll committed to UND. I may be wrong, but I think that puts the final nail in the coffin for Thome returning. I wish him the best of luck either way. Part of me wonders if Driscoll would have committed to us if Thome just stayed for a 5th year from the start.
  9. From now on all players must contact siouxforce19 before their transfer is considered official.
  10. That's a really bad game for McKay. Isn't he up of the Hobey and the Richter?
  11. I've never done it, but I'm pretty sure I could do better than "field the puck"
  12. I'd trust Driscoll or Thome in net more than a freshmen. I know some can compete day one but that's a big risk to take. If we can get a solid year out of Driscoll or Thome then we can remain competitive while the younger goalies develop.
  13. You're right. I should have been more specific and said Miami. WMU has fielded very competitive teams recently. The thought experiment was more how the CCHA/WCHA would have faired if the NCHC never happened. I think they would have been still competitive (and better than the Big Ten) but it's hard to believe they would have been as successful as the NCHC.
  14. It's certainly not a good sign, but MN has 5 D1 schools and all of them are competition now.
  15. Part of me sometimes wonders how we would have dated if we hadn't left the WCHA. The CCHA teams we took are often at the bottom of the conference as it is. MSU, MTU and BSU have had some decent teams that hit hard by the WCHA OOC record. But then I look and see how much the NCHC has dominated college hockey and those thoughts go away. That being said, I'd love for the WCHA to get one. The NCHC clearly worked out very well for us, but I do still feel bad for our former conference members that got left behind. I'm also ok with this scenario :-)
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