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  1. Admittedly they have hit a bit of a slump after a great start. Probably time to fire the Coach of the Year again.
  2. Source? Or did it get burned in the dumpster fire
  3. This thread is appropriately named.
  4. The CCHA makes more sense, but theoretically couldn't St Thomas and LIU save the WCHA if they both joined?
  5. Honestly with how little it was used I'm surprised it last this long.
  6. I wonder what the logistics would be if the NCAA just made exceptions to the schedule length and just allowed hockey, and possibly other fall sports, to have a shorter season that starts in January?
  7. We are but Big 10 potentially offers log term benefits and name recognition to other sports. However the devil is in the details. Hockey wise, UND would almost certainly lose money in the near term, so what does UND gain as a whole by switching? I don't think it will happen but time will certainly tell.
  8. Not sure if this is addressed elsewhere and I just missed it, but the Gophers are pushing for Big Joke expansion again. https://thesportsdaily.com/2020/07/01/hes-back-4-g1w1/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and say their basketball teams are safe too.
  10. I find it promising that people were willing to come together to fund what was important to them. I hope more schools will look at the option of a straightforward and honest funding campaigns like this one in the future.
  11. A college team in StL would have support. Especially if they do it on the coattails of the Blues
  12. Well...sounds like a future AHA team to me. If not, I'm sure the 2021 WCHA will take anyone
  13. Aviation school is so far away from the rest of campus it was very helpful to have our own services over there. To be fair, we paid extra fees for that privilege. I'm not sure how much said fees offset the actual cost however.
  14. Vikings fans here. NFC championship games are where the Vikings typically crash and burn after and otherwise stellar season.
  15. This year is the first time since I graduated that I have lived close enough to an NCHC team for me to actually drive and go to the game. As a bonus, my wife's cousin lives in Omaha so we had everything all planned out. At least until the Air Force decided that I needed to visit Kuwait instead. Oh well, maybe next year...
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