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  1. Aviation school is so far away from the rest of campus it was very helpful to have our own services over there. To be fair, we paid extra fees for that privilege. I'm not sure how much said fees offset the actual cost however.
  2. Vikings fans here. NFC championship games are where the Vikings typically crash and burn after and otherwise stellar season.
  3. This year is the first time since I graduated that I have lived close enough to an NCHC team for me to actually drive and go to the game. As a bonus, my wife's cousin lives in Omaha so we had everything all planned out. At least until the Air Force decided that I needed to visit Kuwait instead. Oh well, maybe next year...
  4. ASU has a much stronger case for the NCHC. I wish the remaining WCHA teams the best and hope they survive. But realistically UAH would fit best in Atlantic.
  5. I for one would have been willing to wait a few more years so we could have had Fighting Moose
  6. To be fair, the article does say it's under rated. I think everyone knows GF is a hotbed. Well aside from that ASU author who has apparently never heard of us.
  7. 1. Minnesota - both my brothers went there 2. UMD - most of my cousins went here 3. SCSU - had a terrible tour there as HS student. Plus they keep breaking my brackets by losing right away. Plus they hurt Chay Genoway 4. BSU - My parents went there 5. Wisconsin - better dead than red 6. DU 7. Every other NCHC team 8. Every other Big Joke team 9. Cansius 10. All other old WCHA teams
  8. It's also fun seeing rival teams starting to sweat about the Pairwise without having to do so ourselves.
  9. Why would they? Nashville is pretty far away from all of the NCHC school.
  10. What I've read previously is that Golladay was disappointed that Mussman got fired. He was really only here because of Mussman so he asked him for his help to transfer and Mussman did so. It's unfortunate but I don't really blame either of them.
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