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SUU @ UND Homecoming 2016

F'n Hawks

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2 hours ago, geaux_sioux said:

As long as the QB is healthy it's different than last year.  The Reyes Studsrud injury combo derailed the season least year. We would have been at least 9-2....  Fingers are crossed each game. 

This is the reason I wish both of them were sitting a majority of the 4th quarter last week.  I don't think it really means a hill of beans if we beat them by 30 or only 23 last week, we barely moved up in the polls and are getting kind of screwed anyway.  More important that these two are there when we really need them.  I don't think Sac would have scored with those two out the 4th quarter anyway.  

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20 minutes ago, WiSioux said:

More importantly... What is on everyone's menu for tailgating tomorrow? Gotta know what I should be looking out for ;)

Get there early, walk around and you won't be disappointed or hungry. Stop and say hi to any group and you'll be taken care of. 

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2 hours ago, 77iceman said:

Packing the car...leaving at 5am for my 401 mile drive.

Only missing one home game this season, but it's not going to be this one!

You have me beat

round trip for me is about 380

hope we don't miss any

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