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  1. Think the head ref started tailgating a little early... struggling with penalty call
  2. Any all offers will be considered
  3. Still available...tickets are in Vegas...shoot me a text and I can get you in touch with my brother in law
  4. Seats: 9 & 10 SECTION: 115 ROW: V $125 per ticket gets you in the Orleans to see game live TICKETS WILL BE IN VEGAS LATE THURSDAY NIGHT TEXT or Call - 720-9289 and I will get you number to contact my brother-in-law who will have tickets with him
  5. Watched game on Pluto TV.... not sure what game this guy was at... UND ran over the top of them all day.... defensively and offensively
  6. Where is the dick head being a smart ass when I said it’d be Penn State
  7. Was mentioned at a UND function couple weeks ago Penn State... others are saying Michigan
  8. Yes heard Nashville in 2020 versus a Big Ten team
  9. Wonder when they are going to announce the next destination game.......my understanding is destination and opposing team have been selected
  10. Looked like in TV that the D would have had a sack every play if game was live
  11. I’ve heard issues but no names... any names so we can hope they go
  12. We were playing well ... didn’t get help that we needed but knew I know the 3 teams I’m cheering against in NCAA .. Mankato State , Cornell, Clarkson
  13. I would say don't give a !@#$ and its all about them and not the team
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