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GDT: Sioux vs puppies who pee on the porch

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I just hope that someday soon we can watch the team win it all - and dedicate the banner to all those teams that got oh-so-close since 2001 but didn't quite do it. To the 2014 - 2015 team and coachi

Anyone looking to dump off their worthless UND jerseys or other memorabilia after another disappointment please PM me.    I get it, everyone wants a championship. Not winning is disappointing, not

To your last question......no it doesn't for him. He is satisfied with the status quo..... which is good but never great. And truth......no one wants to hear that as it might require some self reflec

You know what I think is ridiculous. This comes from a broadcasting standpoint. Jayson Hadju is at the game, he is the UND Sid and he doesn't have a single UND former pro player, parent, anyone on ESPN. He is more interested in sitting in the press box shooting BS . I get it, this game is in Boston, but earn your money, get UND some crowd interview cred.

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I'm not talking about the past. I'm talking about the game directly in front of me. You're hatred of Hak is shining through when you're making comparisons that have nothing to do with this game.

I agree that by most accounts, it's definitely not Hak's fault tonight.But tell me this: Hakstol has nothing to do with preparing his players(Goalies too)?

That's why teams have coaches.

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OK Hak apologists. Woog and the Gophers lose 4 frozen fours and they become the Golden Chokers. Hak loses 7!! And he is still revered as the 2nd coming. Ya, I know Hak isn't playing blah blah blah, but what is the common denominator over the past 12 or whatever years. I'd much rather have some losing years and win a natty occasionally than this #&a7


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Everyone wants to blame Zane and yeah he gave up a couple softies but where's the offense. Can't win if you can't put the puck in the net. This time of year you have to be able to score. Its time for Zones teammates to pick him up!

There goalie is playing Very well....we are out shooting them.

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