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  1. Yes, put down anyone who criticizes the greatest coach in college hockey
  2. You're right, let's pretend Hakstol is the only good coach in college hockey. And fans wouldn't be picking the new coach, a good chance a professional search firm would help with that.
  3. That's not my expertise, that's what a consultant search firm is for, and who said they have to be available? College basketball and football hire coaches away like it's going out of style.
  4. If you keep the status quo, then don't expect a different result.
  5. If that's the case, then let's hope he goes to the NHL sooner than later, better fit
  6. Not to mention the good East teams rake us through the coals
  7. Bingo, Omaha started their program in 1997...
  8. We can't ever manage to beat top teams and players on the big stage, so let's wish harm on them and hope they get drunk and drive, great solution.
  9. It's becoming an annual event, the only real doubt is how it will happen.
  10. I'm thinking 20% chance we lose the first regional game,30% we lose the second, and if we get to the F4 again, I think we know the answer to that one.
  11. I think you are choking, but I can't quite tell.
  12. Great to see something positive happen,but unfortunately no change to the outcome once again.
  13. He has job security because he has exceptional regular seasons, which in turn continues to bring in revenue for the program.
  14. I think next decade is a reasonable expectation at this rate
  15. Maybe sooner than later? I wonder what job he would take.
  16. Agreed,looks like we have a potential blueprint.
  17. I would call it statistics, but hey that's me.
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