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GDT: Sioux vs puppies who pee on the porch

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I just hope that someday soon we can watch the team win it all - and dedicate the banner to all those teams that got oh-so-close since 2001 but didn't quite do it. To the 2014 - 2015 team and coachi

Anyone looking to dump off their worthless UND jerseys or other memorabilia after another disappointment please PM me.    I get it, everyone wants a championship. Not winning is disappointing, not

To your last question......no it doesn't for him. He is satisfied with the status quo..... which is good but never great. And truth......no one wants to hear that as it might require some self reflec

We get it, you hate Hakstol....so over-dramatic about it though

Well there's always next decade.

I've been convinced for years when UND finally gets a new coach and wins a natty fairly soon after. People will look back on the Hakstol years as the "lost decade(s)."

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