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  1. would have been interesting to see if this would have happened if the expansion draft wasn't here. This allows the Wild to protect two additional players that they wouldn't have been able to do.
  2. Just to keep this in perspective, We had 3 games a the end either cancelled or rescheduled and some were due to UND Covid protocol. UND would have played some of these games if not for that. Can't blame Youngstown for that.
  3. nd jg


    Had the same conversation, you could see that at the end of the 3rd OT that the Duluth goalie was already struggling to stand up. At the beginning of the 4th OT, it was apparent the first time he went down that he could not go on so they replaced the goalie. Fanti made saves that Stejskal would not have because he was fresh. I am certain UND would have won in the 4th OT if the goalie was not replaced. Looking at the UND situation, Scheel showed now signs of slowing down even in the 4th OT, He was getting up and down on the ice as normal. You cant fault them for keeping him in. My only thought is Fresh goalie of the bench would have faster reflexes against players that were dog tired and moving slower than normal, Advantage Goalie.
  4. With JBD and Jordan, could be coaching thing, if the focus more on the defensive side, they won't be as creative on the offensive side. When watching JBD in the game vs. Duluth, he sure did a great job at commanding the groups on the ice by holding the puck to allow line changes which I thought was critical. Not sure anyone other than maybe Sanderson who showed show much confidence during the OT's
  5. Cole Caulfield Signs with Montreal. no surprise there.
  6. So that would make COVID the back to back champs then right?
  7. Anyone seen mishmash on the ice lately?
  8. Since I didn't fix the boards, do they just tell them to not check in the corner
  9. These commentators on Ferrance is approaching Bucci and Caufield
  10. Camera not far enough away i guess
  11. What us with the commercials during timeouts. Everyone on ESPN has missed action on the return . Need to get these off ESPN.
  12. Well, Good thing Minnesota doesn't play till tomorrow, the BIG will at least make it to day 2 of the tournament.
  13. In the ESPN app if you search for Ice hockey, you can actually see all the NCAA games the ESPN has, include the UND game. You just will need to go through a sign in process for access to ESPN 3
  14. Well Blocking shots is kinda like dodgeball, so there is that.
  15. If this was the old WCHA before the split, there would be 7 teams in this tournament.
  16. Something to keep in mind here is that since January 23, we played one series against a Denver team that was still trying to find itself, and then the rest againt Omaha and CC. And one against Miami. Then we run around and play against a desperate Denver team and a good St. Cloud team. We needed these two games to be hard to prepare for the NCAA. If not we would lose in the first round for sure.
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