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  1. At some point, player safety comes into mine. Guys are losing edges and certainly don't need to see anybody hurt at this point. Go Sioux.... Find that energy reserve and end this!
  2. Starting to see some tired legs. Come on Sioux
  3. I think North Dakota needs to take a timeout
  4. It's about time Fargo gets a break..... We need it
  5. Come on Boston. Do something good for us for a change
  6. A lot of us are eating crow.... Just make it count!!
  7. Wow. Just wow. Admittedly I thought it was done.
  8. Pretty impressive that they're on their way to a possible third championship in a row. Kudos to them. They're obviously the better program right now... Hopefully we can turn that switch
  9. I'm just saying the guy knows how to win.... And he knows how to beat us consistently. It sucks
  10. As I said before. Sandlin just knows how to win championships... He can care less about the regular season.... Holy s*** does he own us
  11. wtf.... Let the delay of game go and then call this as a penalty
  12. Playing on her heels a bit
  13. Duluth is the one team in the tournament that scares me the most. Sandlin always seems to have a plan... Good start so far. Just got to keep the pressure on and sneak one in
  14. Why wouldn't UND have the option of the bye, particularly being the #1 seed? There ought to be some reward for that...or at least have the option of the bye or to play. Just food for thought
  15. Stand corrected....but still pretty crazy. 12% of hockey and 1.5% of basketball
  16. So out of 64 NCAA basketball teams, none were disqualified at tournament time for COVID under the same testing protocols (?). But out of 16 hockey teams, 2 are already out. That's some pretty crazy statistics.
  17. No doubt. This is getting ridiculous. All the guys were tested prior to coming, and I get that they will be tested again., but if it's just 1 player that's positive, and the rest are negative....WTF. Better not be a false positive...as I hope they test more than once if so.
  18. Win or not tomorrow....nobody get hurt
  19. We spoke too soon....way to go Shane!
  20. 2nd time in a row Denver shut us out in our own building. Damn
  21. Typical semi final....this is why the regular season nchc season champion has not won this tournament. UND playing very conservative....and DU just getting by
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