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  1. nchc.tv on old ipad 3 wont play video. On newer ipad video works. Must be an old browser plugin or something outdated.
  2. Gross. Hope they get embarrassed in the semi's
  3. I think I speak for most of us when I say the only thing that will cheer us up today is a Minnesota Goofer loss
  4. I too used to like Duluth until last weekend. Go buckeyes!
  5. Pulling for WM to win it all. Will pull for BU tomorrow if they face Duluth
  6. Curious to see what is being said on the bulldog forum, anyone know the link to that forum?
  7. Duluths antics in the first got into UND's head. Now its a downward spiral with each goal that goes in
  8. If the game is on cbs sports will it also be on nchc.tv? I seem to think that previous years I recall hearing that either the first round playoffs and/or the frozen face off were available to watch online. Maybe it was just the first round....? I know the deal with the regular season, if it is televised on cbs sports it isn't available online but wasn't sure if that still was the case with the frozen face off. I know the 3rd place game is online only.
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