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  1. the problem was it was a percentage based agreement from 20 years ago. Revenues have changed considerably, as they increase the gap only widens. That was the real problem with it, props to Kennedy for hopefully fixing it.
  2. way to add something productive to the conversation.....
  3. it is a big number. I am waiting until I see the 2017 numbers to say anything further.
  4. it has nothing to do with ungratefulness, but the gift wasn't without a price. The bottom line is they have a lease agreement with us that is very one sided. The Ralph was gifted to benefit the University, yet here we are losing millions in revenue annually to the foundation and that money isn't coming back to UND as originally planned. Lease agreements matter to a university and the lack of state funding is making it a problem.
  5. She hasn't been giving away money lately and money is flowing in. Where it is going is the question, and it is a valid question.
  6. apparently UNLV is her alma mater and she pulled that crap. I don't trust her at all.
  7. exactly. Everyone has an agenda when they run to the media. We don't know what has happened behind closed doors, but I highly doubt she is being 100% open and honest. This is a woman who pulled a 14 million donation because she didn't like that the school wanted to change it's president. The fact that she holds UND by it's manhood with donation funds makes me very uncomfortable. Nothing in life is free and the contract for the Ralph proves that.
  8. No one here has any idea how negotiations have been going. We have heard from one party on the matter and that is all.
  9. The obvious answer is that we are being forced to rely less on state funding due to budget cuts the last few years. We can no longer afford to be in an agreement that is as one sided as it is. Extra revenues are needed and this contract would solve a lot of long term issues.
  10. she is the same person that pulled a $14 million gift to her alma matter because they forced out the president in March that she wanted. She seems like she tries to control things on a university level with the foundation gifts and endowment funds.
  11. yup, and I got dumped on last night for suggesting it could be a money issue. When someone goes to the media and does something this aggressively, there is almost always an alterior motive.
  12. this is a question I would like answered as well, what actually happens to the money that UND doesn't get. This could be Kennedy wanting to have UND have more control financially than it currently does. I kind of agree with him if that is the case. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  13. I was thinking the same thing, you just worded it better. I question the rush to go public in all this but I also want to compare our lease to NDSU's lease of the Fargo dome. Are they comparable in revenue splits or is there a big gap between the 2? Remember, back in 2002 there was a lawsuit between NDSU and the City of Fargo so it isn't uncommon in these types of situations.
  14. Does anyone have access to the numbers for what NDSU has for the lease agreement with the fargodome? Curious as to the revenue in their lease as compared to what we have with the ralph.
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