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GDT: Sioux vs puppies who pee on the porch


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For those of us not there, give us some stories of the epic pre-partying you have done.


The game day thread was started at 10:05 Central time - 11:05 Eastern.  I would guess that this is the first thing that gfhockey did when he woke up.  That's a good sign that gfhockey did it up right last night, and a great sign for the Sioux tonight!

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gfhockey starts GDT...Schloss picks BU 4-2 tonight...it is all coming together. 


Book it.........UND wins 3-2 behind Zane's stellar performance.  


UND is 4-0 when Schloss picks UND to lose in the regional the last two seasons.

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It's flowin. The optimism and the pepto :)

Some alcohol to soothe the nerves along with the Pepto to quell the gut may help.


A double-pronged attack so you are not a nervous wreck by game time.

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