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  1. It's one thing to hit a guy, and then there's the intent to hit a guy and take him out of the game. That one appeared to be of the latter
  2. C'mon offense....time to tilt the ice in the other direction
  3. Gritty win. Hate seeing the third period let down, but great to see a third period back as well. Not sure how Thome is not the guy moving forward.... And now to get back to work Monday on shoring up that defense.
  4. Well so far, it appears that it was certainly fun to watch the first half of the season but the second half is showing that maybe it was a fluke!?
  5. Ughhh.... Please no third let down
  6. After tonight, I'm not sure if we will see scheel for a long time. I'd be surprised if otherwise
  7. Wow...5 goals in just over 10 minutes
  8. Duluth has pretty much owned us for the past 4 years. They platy us very well, and you can give that Sandlin guy credit for prepping his team for this series
  9. Who's third on the dept chart at goalie?
  10. Time to pull scheel. What a melt down
  11. Was the first half of the season of fluke? Or are they just having an off weekend...esp. the goaltending
  12. It's up working now. The network may have been a bit slow getting it working tonight
  13. Is the nchc app working.... Audio but no video so far?
  14. It's like the Gino gasparini years, near the end of his tenure. You want a national championship.... but After a while you just settle for a win. Anyway win... Like Manitoba
  15. Nah nah nah na Nah nah nah na Hey hey Bye Brad
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