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  1. At some point, player safety comes into mine. Guys are losing edges and certainly don't need to see anybody hurt at this point. Go Sioux.... Find that energy reserve and end this!
  2. Starting to see some tired legs. Come on Sioux
  3. I think North Dakota needs to take a timeout
  4. It's about time Fargo gets a break..... We need it
  5. Come on Boston. Do something good for us for a change
  6. A lot of us are eating crow.... Just make it count!!
  7. Wow. Just wow. Admittedly I thought it was done.
  8. Pretty impressive that they're on their way to a possible third championship in a row. Kudos to them. They're obviously the better program right now... Hopefully we can turn that switch
  9. I'm just saying the guy knows how to win.... And he knows how to beat us consistently. It sucks
  10. As I said before. Sandlin just knows how to win championships... He can care less about the regular season.... Holy s*** does he own us
  11. wtf.... Let the delay of game go and then call this as a penalty
  12. Playing on her heels a bit
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