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If they had 2500 tickets available then anyone over priority number 750 will have needed members above them to turn down tickets and/or not use all available to them.

I know it. However, hearing about some of the people that have received calls leads me to have some questions about the points system.

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I went down to Sioux Falls from GF for the Stampede Home opener on the 11th. The crowd was announced at 10,678. It looked pretty packed, and definately good enough to host a NCAA Regional. A lot of concourse room, seats are very comfortable, quite a bit of bathrooms. I believe last year in the old SF Arena they were #1 in the USHL in average attendance, and definitely will be this year. I can see them trying to use it to grow hockey in Sioux Falls as well, as youth hockey is moving into a new facility as well, from the old barns they played into up till this year. If there were some teams closer to Rapid City, I hear that the Rushmore Civic center is very nice as well, hosting the ECHL Rapid City Rush

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Just an update, I received response from the NDCC that I am priority number 839 and I received 2 reserved seats. Not sure what number they are at now but I would assume over 1,000


I must have just missed out on the reserved seats as I'm priority number 896 and could only get SRO.

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