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  1. Ok, but it's not like I brought it to the website, if you want to stop it at the beginning you need to look further... I just added to what everyone already knew
  2. It may have been at one time but now it's Jones. Thats where the fists started. Let's just say she is a big fan of the TEAM... Too bad guys let that stuff rot a team or a friendship...but that thing has amazing power, and always will.
  3. If Jones is banging Bowens (ex) girlfriend and those two are fighting about it....who do you get rid of?
  4. Thought he was always defending her..
  5. https://amp.sctimes.com/amp/421810002?__twitter_impression=true
  6. This team ALWAYS finds a way! Until I see that change....I will keep the faith! Way to go boys, see you at the X!
  7. My first thought after it happened also. Honestly thought it would start the "new season"! Dam
  8. I heard a quote on the radio after the game driving home... "Even when they do things right it goes wrong for them, been their story this whole season" I agree, I think they looked great last night and against the #1 team in the country! St Cloud is legit..
  9. Pot meet kettle... I obsess you....I stay away from here and you post things directed at me! Do you want me to show the post's you make toward me to prove it?
  10. All the heros come out in March. Where were you when I made the offer 7weeks ago?
  11. Funny....but the thing I called YOU out on was...saying your trash to Cam on his Instagram, you went directly at him! That shows the type of little "man"(?) you are! I even said in my post that negative words on SS.com is something an athlete has to handle. Best way to handle it is not read it. But you went after him, let's try and keep that straight coward!
  12. Not what I'm doing at all....I have one kid in college and one going next year. It makes zero sense to me that some loser armchair expert can sit on his anonymous screen name and not only attack a team of college kids but this "man" can name an individual by name and tell that player how terrible he is doing! The thing that really pisses me off about the whole thing is to think some day that could be my kid on the other end of that armchair experts cowardly acts! People want to be frustrated with a team...so be it, it's part of being an athlete they must deal with it. If they aren't a paid professional how in the world can YOU justify personally attacking this kid or any kid? Maybe one of yours or maybe one of mine next time! IMHO no more anonymous screen names would stop a lot of it...
  13. Lol...cute. so I should send you $120 in a PayPal account and hope for what? Give me a break! I will buy your tickets for face value right now, give me a number to call you. I'm not just giving you the money that you already spent like I'm your insurance company! I want the tickets! I'm willing to bet on the idea they still make it and I will go. If we met before, great, that doesn't mean I'm going to send you cash in a PayPal account and HOPE you follow through after having my cash in hand, unreal how this is hard for you to understand! If you want to sell the tickets I'll be waiting for the PM. If I met you with Cratter then call him, he has my cell number. I'm not bull*****ing here put up or shut up!
  14. Oxbow got called out (again) for disrespecting college kids on social media last week. So he was about to take credit for righting the ship this weekend but it didn't work out to well for him! He is still just a troll at over paid college kids that owe it to him to win every game... #washrinserepeat
  15. Let me ask you this..... would you send cash to a PayPal account without knowing who the person even is? Just hoping they follow through with the transaction? I'm waiting for the pm, I will call him right back to schedule the transfer. I will pay face value of the tickets with cash, face to face . I'm sure he is just like you.....all talk. I'll be waiting.... still.
  16. Send me your number by pm and I'll call you right away. You're only a month late of me proving my point, but I will still follow through and make you look.... I'm waiting!
  17. Keep delaying....it shows how much of a "man" you really are..or lack thereof... just keep waiting till you know the outcome to start cockin off..or tell me I got lucky! You and your buddy piss and moan if I'm on here telling you that you're overreacting...I stay away from miserable people's post's and then you two have wet dreams that I'm worried. Then they make it and I comment about it and you piss and moan that I'm "gloating"... remember last season? You two crack me up, must be miserable being you... ...oh yeah you own a cabin somewhere...blah blah blah.. I.n.s.e.c.u.r.e
  18. If you listen closely he is asking for Fetch...
  19. Now you're just "rainbows and unicorns" © Mr Misery
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