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  1. Oh how I hope this game can safely take place. Siouxhockey5
  2. My tickets say 7:30 pm. Siouxhockey5
  3. I think it is crazy to think UMD could sell it out. There fans don't even travel to Amsoil to watch them. Siouxhockey5
  4. It appears that maybe Blake won his appeal. I thought I saw him on the MN Hockey Hub that he has played in a couple varsity games. https://www.mnhockeyhub.com/stats/team_instance/4988846?subseason=641336&tab=team_instance_player_stats&tool=3874886
  5. I think tomorrow I would expect them almost all to be upper deck. I just quickly looked and I think I counted about 30 or so in the LL and Club sections. Siouxhockey5
  6. Went super fast. Got 4 in Section 212. It actually looks like club level and at least on the side UND shoots twice. I did have to log back in and view my tickets to find the option for the Wildhorse saloon party on Friday night. That was a fiasco as well but ended up getting tickets after it was telling me over and over that none were available. Siouxhockey5
  7. http://www.orleansarena.com/events Looks like 7pm according to the website for the Orleans Arena. So maybe707,717, or 727.
  8. I thought Mankato looked into joining? Siouxhockey5
  9. It is through Ticketmaster. You just have to make sure the resale option is checked. I just logged on for Friday nights game and it showed me all the tickets that are for sale. Siouxhockey5
  10. I heard a rumor that Hain may be going to the USNDP next year. Siouxhockey5
  11. My 2 tickets are posted through Ticketmaster resale. Sec 107 Row B seats 3-4. But they do have the fees associated with it for you to get the tickets and to cancel them from me. Siouxhockey5
  12. 2 seats for UND vs Miami on Friday and Saturday are posted on the UND Ticket Exchange. Section 107 Row B Seats 3 and 4. These are right at the face off dot in the end UND scores twice in. Siouxhockey5
  13. 2 lower level tickets posted for sale to UND vs BSU for the regular season home opener. Row B, seats 3 and 4. This is right at the face off dot, where UND shoots at twice. Section 107 Row B Seats 3-4 These are posted on the ticket exchange through Ralph Engelstad Arena website - Tickets - UND Mens Hockey. You have to use the interactive map, click the resell option (or you wont see tickets that season ticket holders are posting) and click on the seats. This is the only option for me as I do not live in the area Thanks Siouxhockey5
  14. Have you double checked to make sure they actually show up to be sold on the ticket exchange? When I looked this morning it showed no tickets being for sale. Siouxhockey5
  15. Tickets for the game in Bemidji went on sale on the 11th. Plenty of good seats still available. Siouxhockey5
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