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  1. BrandonH61


    With no hockey being played right now, I’ve been itching to get some new game worn jerseys . With that said, these are “extras” in my collection. I don’t really need the money so not necessarily looking to sell, but curious if anyone is interested in any trades. I’ve got 2 St Paul FFs and only need 1. LaPoint is the only A or C to hit the market from that year. Also the LaPoint and Kristo St Paul are the last Sioux jerseys to have a FF patch. I’ve got a Kristo "A". A black Forbort (he just got traded to Winnipeg). And two Rhett Gardner’s with the A’s. Rhett bounced between AHL and NHL last year. All have the school LOAs. As I said, looking to trade for other gamers. I've got some holes in my collection that I'd like to fill, and as always have certain favorite players. DM me if interested.
  2. My grandpa. Thanks for the kind words.
  3. BrandonH61


    Sounds like a steal.
  4. BrandonH61


    Anyone have any game worn jerseys they’d be willing to talk about moving? I’ve been looking around and am struggling to find anything. If so, DM me.
  5. Leaving UMD. Doesn’t have other plans right now. Wants to stay in the area... ie kids and family have set roots in Hermantown. Open for opportunities but it needs to be a good one.
  6. Kind of a weird story. https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/sports/hockey/6466501-College-mens-hockey-Associate-head-coach-Jason-Herter-leaving-Bulldogs-after-nine-seasons
  7. I actually quit following him yesterday. Sick of his negative comments all the time.
  8. Another new puck. This one is the game puck from the REA 13 Game Win Streak this past year.
  9. Just picked these up. Hadn’t seen them before.
  10. BrandonH61


    ???? Must be in reference to the FB stuff.
  11. Here’s my frozen face off puck collection. Also have 2011 FF, Vegas, and NY.
  12. BrandonH61


    Yeah. He said it got to be too much. He talked about bringing it back but said he lost all content that was on it, so he’d have to start from scratch.
  13. BrandonH61


    I figured as much.
  14. BrandonH61


    Dang... did you comment on fb?
  15. BrandonH61


    I’ve been thinking both Herter and Bear. Tough to confirm or deny the striping comment you make on these pictures.
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