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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/nhl-mock-draft-2021-sabres-snag-owen-power-at-no-1-kraken-take-luke-hughes-with-first-ever-pick/ar-BB1eL7yK?ocid=ientp U of Michigan has 3 prospects projected in the top 6 of this mock draft. That's insane! I don't see any UND recruits. Who's our highest projected draftee for this draft?
  2. Hopefully false information. I don’t like spreading rumors but was hopeful some of the insiders here could follow up on it.
  3. Anyone else hear that it’s a broken wrist? That’s the rumor I’m hearing.
  4. Insane. DU has been flopping all night. And it’s working.
  5. My feed just went black after being very choppy
  6. Anyone know of a free stream for tonight?
  7. Any chance someone has a stream for the US game tonight?
  8. I haven’t seen practice jerseys go for much. I have a few really beat up ones. Kind of cool, but they were cheap.
  9. With no hockey being played right now, I’ve been itching to get some new game worn jerseys . With that said, these are “extras” in my collection. I don’t really need the money so not necessarily looking to sell, but curious if anyone is interested in any trades. I’ve got 2 St Paul FFs and only need 1. LaPoint is the only A or C to hit the market from that year. Also the LaPoint and Kristo St Paul are the last Sioux jerseys to have a FF patch. I’ve got a Kristo "A". A black Forbort (he just got traded to Winnipeg). And two Rhett Gardner’s with the A’s. Rhett bounced between AHL and NHL last year. All have the school LOAs. As I said, looking to trade for other gamers. I've got some holes in my collection that I'd like to fill, and as always have certain favorite players. DM me if interested.
  10. My grandpa. Thanks for the kind words.
  11. Sounds like a steal.
  12. Anyone have any game worn jerseys they’d be willing to talk about moving? I’ve been looking around and am struggling to find anything. If so, DM me.
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