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  1. BrandonH61


    I’ve been thinking both Herter and Bear. Tough to confirm or deny the striping comment you make on these pictures.
  2. BrandonH61


    That’s awesome. I actually have seen 1 of those but had no idea when it was from.
  3. BrandonH61


    Very nice old school Gemini's.
  4. BrandonH61


    I picked up the green and the black Rhett Gardner gamers with the A.
  5. BrandonH61


    Looks like it could be Herter.
  6. BrandonH61


    Thanks for that info. The jersey has two wcha patches though. Jerseys were recycled a lot back then. Wondering if it has the back wcha patch from the mid 80s and then the front patch was added in the late 80s early 90s?
  7. BrandonH61


    I’m leaning towards not Sandelin also, but the seller was positive it is. I don’t see evidence of the “C” being removed. Why do you say no to Sandelin?
  8. BrandonH61


    Picked up this game worn jersey this week. Trying to pinpoint the years it was used. Anyone have pics from the 80s and early 90s? Would be Sandelin, Herter, Fossand, and Bear. Thanks in advance.
  9. BrandonH61


    I didn't win any, but did follow some of the final auction prices. The 8 jerseys I saw ended between $375 and $500.
  10. BrandonH61


    I've got no issues with Kato being #1. Cornell on the other hand, they haven't earned anything yet. Thought this was pretty cool to help go with SOS. https://t.co/8TcDYRz3hN
  11. Asking the same question over and over and over seems a bit extreme. We get the point. The board is biased. Get over it.
  12. Why are you here picking fights with UND fans on a UND message board during a game??
  13. I live in Cloquet. Everyone here calls him Westin “Mee-shod”. The whole family here pronounces it that way. Not sure why Westin is going with the other pronunciation.
  14. I don’t see a cartoon of him in the programs I have. These are the only two pics of him that I could find.
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