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  1. BrandonH61


    Pretty sure I have pics of the Oshie’s gameworn swifts. So you could do the spaced apart letters they did or the tighter letters one. I don’t think EPS would have any issues replicating it.
  2. BrandonH61


    $1500 is way too high for this non-Frozen four patched jersey. A few more pics would help determine authenticity though. Looks nice but I’m on the fence. Any marks or wear on it?
  3. BrandonH61


    He's the same guy who got booted out of a different FB Sioux group for scamming people. He bought some gameworn FB jerseys and has been trying to sell them for double the price (although the Siouxshop still has them for much less). Then he bought a jersey on ebay and posted it on FB the same day for double the price. Someone called him out on it and he get all defensive. Ultimately he started his own group where he now sells his Sioux stuff at large markups.
  4. I was there. Prices were pretty crazy. Not atypical for a charity auction I guess. There were actually 2 sets of the Fighting Sioux letters. Both went for $32k. As siouxkid said, the gameworn 1960's jersey went for $5250. The chance to purchase any of the Sioux gameworn retros went for $1700 (the winner picked Poolman's Captain jersey). The other gameworn retros went for anywhere from $700-1300 or so. I couldn't watch them all. A sweet Dacotah Legacy firepit was at $750 last I checked. The Sioux bean bag boards were above $250. A Zane McIntyre autographed Bruins jersey went for $450. A Fighting Hawks cooler was somewhere above $250. A replica Blackhawk style Sioux jersey (not actually a style that was ever worn) was over $320 last I checked. The other live auctions (gameday trip to NDSU, gameday trip to hall of fame game, BBQ with Bubba, etc all ended in that $5k range if I remember correctly.
  5. They cut up quite a few of his Sioux jerseys... unfortunately.
  6. Anyone interested in NHL cards of former UND players? I had been working to get official autographed/jersey cards of every ex-UND player. Now the cards have just sat in a box. I’ve got 57 total cards. All cards either have an official autograph from the card company or a piece of jersey or both. Let me know.
  7. Any team can win any night.. see Holy Cross vs UM, Air Force vs. St. Cloud, UND vs UMD Saturday night in Duluth earlier this year, etc etc. To say UND has no chance of winning two games this weekend is just asinine. Are they the better team? No. Can they pull out a couple of wins? Yes. Is it likely? Probably not, but that's why they play the games.
  8. Any chance we can get a YouTube link for video tonight?
  9. Yeah I caught it right away so I pointed it out to him thinking maybe he'd delete the tweet and re-post it.
  10. Glad I’m paying for NCHC.tv so I can watch a blue circle and listen to the radio.... wth.
  11. BrandonH61


    They’ll be auctioned at the Champions Gala. I’m assuming they’ll be the usual table silent auctions. As of right now it sounds like UND is struggling to get an online auction set up for previous gamers.
  12. BrandonH61


    I’m guessing you’d have to be at it. Or have someone there to bid for you. They did Luke Johnson’s white Tampa there a couple of years ago.
  13. BrandonH61


    I’ve been told the jerseys don’t look exactly like that. I’ve also been told they’ll be sold at the Champions Gala.
  14. BrandonH61


    I should've said that this is completely different from the Vegas jerseys earlier this year. That was 100% done by the Siouxshop and handled by the Siouxshop. This weekend's jerseys are being handled by UND which is why they need to figure out how to sell them.
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