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Sioux CC Sunday!


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Personally, I blame last night's loss (and really any UND men's hockey loss) on that terrible Midco theme song "Get on Your Feet". It's like "we're taking away your kick ass logo, but here's a crappy theme song to tide you over". :) Hope the boys can get back to playing Fighting Sioux hockey.

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They will be OK

Like Herb Brooks would say to the lads tonight (what he said before the gold medal game against Finland in 1980) - "If you lose this game, you'll take it to your f-ing grave"

Well maybe not quite that serious - but the sense of urgency will be there and will propel the Green to a decisive victory

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I won't post another article before tonight's game, but here's my Sunday Game 3 Prediction:

North Dakota will answer the opening bell, open up a 3-1 lead after one period, and cruise to Minneapolis on the strength of a 5-1 victory.


Nice....needed that one.

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Wilbur's keys to Minneapolis:

~Zane. CC has to earn every goal. No cheapies from the high slot.

~Quicker transition out of the zone. Last night hesitation cost them in OT

~Play a near penalty free game. Did a good job not giving CC power plays.

~Hit the $#%@#$% net. Even if Thorimbert makes a save, it gives you a possible rebound opportunity. Too much glass last night. Low shots into the pads works for me.

~To quote one of my favorite players of all time, "Play Sioux hockey". We all know what goes into it, and we've seen it at times this year. Playing with desperation every shift. 60 minutes of being hard to play against.

And we'll see you all in Minneapolis if that happens. Well, I'll be there regardless..... :lol:

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Our top 3 goal scorers have 35 goals combined (MATT FRATTIN HAD 36 HIMSELF IN 2010-2011, LEE GOREN 34 IN 1999-2000, BOCHENSKI 35 IN 2002-2003)

Last year, our top two had 42

year prior, our top two had 47

year prior, our top two had 61

YEar prior, our top two had 36

Year prior, our top two had 38










I guess my point is that I knew we were impotent offensively, but our top 3 goal scorers have combined for less goals than the top two in every year that is on USCHO and about the same as our top goal scorer in three of the last 14 seasons...

Firepower- little light this year...

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Was at both Friday/Saturday games.

Both nights Hak sent the team out with his coaching philosophy/conservative and play not to lose.

Friday 8 minutes without shot on goal/Saturday 12 minutes without shot on goal.

Seems to me the line O'Donnell was on Friday night scored 2 of the 4 goals/surprised he changed that line for Saturdays game.

IMO the Sioux are a far better team than CC if they are allowed to play aggressive hockey.

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No way Thorimbert stands on his head two nights in a row. UND wind tonight and the Target Center rejoices for having a team that will actually bring fans.

The Sioux have to come out under the premise that he can and they have to find a way that he can't see or get to pucks.
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Don't care either way, but why wouldn't it?

Leading the thread with a pep talk from a former Fighting Sioux stud and current NHL stud, TJ Oshie!

Can't believe anyone would question that...

Osh knows what's up! Go sioux go every game is win or go home now! Nut up boys and kick some CC azz with some fighting sioux hockey!

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