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  1. Looks like Clarksville, TN is teaming up with the Nashville Predators and Austin Peay State University (APSU) to build a downtown event center that includes ice. I'm a UND alumni currently working at APSU. We are a small institution strapped for cash. However, downtown Clarksville is literally across the street from campus (not even a mile), so I can't help but think there might be some interest in the sport (hockey is extremely popular in Nashville right now and the state doesn't have a college D1, D2, or D3 team to pull for). Regardless of what happens, it'll be nice to see hockey grow i
  2. You guys are doing God's work with these "look alike" threads! Please make this a permanent tradition!
  3. I hadn't heard of either EPS or Vintage MN before this thread. Good to know of other options available. Would you trust them with the authentic reebok jerseys?
  4. You might try Daydream Specialties in Grand Forks. They've done a few jerseys for me in the past and their work is excellent. I could be wrong but I think the REA only does the current lettering and numbering style (don't quote me on that though).
  5. I'm curious what you guys think of the customized jerseys coming out of the REA? I have purchased four customized jerseys from them in the last year. Two of them came out perfect (they really did a fantastic job), but two of them not so much. There was quite a bit of bubbling on the numbers and lettering, plus the patches were in the wrong spot (which they eventually corrected). This post isn't meant to troll them, I'm just curious what experiences others have had with their customizations from them. Keeping in mind that these customizations can cost upwards of $100.
  6. I would think that Hattons would decline to do it out of fear of losing the rights to make future UND merchandise. But I could be wrong.
  7. He said that during a recent move, a tiny area of the mirror's backing was scraped but none of the etching or glass was affected. It looks like it would be really easy to repair and there's nothing wrong with the front making it ideal for a game room. He's asking $400.
  8. Hey guys, my buddy is trying to sell me this really cool Sioux logo mirror. It's 24" in diameter and is pretty heavy. I looked for it on the internet and couldn't find anything like it, although Ive seen one identical to it at the Blue Moose in East Grand Forks. Any clue what something like this is worth?
  9. I dont think a school like Mankato would shell out $20k for an application fee if there wasn't already some backroom talks with NCHC leadership about their affiliation. That being said the NCHC wouldn't go to an awkward 9 team schedule just to snag the likes of Mankato. I think this signifies that the NCHC is about to go to 10 teams with Mankato and ASU joining the ranks. This does seriously water down the league, but it's slim pickens when it comes to D1 college hockey teams. I wouldn't mind if the NCHC just stayed at it's current 8, or found a way to at least trade WMICH for Mankato. Ju
  10. Have you not seen the BTHC attendance figures and fan support lately? The fans are unhappy to the point of being mutinous. Notre Dame averages under 4,800 people per game and did very little in terms of raising the prestige of HE. Notre Dame is a big name in college athletics but college hockey is another beast all to it's self.
  11. Lets be realistic. The BTHC is going to add Notre Dame and ASU and still be in the same dismal position they are in now. The NCHC will not be adding or losing anyone. HE will most likely try to poach Quinnipiac. The world's not crumbling, the BTHC will still put a terrible product on the ice year in and year out with no one watching. The NCHC will still be the best and most exciting conference to watch with fans packed to the rafters at every game (maybe not WM). Just sit back and enjoy the view of the BTHC imploding, life is good at the top.
  12. Obviously the B1G needs to add at least two teams. It's looking like Arizona State is going to get the invite and rumor has it that Rutgers might be interested in adding the sport. I don't see either of these teams injecting excitement into the BTH fanbase and they definitely will not add any value to the level of competition. I can't imagine seeing sold out games featuring the Gophers vs. the SunDevils or the Buckeyes vs. the Scarlet Knights. Although UND is a state flagship institution and does have both a law school and medical school, it is not a like institution in the eyes of the B1G
  13. I hate it when the media gets us confused with the folks to the south of us. Lazy journalism at it's best.
  14. No offense man, but UND will NEVER incorporate anything with native american connotation into the design of the new logo, and that includes feathers (regardless if a bird has feathers or not). They didnt go through this nightmare just to go back through it because the design features what could be construed as native american imagery. If we do indeed go with the Fighting Hawks name (and it's looking that way) we will have a crappy hawk logo like Miami and not the cool one everyone is drooling over from the Black Hawk concept logo. It will never happen.
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