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  1. That time was pre Schaffer and Kennedy. During their time they cut mens baseball and golf, not to mention womens hockey. They wanted to sell the golf course. They deciminated and demoralized UND athletics.
  2. Old Fella


    This sounds like a teenager living in the wreakage of the future. Am in my mid-80's/ received my booster shot yesterday. My vax card, airline tickets and game tickets are all loaded on my phone. The same is true for the other 7 members of the family although they will be car pooling. Looking forward to dining at the best rib place in Knoxville, hooking up with OLD friends and watch hockey. Also have my tickets for this weekend's game on my phone.
  3. The friction was so bad they only won 23+ games at home.
  4. Not surprised by the tone of the reaction to the news.
  5. Shaffer/Kennedy also did away with mens baseball and golf. Not to mention they tried to sell the golf course. Great Vision.
  6. It seems RMU took a page out of Shaffer/Kennedy closing UND Women's Hockey.
  7. Edit: Leaders in Grand Forks have been and continue to be very conservative.
  8. The leaders in Fargo (Walaker) have been progresive. Leaders have been and continue to be very conseervative.
  9. Lets see. Is Danny calling to conservative or should he put all the backups in? Asking for a friend
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