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  1. 'You are a victim,nothing is your fault' Sounds familiar?
  2. Are you in favor of strickter gun control?
  3. Is 39% cult members 'most everbody'?
  4. Texas & Florida reverses their decision to open up bars---
  5. He is assuming a minimal risk if the individuals he comes in contact are wearing masks.
  6. Thanks to your wife as wearing the mask, it does not protect her or anyone else who wears a mask from the virus/if by chance the person wearing the mask has the virus it minimizes the chance of spreading it to others.
  7. What would some people have to message about if they didn't have those statistics to write about every day?
  8. 13 is 1/3 of the long term facilities in ND. 33% is less than 50%. How's that for math.
  9. You just maybe are on to something.
  10. Therefore people who live in more densley populated areas should not act responsibly and not wear masks?
  11. Does Cass County have over 50% of the elderly and vulnerable in the State? Would never assume that is over your pay grade.
  12. Last census indicated Cass County has 1/7th of the population in ND.
  13. Thanks for thinking of me/it means alot. Sure you can tell all of us why Cass County has more cases and dealths from the virus that the rest of the state combined? It certainly would have nothing to do with you going to a resturant where neither you or the staff wear masks,
  14. Went to the same hardware store/today all employees were wearing masks. Not to worry when you see that I will not be messaging until later tonight. Every other day I drive to the country and spend 4-5 hours outside.
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