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  1. Mr Oxbow/ Your buddy just called you a 'poor schmuck'.
  2. The firm granted the contract is Odney, a Bismarck republican agency.
  3. Burgum recinds quarantine order. Yesterday's count. North Dakota has less than 500 new cases and less than 10 deaths.
  4. It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone they have been fooled. (Mark Twain)
  5. I Guess that Flober & you are Oxbow's faithful Lap Dogs I was remiss in not thanking him for his latest compliment. He was so impressed with my scripts that I must have a speach writter. He sure could use 1.
  6. Mr.Floper you flopped again/by the way it is apparent you drank the bleach.
  7. Interesting you refer to Jim Jones. Did you drink the bleach as your cult leader suggested?
  8. Floper, you flopped again/Your post validates you are the Crybaby.
  9. You are absolutely correct. Rednecks have names like Zonadub & Goon. You make it so easy!
  10. Thompson kindergarden class quarantined.
  11. You do not have a mental illness/you have a mental disorder. Like stupidity there is not vacine for mental disorders. You may want to try the road to Deimascus
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