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  1. Me thinks it is Sheel vs Shepard.
  2. USCO Pairwise has BC 4th/Denver 5th/puts Sioux in West braket with Denver.
  3. FYI Never met Pat Burns/don't even remember what years he coached /am hower on a 1st name basis with Lowell and have been for a quarter of a century.
  4. The problem is not what was posted. It was posted by Ms. Post/who had previously lectured us on 'Class'. It seemed the poster was very hpocritical.
  5. Once again, you'r post has won the race to the gutter.
  6. Ms. Emily (as in Post) Very Classy/posting what you HEARD.
  7. Nothing will change until Bubba & Lowell are gone.
  8. And what they Altru offers is twice as bad.
  9. Tickets for the family scored. 8 At first they wanted to put us in the second tier/mentioned GF Hockey's name. Moved us to the lower tier/few rows up/behind the Sioux bench. Thanks GFH. /
  10. Sure you are right/watch to much football and the 'old fella' gets confused.
  11. Thinking we are thinking of different times in the game. The play i referred to was early in the game when Minnesota had the lead.
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