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  1. Thank YOU! Do you happen to know the channel # on Midco/having problem finding it.
  2. I think he had committed to Miami./then for whatever reason he decommitted. Not so sure about the rest of the jobs in the world.
  3. If the full story came out what version would justify his actions.
  4. Bulling is 1 thing. Herald article. Having a mentally challanged Black 13 year old lick on a popcicle soaked in urine is another. It is Sadistic.
  5. Trump campaign seems to be short of cash. Send your Jefferson to his campaign.
  6. Read the herald article/it is a personal story of a UND hockey player speaking out against racism.
  7. Who said anything about being ok with what anyone said. Was trying to be helpful and let DMKsioux know he no longer has to live in the wreakage of the future. The furure has happened, the hockey program has been compromised. DMK does not need to wait to stop supporting UND. He can now send his Jefferson to the cult of his choie.
  8. Good News for you. You will not have to wait to pull your support. Per a recent news story in the GFH, BLM has infiltrated the UND hockey program. You can now pull your support and send your Jefferson to your favorite cult. Pretty Simple.
  9. On the plus side I am now a Bizon fan!
  10. Old Fella

    The Herald

    It seems the Pro Business Grand Forks Herald is advocated not opening the state for another 2-3 weeks. Is there any hope left?
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