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  1. Shaffer/Kennedy also did away with mens baseball and golf. Not to mention they tried to sell the golf course. Great Vision.
  2. It seems RMU took a page out of Shaffer/Kennedy closing UND Women's Hockey.
  3. Edit: Leaders in Grand Forks have been and continue to be very conservative.
  4. The leaders in Fargo (Walaker) have been progresive. Leaders have been and continue to be very conseervative.
  5. Lets see. Is Danny calling to conservative or should he put all the backups in? Asking for a friend
  6. What canell Bizzons on? Thanks
  7. Who else is complaining? It's over a year since the covid began. Ever thought of changing schools?
  8. If we had a good QB we would be 5-0 now.
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