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  1. I thought the Sioux had a pretty good season last year.
  2. Yes we will. Mods So now it is fair game to mention Mr. T's fabrications?
  3. Mods; So it is now fair game to mention some of the pres fabrications?
  4. Mods: Where are the facts or does 'no political' not apply here.
  5. For some unknown reason maybe they want to keep the deaths from the virus to 1.
  6. Not sure what this fuss is all about, Homeland Security has, along with health care facilities etc, included the gun industry (NRA) as being essential and remain open. You can still go buy guns, go to the local fire range.
  7. Stated that the most recent 1day testing the # tested was 185/in that same NDHD report 15 had been tested positive. (8.150) Check out RP's (Minot) chart.
  8. See edited version/npte reason for edit was 'FAT FINGERS' Referring to 1 of your leaders
  9. Most recent imfo from ND Health Department 185 tested/15 positive/8.15% Take a look at RP's expendentially chart
  10. Nothing like kicking them when they are down. "Have you no decency"
  11. For what it's worth. As my moniker shows I an an 'old fella'/over the age of 70. I work 40 hours a week/have no under lying medical issues. Have several grandchildren between the age of 20-39. Should we relax our current preventative virus measures to probably help the economy? Most grandparents would make sacrifices to insure there grandchildren are safe. Here-in lies the problem. The latest numbers I have seen posted by the North Dakota Health Department have a breakdown of the ages of those testing positive for the virus. The numbers show, that in North Dakota, there are a significant more testing positive for the virus between the ages of 20-39 than there are between the ages of 60-79. Relaxing the preventative measures would only increase the number of ages 20-39 testing positive for the virus. Most grandparents would not take that risk.
  12. It's almost Trump like.
  13. No need to get defensive or paranoid. We like you and your friends. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion/Even if it is wrong. (Old Fella)
  14. Was asking if there were any takers from this message board who are advocating opening up the country,
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