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  1. Who else is complaining? It's over a year since the covid began. Ever thought of changing schools?
  2. If we had a good QB we would be 5-0 now.
  3. Think the time of possession was 35-25 in favor of UND
  4. Trying to access the CBS App Any heip much appreciated.
  5. Simon has a twin brother, Grant, who is a very good athelete. Believe he played wide receiver on offence and also played defense. There are also Romfo cousins on the team.
  6. Finished reading messages. What's wrong with this team? LOST I GAME IN A ROW!
  7. Thank YOU! Do you happen to know the channel # on Midco/having problem finding it.
  8. I think he had committed to Miami./then for whatever reason he decommitted. Not so sure about the rest of the jobs in the world.
  9. If the full story came out what version would justify his actions.
  10. Bulling is 1 thing. Herald article. Having a mentally challanged Black 13 year old lick on a popcicle soaked in urine is another. It is Sadistic.
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