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UND vs. Omaha 2/8 7PM


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UND has now extended their win streak to 6 games after somehow pulling off a win against NDSU last Saturday. Felt like they were going to lose almost the entire game and then a funny thing happened, they won. Things are going well for Paul Sather and co. but another tough opponent enters the Betty, Frankie Fidler and Omaha. 

UND’s last loss was actually to Omaha in Omaha. Fidler put on a show…. At the free throw line. He was only 5-13 from the field but made 18 out of 20 attempts at the line. UND, as a team, went 15-23 from the line. Ended up losing 79-61. 

While #23 Fidler is the star (averaging 19.3ppg, 5.5rpg and 2.6apg) he isn’t the only one to watch out for. Forwards #10 Marquel Sutton (averaging 12.5ppg and 6.3rpg) and #21 Nick Davis (averaging 9.3ppg and 5.5rpg) are a couple others to watch out for amongst others. 

KenPom has UND winning 73-72, BartTorvik has UND 73-71 and Vegas has UND -4.5. 

Game is on Summit League Network but once again, please get to the Betty and cheer on this entertaining team!

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Omaha is second in the league in points allowed per game, so they're strong defensively. Definitely will need to shoot the ball better than on Saturday. Omaha doesn't shoot a ton of threes and likes to get to the FT line. Need to keep the feet moving and not allow them to draw fouls as they lead the league in FT % while being second in FT attempts. 

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2 hours ago, Kab said:

Need to shut down fiddler and not let him shoot free throws all nite 

Too bad we can't bring the officiating crew back that did the bison game.....while the way they called the game definitely played more to NDSU's strengths they were consistent and let the teams play....especially in the paint. Fiedler shot 20 free throws when we played them in Omaha which would have translated to about 8-10 with the crew we had last Saturday.

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37 minutes ago, forksandspoons said:

Move the end bleachers closer to the court please 

Yes! What are we doing!?  It looks awful having those bleachers moved so far back and it makes the students less of a factor.   Who is making these decisions?  Also, they strangely put some court-side seats right next to the UND bench  Why?   This reeks of the changes on the Alerus catwalks.  

Great first half by UND. 

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