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  1. I think there is A LOT of thin skin on here. I didnt take anything away from the way she is recruiting or that I dont think she will do a good job. I get she needs to stay on top of recruiting but I have never seen a head coach let alone a interim coach make as many offers as I have seen to underclassmen. Alot of Sophomore offers. A new coach could come and not like these offers. Are they able to rescind them? They should just make her the head coach and let her do her thing.
  2. I have noticed A lot of new offers coming from the new coaching staff. They may be very good offers. I am just questioning that they have this many offers without a full time coach hired. Isn't coach just a interim coach?
  3. Not sure where to post this... I saw a news interview out of Bismarck with Aanen Moody. He basically said that Coach Sather asked him to leave and that there wasn't a place for him on team. I know his defense was not great, but I did think he brought some shooting we needed. I agree with Coach's philosophy about defense first, but couldn't there be a place for a sharp shooter kid from North Dakota on this team? Unless he was some sort of cancer on the team that I don't know about. Any thoughts?
  4. Any inside information if she agreed with Brews philosophies and coaching practices? This team needs a lot of help and I cant watch another season of Brewster 2.0
  5. I am curious about where you are finding these offers? And also surprised that there would be offers without a coach.
  6. Can any talk more about Nate Shockey? How good could he be? We need someone that can be a true point guard to take over for Marlon. Big shoes to fill.
  7. I am a new UND fan but I hope that they don't strictly use someone that has ties to UND. Seems like here every coaching position people want some sort of tie to UND. I hope they get the best coach available whether they have ties to the school or not. Whether they are male or female. This is a chance to do a nation wide search and see who is out there. Like it was said this could be a attractive position for someone. We have some talent on the team that just needs to develop. I feel they wasted a year with the previous coach.
  8. 28 turnovers!!!! No offense but run in the lane and throw up a shot! COACH BREW NEEDS TO GO!
  9. Totally agree. If Everyone on the team worked as hard as he did we would be better off. He is a true freshman and yes has some work to do, but no one can deny his passion and hustle. I hope these are the types of players Sather will recruit.
  10. I have followed both schools through the year. I have seen one team progressively get better (NDSU) and one team get progressively worse (UND) . This in my opinion can only be from the coaching. I think NDSU got a winner hire when they hired Collins, he took very average to below average players and made them competitive in most games. UND I think has more talent on their team but has under performed all year long. Very disappointed in the play. I go to most the UND games but I don't think I could stand watching them any more. They look out of control and throw up shots with out any reason. They need to move on from Brewster or Collins NDSU teams will be years ahead soon. NDSU will start winning any recruiting battles with their program and coach.
  11. I was trying to find the game on my Dish Net and couldn't find it. I have the Pac -12 channels. Anyone else try to find it?
  12. How come the only games we can get into the Betty are lower division schools? NDSU has got some good games at home on their schedule. This team should break records with the competition they have coming in here. Did I hear rumblings that next year we have some better competition coming to Grand Forks? I couldn't even make myself go to the game last night with free tickets.
  13. Georgia Southern was blown out by the two teams they played this year. I tried to watch some of the game and Georgia Southern looked like a glorified high school team. I was expecting UND to blow them out and probably should have.
  14. I was not impressed at all with Walters again. Continually got beat on the glass. His man scored at will . I believe he shot 6 threes before finally hitting one. I thought with the new coaching staff they would see the weakness in his game. I get we do not have a lot of bigs but I would rather see small out there. Danielson really has impressed me with his hard work. When they signed him I thought he would red shirt and probably still not make the rotation. He is actually making a case for starting over Brown.
  15. Call me stupid but I just upgraded my Dish Network package to get Root Sports!
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