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  1. Now if we would have just took the FG instead of going for it on 4th !!
  2. I am going to take some things back I have said about Coach. On paper she looks to have signed some really good recruits. I hope this will translate into wins now. I will be cheering for them all year to succeed.
  3. How about UND do a national coaching search instead of always hiring someone with UND ties. Again looking from the outside, but I see this all the time that a UND former student, assistant coach etc is hired over some quality candidates outside of the school. Just like the women's basketball hire. I am going to give her a break because she has done some good recruiting now it just needs to translate to coaching wins. But this volleyball hire looked like a disaster hire from the beginning.
  4. I wonder where they will be located? It would be nice to have some restaurants on the south side of town. I have eaten at several Freddy's always good food and different fast food then your typical fast food restaurant.
  5. Who or what is Molly Yeh? What kind of food?
  6. Is this fact? Or just hoping to get here. I have not heard anything they have coming here yet. I agree chicken is much better then Bdubs food in general is.
  7. I ate at the Charros in Bismarck this weekend and I asked about the Grand Forks opening date. They told me August to early September. Sounds like the owner is making some improvements to this location and wants to make sure its done right. I was told alot of staff from the Bismarck restaurant will be coming to work here. One thing different from the restaurants is that here they will be making their own tortillas. Also there was a hour wait to get in to the restaurant and its been open for 3 years there, but it was worth the wait!
  8. That does look like a good get for UND! Do you know which Big 12 and Big 10 schools she had offers from?
  9. I ate at the one in Bemidji (under a different name ) and was very impressed. I also have tried to eat at the one in Bismarck and every time the waiting list was to long and I never wanted to wait that long. Excited for a new Mexican restaurant in town. Their Facebook page says they will be open by July. Any word when?
  10. Super value bought hornbackers . Hugo's negotiated with them that if they close their grand forks store they would change to the super value off brand of products. Super value gets money from selling their off brand to Hugo's and closes a marginal store . Only ones that lose are the people of grand forks losing another choice for a grocery store and Hugo's keeps their monopoly in town. I wish someone would come in and get rid of that monopoly. We don't need 6 Hugo's in town.
  11. https://t.co/E0fnZIl9Pf?amp=1 Looks like we lost out on Isaac Mushila. I was really hoping we could land this one....
  12. This is the year to do it because they all have 3 years of eligibility left. Get their freshman years out of the way and get them for the best years of their careers. Still time to mold them into the players you want.
  13. https://www.dnronline.com/sports/dukes-add-transfer-guard-ihenacho/article_384bed10-be7d-5ea5-ab69-09df0a9ab89e.html Article says he wants a better community around him ? good luck to him but that's a lateral move in my opinion. We need guys that want to be here. I just hope it's not the coach and it's the players he recruited
  14. Looks like he gets to the foul line alot. Tells me he takes it to the rim. Shoots a good percentage too. Let's get him !!!
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