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Here is the latest update from Hunters mom.  Continued prayers needed.  katpinke Day two update: Nathan and I are sitting by Hunter's bedside as he rests. For three days, he is on strict bed

From Katie Pinke, about an hour ago. This family amazes me. I'm sure they've had their awful moments, but they all seem to be handling Hunter's injury with such grace. I don't think I could do the sam


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8 hours ago, Siouxperfan7 said:
-"We were sitting with him and asked, 'What specifically do you want us to pray about on your behalf?' He said, 'I want you to pray for the person who collided with me. I don't want him to feel guilty,'" Katie Pinke said. "And then he said, 'I hope I can meet him someday.”

Can’t say enough about the character of this young man. It’s obvious why he is one of the vocal leaders on this team.  Not sure what the future holds for Hunter. But one thing I am certain is that through all of this, he is going to be an inspiration and a witness to many. He already is.  

Praying for Hunter and his family.  He truly is an inspiration.  I hope to meet him someday 

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There is a Facebook group dedicated to Hunter now.  Just search for #PinkeStrong.  They are going to be selling t shirts with this logo and the verse Hunter picked out that is going to be his motivation thru all of this.  100% of the profit going towards Hunter's medical costs.  More information tomorrow on how to order them.


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48 minutes ago, WYOBISONMAN said:

I made the post that had the GoFundMe link sticky over on Bisonville because I know folks over there will want to donate.  Things like this just are hard to understand.  My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as well as with the other boy.  Awful hard to understand why.  If any of his friends or family sees this let them know that everyone is thinking and praying for them.

Thank you.

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Here are the links to purchase #PinkeStrong t-shirts, decals, and newly added wristbands.  All proceeds go towards medical expenses for Hunter.  Latest update from yesterday is Hunter is now out of the ICU and on the Neuro floor of the hospital.  Recovering there until he will eventually move to the Craig Hospital which is one of the best in the coutry for spinal chord injuries and rehab.  As always, keep prying for Hunter.




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7 hours ago, northernraider said:

I hope this link works. The WBB visited Hunter while in Denver and sang Stand Up A Cheer.


He was upright in a chair and he led the song - inspiring. Have to think about something that we as tailgaters can do next year - fly a special flag? 

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2 hours ago, The Sicatoka said:

I hope the "36 #PinkeStrong" helmet stickers (circular 1" white sticker, green font) are already on order for next season. 

I am hoping to see Hunter with his teammates on the sidelines at home games next year.  Heck, why stop there.....I hope to see Hunter WALKING across the field before the game with his parents on Senior Day!! 

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