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  1. Good grief.....I have to stop by every few years and see if the board lunatic is still ranting. I see that he is and the topic is still the same. By the way.....nice win over Sam last weekend. Back to Bisonville......
  2. Fast start by the Bison. My wife just informed me that if this keeps up I will be able to scoop dog !@#$ in the back yard at the half. We are getting the first major snow dump in Wyoming tomorrow.
  3. SDSU has declined to have theirs shown. I wish they would have because it would be interesting to watch the crowd.
  4. Looks like the NCAA reversed themselves on the intro video issue..... http://www.inforum.com/sports/4175168-ncaa-reverses-policy-not-allowing-pregame-videos-fcs-playoffs
  5. I finally got to watch this one on ESPN 3. After the Bison game I was tailgating in Laramie and freezing my ass off before the MWC Championship game so I couldn't see it live. The collapse at the end of the 3rd and all of the 4th quarters was stunning. But, some of the fans on here are way overboard ripping on kids and coaches on this. Yes, the blocked put call was not very smart at that point in the game, but there were a lot of chances to urn things around after that. Richmond hung on and evidently never lost confidence. UND is incredibly improved after last year despite the loss. Maybe we can meet in the playoffs next year. I would think that UND should be contending for the Big Sky title. By the way....when anyone in either of our fan bases starts yapping about how great outdoor football is and how we need bigger stadiums built for our teams and to make them outdoors.....they are full of !@#$. Come sit in a December game in Laramie....at night.
  6. Well, it will be unfortunate if it is not sold out. Those kids deserve that. This team has come a long ways.
  7. Will you be able to sell this game out?
  8. Well....I think an all NoDak Chipper in Texas would be fun.
  9. Congrats. It looks like Bubba is starting to unwind the mess that Muss left behind. It would sure be interesting to have a crystal ball and see what would have happened had Dale Lennon never left. I still think Lennon is a much better coach than his record at Southern Illinois.
  10. Jesus........I saw this old thread and thought that I had a stroke......2006?!?!
  11. Every team should want those bandwagon fans. They buy tickets and put cash in the bank. The fans of these boards bitch about them.... But the bandwagoners generate cash. They are a big reason why at the FCS level and above neither NDSU or UND will play FB outside. The bandwagoners won't sit through the miserable weather at the end of the season..... I see it in Laramie and Ft. Collins all the time.
  12. SUU and Weber have beautiful views from the stadium, but no tailgate atmosphere at all.......
  13. The team that played on Saturday looked very different from the team that got beat in Missoula. I think that one area where there was huge growth was the defensive secondary. All young guys that really improved. It also seems that the strength and conditioning program is vital to building a team that can outlast the competition.
  14. Exactly... And what conference footprint and what conference is calling us on the phone. Answer is none. All of these playoff games make for a great season finale for the fans. I like that much better than one post season no name bowl game.
  15. Video is really jerky.... Anyone else having that issue?
  16. My thoughts and prayers are with that kid who broke his leg. Terrible when that kind of thing happens.
  17. The stupidity of some in the ND Legislature is stunning. Actually I find myself wondering if it is stupidity, out of control egos, or a combination of both. After the people told the Legislature to go to hell by voting down the dissolution of the SBOHE, I had hoped that they would reign in the stupidity of micro-managing Higher Education.
  18. Obviously if the Bison had a couple losing seasons in a row it would take a toll on attendance. But....probably not half like some on here would like to think. Tailgating has become and event in and of itself and there are a lot of fans that enjoy that as much as going to the game. I think the tailgate will help attendance a lot when we have down years. UND need to take note.......
  19. I honestly think if NDSU had lost another regular season game and had to go on the road, this could be a very different story. Road games are tough. A road game in Frisco is not a hostile environment.....so if the Bison go to the title again....I suspect playing in Frisco will help the Bison.
  20. God help this place if the Bison take it all again......
  21. I am eating some crow this year. I didn't think the Bison would make it this far after so many graduated. They seem to be putting it together when needed.
  22. But, that was one of the few games the Offense got pretty cranked up. I think we have a good shot at making the finals..... But the game on Friday sure is no give me.
  23. Good god.....I want some of what you are smoking for my next party. That is some wild stuff!!!!
  24. I am fine with where the Bison are in the polls. They got piss pounded by UNI. So..... Get back on the horse and ride. The Playoffs are coming and the Bison are in no matter what happens these next two games.
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