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  1. LkvlleUNDFan

    Northern Arizona

    That's rough news. I hate to see that, and I feel really bad for Luke. That just sucks.
  2. LkvlleUNDFan

    Northern Arizona

    Count me in. Seeing customers in PHX on Thursday, Sedona on Friday, and NAU Saturday. That's called good planning right there, folks!
  3. LkvlleUNDFan

    Time For Some New Blood

    I skipped a few pages, so apologies in advance if this has all been said before: I don't know that UND football has risen to the place where you can fire a head coach and most/all assistants when a team is poised to go 7-4 and MAY make the playoffs The AD is in his first year. This would be the offseason for him to lean on Bubba to make changes or make them himself if Bubba can't or won't I personally admire that Bubba has created a culture where assistants want to stay. Stability is good - to a point - and making changes for the sake of change can just as easily backfire. Bubba and staff have moved a miserable program back to respectability and beyond. That should count for something. Now it's time for the university's board, president, and AD to decide: How good do we want the football program to be? What investments are we willing to make toward that goal, and what level of performance do we demand? Kennedy seems quite willing to make hard choices and Chaves doesn't strike me as a man that's satisfied with mediocrity. Time will tell. Some asked this - but I didn't see an answer: Bubba's contract was extended after the 2016 season, so he's under contract through the 2021 season. As for me, I want to see a win vs. NAU on Saturday. I want to see UND football continue to progress. Playoffs or not, marquee wins or not, a 7-4 season is good for everyone but the Bubba-haters that already exist. Go Hawks!
  4. LkvlleUNDFan

    2019 UND Recruiting

    I think you find them at kicking camps. There are a lot of specialty camps for K's and longsnappers these days.
  5. LkvlleUNDFan

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Losing both NG's to graduation is an issue. Greer plugs holes and Tank made plays with his quickness, and Cieslak at nearly 300 lbs has been making more plays from the end spot, too. Of the returning guys, Bennett won't be an issue, we know that. Engwall is up to about 270. I'm sure Seguin and Ott will come back heavier next year, too. Morrison, Johnson and Honerlaw will have to work hard in the offseason. But yeah - we don't really have your traditional fireplug NG body on the squad that I know of.
  6. LkvlleUNDFan

    2018 Season

    I heard that Maag could have been used in red zone, jump ball situations vs. PSU - so hopefully he'll be able to suit up and contribute by Saturday. I don't know anything about Toivenen or Izzy.
  7. LkvlleUNDFan

    UND - Portland State Game Day Thread

    This! I know I'm a broken record on this but seriously - is not throwing to the TE one of the most fundamental ways to give a sputtering offense a boost? Fiedler had one ball - it went for about 15 and a 1st down. Cloyd got zero targets. Can someone smarter than me (shouldn't be hard to find) explain this to me?
  8. LkvlleUNDFan

    UND - Portland State Game Day Thread

    If the Hawks pull it off, we'll all look forward to your comments praising them for the win...
  9. LkvlleUNDFan

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Maybe I should go see him tonight, huh? MG plays Lakeville North to go to state.
  10. LkvlleUNDFan

    2018 Season

    It was said in a prior season - so I don’t know if it’s still an issue.
  11. LkvlleUNDFan


    Our QBs are forbidden from even thinking about TEs, much less looking in their direction, unless specifically told to do so. Or so it seems.
  12. LkvlleUNDFan

    2018 Season

    This isn't to pick on anything SIOUXFAN97 said - I'm just responding to this whole discussion: In an ideal scenario every team has a 2-deep roster where most of the positions are competitive, where the difference between #1 and #2 is so small that either one could play on Saturday and the team would not miss a beat. Reality, of course, is that most teams only have that 1A and 1B situation at a handful of positions. The other reality, too, is that matchups matter - so your #2 may be a better choice than your #1 in a given week or against a certain formation/position grouping, etc. Heck, that's what makes boards like this interesting - the chance to learn, debate, and let's be honest - annoy and ridicule - with others. There aren't always easy answers. But let's also be honest about this: We only know a small fraction of what goes on and why the choices are made. If you talk to players, they often say things like (and I've heard variations of all of these about guys on this team): "Oh, yeah... he's gonna be good. Super athletic. Needs to get stronger, though." "You're right, [#2] is a better athlete, but he's constantly getting chewed out in practice and in the film room because he doesn't know the playbook/his assignments." Or the flip side of that, "He's not the best athlete on the field, but he's so much smarter than everyone else - he's the one that makes it all work, makes sure everyone's in the right spot, etc." Or, and I've actually heard this in the past about a guy who is having a FANTASTIC year this year, "Oh, yeah... he's REALLY good. But he freelances way too much and coach doesn't trust him. For every good play he makes, he exposes us twice as often because he's out of position and not playing the scheme the way it's designed." Let's have fun and debate and question coaches' decisions all day long, but let's not pretend that we see everything that they see or know what they know. Do they sometimes make decisions I wouldn't make - absolutely! Do I question play calls and think I could make better decisions than the OC or the DC every so often? You know I do. But I also know that those guys have PhD level knowledge of football and I'm struggling to get my GED. Doesn't make me always wrong or them always right, but you sure as hell don't want me setting the 2-deep or calling plays 65 times a game, I can tell you that.
  13. LkvlleUNDFan

    Weber State

    This is one of those games that makes me wish I was still playing. My body couldn't handle it, but my brain doesn't really understand that. I'll be in "game face" mode while driving up I-94 tomorrow morning...
  14. LkvlleUNDFan

    2018 stats

    Yeah, the stat I'd like to see is the average post-kickoff field position for our opponents.
  15. LkvlleUNDFan

    Weber State Look-alikes

    Funny... I had the exact same thought...