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  1. I got that app and my ticket info all loaded but ticket barcodes wouldn't show up. By Sunday this week 2 of my ticket barcodes loaded. On Tuesday the other 2 did. Strange
  2. how did we fall so far so fast?
  3. Tommy's been very solid so far this year.
  4. Don't smart off to the head referee. Hugh pipes on that guy
  5. Siouxperman8

    UND @ ISU

    Poor play call. Also called run on 3rd and 14 or something earlier. At least Weah got the ball that time.
  6. Siouxperman8

    UND @ ISU

    Ugh. Let’s go ESPN
  7. Thanks. I hadn't heard Leach wasn't coming back.. I'm surprised but not completely shocked.
  8. I didn't compare current roster to who finished the spring - any surprise subtractions that people noticed?
  9. Our tailgating renewal paperwork came in the mail today.
  10. I asked my wife a couple days ago if it was too early for me to send my annual email to UND asking - 'hey, when can we renew our tailgate spots?' She assured me that it is too early this year. I hope we hear something soon.
  11. Scheels didn't have any MVFC Champs gear as of Saturday.
  12. I haven't seen anything yet. Nothing at Scheels or the Bookstore today. Didn't get to Siouxshop
  13. I will be in GF tomorrow. Does anyone know if MVFC champs gear is for sale anywhere?
  14. Pretty excited about this spring season and what we accomplished. Sure we have things to improve on but I don't get the negativity by a few on here. Tommy wasn't perfect but he was pretty good playing as a RS freshman and will only get better with more experience. I'm sure those on here that played in college remember how fast the game was at first and how it slowed down for them as they got older.
  15. Kaupponen needs to tackle on last play and not just pop with shoulder. Guy bounced off and ran last 7 yards into end zone
  16. true. he tried to come in with side of shoulder
  17. No Ottis this half that I've noticed. Is he hurt or resting him?
  18. Shouldn't matter but - does the ball boy wearing a big orange X have to run under the goalposts just before the ball is snapped? Do we work to distract our own kicker?
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