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  1. There is much power in multitudinal prayers. God is good and will knit his spine back together just the way He created it.
  2. Thanks Ira but I am a Grandma. I know your profession so you can understand how his neck could have been broken. I shuddered but in thankfulness every time I watched it. He studied PreMed so carried a full load, and attaining Magna was pretty remarkable. I’m not proud or anything, just sayin.
  3. As many of you may remember I am Luke Fiedler’s Grandmama. My question is: in the latest Roster he is correctly listed as a Senior but his STATS are for 2017. Why? He played his last year but got a broken arm in the second to last game which BTW was because he was face masked on both sides. The refs never saw it but we are thankful to the Lord that his neck wasn’t broken. I have watched that play a dozen times. Wish I could see it in slo-mo. Remember how hard he was to stop? I sure miss watching him. Oh and BTW he graduated Magna.
  4. Yes, so true. Remember in 2016 there were 2 games when he was not brought down. He is so tall defenders really have to bring out the whole team to stop him. BTW he is a fraction of an inch under 6’6”. They dared not use that tho. Reading stats of NFL where they listed height almost down to 1/8 inch. This Is bad but it could have been much worse. The right hand comes in pretty handy most of the time. So many nice comments. He is a nice kid and liked by all. Did ya all know he had a Bar-B-Q at his house a few weeks ago with all the Tight Ends including the Newbies. They loved talking w/ an Upper Classman.
  5. Word is that Fiedler’s has a dislocated wrist.
  6. I got a hint that worked about Pluto from the other grandson. Go back to the Pluto game List on the Left and Click up 1 selection and then back to the correct one. It worked and have been able to watch the rest of the game.
  7. Pluto never starts on time. Always miss the coin toss and first play. Grrrrrrr
  8. Luke Fiedler, my Thor. Gonna miss you. Would have loved to re-see those plays where it took 7 defense to try and pull you down but they succeeded not. But the pancakes were awesome. Did you serve syrup to them on their back? Love ya kid. Grandma.
  9. The defense knows our play as well as he knows “Old McDonald had a Farm.”
  10. I watched part of the Panther/Buccaneer game and saw a pass to the Tight End on the 1st Down. That’s what a sneak play can do.
  11. Good Post . Idaho didn’t have any injuries. Perhaps the above explains why.
  12. Finn flick


    This is becoming more and more obvious to me a novice of football plays. Studs and Kett have gotten their marching orders from Coach. Do not variate. Otherwise how could the both of them play the same way? A good Qb is quick to scope the field and use his arm as it was intended. I have watched enough NFL to see how Tight Ends are utilized. Also Eastern colleges do the same. But here in the Mid West. Oh no, heaven forbid.
  13. Finn flick


    English please
  14. I didn’t see any sacs. I lost so many plays with Pluto constantly having to be rebooted. Could have, maybe someone else saw what I didn’t.
  15. You are so funny. Wish I could have met you personally when I was up there for that hideous Idaho St game.
  16. Every time Pluto quits it is when we are offense.
  17. Must have been the review. Glad it counted
  18. What the heck is this? Pluto showing replay of beginning on 4th qrt
  19. What do I know? Not much but their team is no better than ours. It’s the OC and the play book with too few surprises.
  20. Finn flick


    Hey it is on PLUTO
  21. Finn flick


    I tried to start a new Topic but it keeps bringing me back here. Anyway to get Midco for today’s Weber game looks like I have to buy or install pkg, no? Just want to watch this game. Any help out here? Thanks
  22. Finn flick


    April Schedule said Pluto. A poster here says Midco. Anybody know? I can find it if it’s Pluto but not so sure with Midco.
  23. Finn flick


    April Schedule said Pluto. A poster here says Midco. Anybody know? I can find it if it’s Pluto but not so sure with Midco.
  24. Is anyone else having a prob with Pluto? 3 little balls clicking each other over and over
  25. Whooee...Thanks Biz. Go Hawks. Keep our bleary eyes open for all those huge plays. No sleep for us. Just keep those TD’s coming with a few throws to the TE’s.
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