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  1. Finn flick

    2018 schedule

    Thank you so much. What an improvement. Because of the new AD?
  2. Finn flick

    2018 schedule

    I can’t seem to find the fall schedule. Do we play the Grizzlies this year?
  3. Finn flick

    2018 Season

    After all this time. Never thought this would happen. Wow what good news! Congratulations Team 2016.
  4. Finn flick

    2019 UND Recruiting

    You offer, you get, then use them.
  5. Finn flick

    Spring Ball 2018

    'What’s going on? If you go to the Site that has the Roster,Coaches, Stats etc the Schedule is there and all dates are correct on Sat except opening game on Thursday. I tried to Copy or get the Link but it didn’t work
  6. Finn flick

    Spring Ball 2018

    Those dates are all correct
  7. Finn flick

    Spring Ball 2018

    Thanks, forgot the Sched is on the tool bar of the Roster
  8. Finn flick

    Spring Ball 2018

    I found it. Aug 30. How come on a Thursday? Dang it. Can’t miss 2days of work. Shucks may not be able to come
  9. Finn flick

    Spring Ball 2018

    Off topic but I can’t find the schedule. What day in Aug is that first home game?
  10. Finn flick

    2018 attendance

    I’m planning on coming up for the 1st game in August. Want to see a game live and I don’t have a rabbit foot but still would like to see a win. Big or small a win is a win. Do hotel reservations have be made really early? Do all you regular bloggers sit together as it w/be nice to meet some of you face to face? Maybe you tailgate together, huh?
  11. Finn flick

    2018 schedule /team

    What is GOBC?
  12. Finn flick

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Also, I have watched games in the SEC and the NFL and TE’s are used often. A lot of talent going to waste.
  13. Finn flick


    Thanks Geaux
  14. Finn flick


    Hey, I lost the Fav places for the Roster. Anybody help? Seems if sometimes I breath on this IPad it deletes, changes pages etc.
  15. Finn flick

    Would You Rather

    Count me in. I’m starting to wonder where one went to grade school cuz teach never corrected bad spelling.