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  1. Hawkster

    SH Game Day

    I was wrong, I see Shuster is our man, at least for now. If God is a Hawks fan He won't let Tommy get hurt. That's my big fear, we seem to lose a QB a game now days. It was ugly but a win is win.
  2. Hawkster

    SH Game Day

    I'd have faith in Boltman
  3. Hawkster

    SH Game Day

    And now a dumb penalty
  4. Hawkster

    SH Game Day

    Hopefully Sammy can't keep it up.
  5. Good grief, I said it facetiously and everyone took it seriously. I made the comment in response to someone saying NDSU should be forced to move up. I doubt anyone is going to kick the mighty Bison out of the conference.
  6. Well maybe we could get the presidents of the Mo Valley schools to vote NDSU out of the conference like the D3 schools did to St. Thomas. Might be worth a try.
  7. I was stuck at a wedding yesterday so I just watched the game this morning and then gave up in frustration. As so many people have said for years, Bubba can't recruit and this shows. We played 3 QB's yesterday and all looked just OK, nothing outstanding, and 4th QB is out injured. Next week will a biggie, need to win and move forward or everything will just regress. If that happens Bubba's days should be numbered.
  8. Nailed it. I lost faith in Kett towards the end of last year.
  9. I agree unfortunately. We seemed to be off to a good start and then meh. I hope we come out strong second half. Drake can be domimated, they aren't that good.
  10. Just like most of us thought they were.
  11. 35-10 Us. I can't imagine not winning by at least 3 TD's.
  12. And they had Craig Bohl banging cheerleaders before he came to NDSU just for good measure. Probably banged a few in Fargo too.
  13. Hawkster

    2019 Season

    If Bubba should get fired after this year we need to bring in outside blood. Part of the problem has been always turning to people already associated with UND and that seems to be getting stale. Personally, I don't think this will be Bubba's last year though.
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