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  1. 87-3 Hawks. We should be able to score at will.
  2. Absolutely. I keep wondering why good team bothers to schedule teams like Drake or Valpo. It's going to be a boring game by the middle of the first quarter, but it will be a W.
  3. I'm going with 38-30 USU. Remember that a lot of FBS teams got upset last week and I'm sure the USU coach has reminded his team every day about this. We won't sneak up on them. I still expect a good game.
  4. I guess someone had a bad day. Maybe more than one person.
  5. Wentz out again, this time for covid protocol. Looks like Indy is already fed up with him. One sports writer for the Colts is saying he'll help Wentz pack if he wants to leave. Ouch. Looks like the Bison Bust isn't wanted anywhere anymore. https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/7174861-McFeely-blog-Wentz-getting-destroyed-in-Indy-after-he-goes-on-COVID-19-list.-He-deserves-it.
  6. I heard some school in ND ended it's football season. I don't know if it's from lack of bodies or the fact that an audit showed money missing.
  7. I must say I was quite impressed with the two Bison QB's tonight. Stick was pretty good the entire time he was out there and Lance finished strong. I'd love to see these two succeed in the NFL and I bet they will.
  8. OMG that sums up how ridiculous Bucky Badger is.
  9. At least Wisconsin is smart enough not to have a statue honoring this:
  10. I'd say Lance has a future in the NFL. I didn't see the game Saturday night but from what I've read on line it sounds like he did pretty good considering he was playing with second team. It appears for now the 40's won't let him use his greatest strength, which is his running ability.
  11. So you're saying gfhockey changed his mind and dropped a zero off?
  12. That would be a pretty good guess. I can't imagine any lawyer taking the case on a contingency. This case is going to drag on for years yet before (assuming the girls win) anyone sees a dollar.
  13. I'm not surprised that the lawsuit is back. Things like this have a habit of dragging out forever, even after you think it's over. I was against killing off the program at the time, but I see zero benefit of bringing it back now. The only people that will make money will be the lawyers.
  14. So where did Bubba grow up at? I know it was some German area in ND, but that's all. Was his mother still living at the old home place or had she moved into a retirement facility? Prayers for the Schweigert family.
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