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  1. Back in the day I knew a lot of guys that went to the womens basketball games. I don't think it was leadership that got them there, more like hormones. Still it's great to see fans show up.
  2. Is Entz the only Bison coach to get a bonus for winning a title or do the coordinators share in that? I remember hearing once that either Bohl or Kleiman got paid dearly for that last win.
  3. I agree!!! I know it's the off season so there's not much to discuss but the Bison fans can go crow about their success somewhere else.
  4. The point I was making was we need quality players. I hate NDSU as much as anyone but we are going to need top notch players. We certainly aren't going to out coach those guys. I'm sure anyone leaving NDSU with eligibility does so because they got passed on the dept chart. They certainly didn't leave because of the championship ring they got.
  5. Do you really want a team full of NDSU washouts? We need players that are better than ndsu.
  6. Hmmmm, Wentz played like usual yesterday it appears. I didn't see the game but saw the highlights or maybe lowlights. So Philly gets that #1 pick and they still make the playoffs. Indy loses to the worst team in the league and no playoff. There is no question that it was the Bison that made Wentz look good and not the other way around. To paraphrase what the Bison say "Once a bust always a bust".
  7. Most colleges have a policy of not taking players back once they enter the TP and that's the right call. I certainly hope UND doesn't allow him back. The idea of letting players test the waters and coming running back is not a good idea. And I sure wouldn't want a situation like Bubba had with Grady, always trying to get him back.
  8. I'm not the best hockey mind, by far, but I sure miss the old days when we got BETTER after Christmas.
  9. This is an Ivy team for God's sake
  10. I'm fashion conscious tonight. What are they wearing? Really, I just want decent play.
  11. OK, so what do you propose UND do? We aren't moving up to the SEC or even any FBS conference, so there goes a bowl game. And I'm not sure the minor bowl games play on a better surface. But OK, you've done some jawing, or maybe I should say trolling, let's hear your better proposal.
  12. Posts like this are actually embarrassing. You're making fun of the very game everyone here would love to play in. Yes, we'd all love to find something of the Bison to make fun of, but this isn't it. I'd give my eye teeth to make it to Frisco. Seriously, your post reminds me of Kupchella and a few other UND people who made fun of NDSU back when they moved up to D1-AA and kept saying UND hockey was the only real D1 sport being played around here. We aren't going to be playing in an FBS championship EVER. Let's try and embrace what we have and strive to get there, even it it is a soccer stadium. Making fun of the stadium or ESPN2 does nothing to get to that venue next year. I hope you get my drift.
  13. Well according to some one here we were just one bad Bubba play call away from beating the Bison and then moving on to be the next FCS champs.
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