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  1. I always had the feeling Wentz WAS the third string quarterback.
  2. Well I see Hurts managed to do what Wentz apparently can't do, and that's get the Eagles to victory and with zero sacs. It's not the Eagles that were bad, it's Wentz, and I wonder how they overcome this mistake? No one wants his high salary but at least he's been exposed for he really is.
  3. I'm late to the party. Who scored our goal?
  4. It sure looks like Hurts is the man for now.
  5. We always play like crap before Christmas, so no reason to worry. This year we happen to be winning while playing like crap. All kidding aside they'll have rust worked out soon enough.
  6. Hawkster


    Leper to prostitute: Keep the tip.
  7. Back to the matter at hand. I missed the game due to other commitments but it seems, from what I've read we've got a real gem in Gaber. God I love it when a new player comes out smoking on the first game. Things might be different now days but it's still Fighting Hawks hockey.
  8. I probably should have said I'd rather they didn't kneel but they have that right. My guess is it gets ignored and life goes on.
  9. If players aren't free to kneel during the anthem, then we have no freedom in this country.
  10. Anyone who thinks Wentz still deserves to be in the NFL is crazy. His throwing form is terrible and it's either an INT with him or a sack. Bring on Hurts.
  11. If that isn't proof that Hurts is better than Wentz I don't know what is. Hurts is 1 for 1 passing in one play, Wentz comes back and he's on the ground right away. Time to pack it in Wentz, it's over. And no I don't dislike the guy because he's a Bison, Wentz just doesn't have it.
  12. From the link below: Wentz is in the midst of his worst season as a pro. He is first among all players in interceptions (14), fumbles (10) and sacks (40), ranks 32nd in completion percentage (58.4), 31st in yards per attempt (6.2) and has the worst off-target percentage (23%) among all qualifiers, according to ESPN Stats & Information. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30412550/sources-philadelphia-eagles-rookie-jalen-hurts-getting-first-team-reps-qb
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