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  1. I have always heard they wanted him badly before he went to the Gophs but told him that ship sailed when he was looking to transfer. I'm not saying there isn't an NDSU spin on this, but given the large number of RB's they had plus their dislike for transfers, I'm inclined to think they weren't too interested. Maybe someone from the Bison camp will weigh in on this.
  2. And Grady was a bust really. Good player but still never worked out and really wasn't worth the trouble. Johannesson also is good but not quite I had hoped for either, but it could be the way he was used, and I don't think NDSU wanted him after he went to Gophers so not really someone we stole from the Bison unfortunately. I don't have the answer to what it takes for good recruiting, but Bubba needs to keep trying other things. He doesn't seem to have a lot success he can hang is hat on.
  3. Last year we had a bunch commit the last half of July. We can probably expect a couple sooner, or at least I sure hope so.
  4. I would support HH to run UND. She's proven she can be diplomatic about things, she's a Democrat who has had a fair amount of success in a Republican state so you know she can at least build support where it's needed.
  5. I was glad when Kuppy left and I'm glad now. Main objective going forward is going to be that we don't pull a CU and turn our hiring process into a Gong Show event. Don't assume that someone can't find a way to totally screw up who we get.
  6. The problem with Schafer, assuming Kennedy actually leaves, is he's just another politician. We need someone who is more academic then political.
  7. Yepper. Final numbers posted. I too appreciate the work that Jim and others do on this. Thanks a bunch guys.
  8. Duluth just seemed to get stronger at the end.
  9. Deepest condolences to the family. I never met the man but certainly enjoyed his posts here.
  10. My gut feeling is Duluth over Denver for the title.
  11. I can already hear the brackets busting.
  12. Hawkster

    Spring Ball

    I agree completely on recruiting being a train wreck, but I put some of the blame a little higher up the food chain than Rudy.
  13. So we should be pacified to never win anything again until the rest of college hockey catches up and wins one? OKAAAY.
  14. I know, I've wondered the same thing. We heard it last couple years, let's see some results for a change. Talk is cheap.
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