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  1. I never said I thought the kid was mad. It just seems different the way it was being described.
  2. That's what it sounds like, and now I'm more confused than ever. Hopefully we get a clarification, something doesn't make sense.
  3. OK, so if understand things, Cam has to sit a year unless he goes d D2? He hasn't graduated yet, so that rules out that option. I get that he wants more playing time and probably wasn't happy with how he was used here, but how does he gain anything by leaving?
  4. So he only had 2 offers, us and the Bison?
  5. I've lost faith in Wentz completely. I really think he was good with the Bison only because he was on a great team. Anyone can be good when you have the best players surrounding you. Now that he's in Philly it's not that easy, they don't have the quality Wentz needs to survive. He's just hurt so much too that I doubt he's in the league much longer IMO.
  6. Ayr Rifles. It's always been my favorite.
  7. Hawkster

    The Herald

    But how many "clicks" are they going to get with that idiotic paywall? Sure aren't getting anything from me.
  8. No difference between any of those three, not impressive teams though.
  9. Thanks for saying it so I don't have to. And we have no business scheduling crap teams like Valpo. We deserve someone better than that.
  10. Hawkster

    Bubba extension

    Bubba has looked awfully old for a long time. I don't know about the cane now but he had some procedure done last year too IIRC. The thing about Bubba, he looks like he's 70, he walks like he's 80, he coaches like he's 90. The problem is, he isn't even 60 yet.
  11. Hawkster

    Bubba extension

    The thing is, if we have to buy a home game in order to win we aren't going far in the playoffs no matter what. Good teams find a way to win no matter where they are. The main advantage to a home game is it engages the fans and keeps them coming. I know, someone will pop up say the Bison win because they stay home for the playoffs, but they seem pretty perfect on the road too, so there.
  12. Hawkster

    Bubba extension

    ^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^ The problem is the horse is out of the barn with Bubba already getting the extension. I wonder if the GOBC can negotiate a $20 buyout. And Chaves should have understood our expectations long before now
  13. Hawkster

    Bubba extension

    WOW. I was wondering how we'd afford Bubba's buyout after this year and now Chaves does this. There was no reason for this, it's not like Bubba was going to go anywhere. And the fact that he won't ever go anywhere might have been proof that he was UND caliber coaching material either. Get ready for 4 more years of piss poor football. Sorry, but that's what it is.
  14. Hopefully you just jinxed the guy
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