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  1. I would think Lance will be a better success story than Wentz in the NFL. Even though Lance was a Bison I'm still cheering for the guy and wishing him the best of luck. Wentz though has never impressed me
  2. At one time I would have said no, but the WAY things have been going I sure wouldn't bet against it. The whole thing sucks, teams need to man up and play.
  3. There is some speculation that they traded up to take Lance from NDSU too. Time will tell
  4. That's quite a price to pay for an error in judgment. Wentz will cost Philly dearly for a while.
  5. I predict an ugly sloppy game, on both sides. No one has played in ages, so we have lots and lots of rust to work out. I also know we have a habit of taking advantage of the oppositions mistakes, so Hawks win 31-30
  6. Not a good look all the way around, unfortunately. We need to catch break somewhere you'd think
  7. I see the Eagles are still trying to trade Wentz and not having much luck.
  8. I always had the feeling Wentz WAS the third string quarterback.
  9. Well I see Hurts managed to do what Wentz apparently can't do, and that's get the Eagles to victory and with zero sacs. It's not the Eagles that were bad, it's Wentz, and I wonder how they overcome this mistake? No one wants his high salary but at least he's been exposed for he really is.
  10. I'm late to the party. Who scored our goal?
  11. It sure looks like Hurts is the man for now.
  12. We always play like crap before Christmas, so no reason to worry. This year we happen to be winning while playing like crap. All kidding aside they'll have rust worked out soon enough.
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