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Kinda surprised Santiago had to share the freshie award.  I would've thought he'd have that one out-right!

Cookus for NAU had a phenomenal year as well.  Not that surprised. Hell, the two might even share national freshmen of the year honors. They're that good!

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Santiago is just fine where he is at, many running backs more deserving of first and second team, ratelle and deluca are the ones snubbed in this stats class!

Santiago could have been 2nd team RB. But there are not 12 better LB's in the FCS than DeLuca. For him not to be on any of the top 3 teams is a joke and makes you wonder about this list.


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1 hour ago, Nodak78 said:

That is great.  He opened some big holes for Santiago.  Really glad he received recognition.  Coach Knauf is doing a nice job with the lineman.  This bodes well for the future.


Oh by the way no NDSU players recognized.  wow

I'm shocked Haeg isn't on there. That's a glaring omission IMO.

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