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  1. Aww shucks, I don’t think Gilligan would approve of these personal attacks……
  2. And people think it is delusional that NDSU plays in the opponents Super Bowl every week…
  3. If you want a scrambling QB I don’t think Feeney is much of a scrambler. He is a good QB, but running is not his game.
  4. That loss was not on Otis. He was the reason UND should have won that game. Fumbles can happen to anyone. That loss was on the coaching staff. Trick plays are great gadget plays to run once or twice a game. They shouldn’t be run on 4th down when you have been getting 3 or 4 yards every carry. It is almost like Freund doesn’t think they can just line up and beat you. He thinks he has to trick you. I get a kick out of it every time Jack Michaels says UND’s coaching staff is the best in the country.
  5. There were reasons Otis had very limited college options, and talent wasn’t one of them.
  6. Because why would you want to live in Virginia or a suburb of Cincinnati when you could live in Grand Forks? Yeah, those kids are idiots.
  7. Didn’t think there was such a thing as a good loss.
  8. You might want to check on that. If they were seniors in the Spring and came back for the Fall this is their final year. If they were Juniors in the Fall and came back, they may be listed as Seniirs this year with another year possible. NDSU lists both Christian Watson and Cordell Volson as seniors. Watson was a Junior in the Spring and could come back next year even though he has already said he is going to the NFL next year, but Volson was a Senior in the Spring and decided to come back. He can not come back next year.
  9. You will have another sellout in 2 years. Not before that though. That is assuming both are still in the same conference.
  10. Well, Otis’s chances of playing this week got a lot better with the Smith injury. If Smith plays, Bubba probably sits Otis again.
  11. Didn’t say he wasn’t a good get. Just pointed out that if Bubba or Entz thought he was had a really good chance to be a difference maker they would have offered a scholarship. Not saying he won’t start for 4 years, he might, but they both obviously think other kids are more worthy of a scholarship.
  12. Not sure you need to get that excited about this commitment. Not saying NDSU didn’t want him, but neither school wanted him enough to offer any money.
  13. One of the top recruits in ND.
  14. So if SDSU should stomp NDSU, this must be a must win for UND this weekend at SIU. If the Jacks should stomp the Bison then they should stomp UND too I would assume. Can’t go 6-5 and expect a playoff bid.
  15. Said the fan of a team that plays in a 12,000 seat Quonset.
  16. If I remember right he went through the middle of the line and broke a couple of tackles.
  17. That was actually the opposite of gonadal fortitude. Sitting him in a game that was a guaranteed 40 point win didn’t show anything. Sitting him in a MVFC game or an FBS game would have. Sitting him against Drake didn’t teach Otis anything.
  18. This. UND doesn’t have people that when they get out in the open at the 30 they are gone. Even your speed back in Skokna would get run down by NDSU LB’s Cox and Kazor. That goes for the WR’s too, at least the ones that see the field.
  19. The Spring season got people’s hopes up for the first season in the MVFC. It was a “different” season. Schools were hit by massive opt outs in key positions that are tough to replace. SHSU will not win another championship this year. Last year was unique. I think .500 is probably what you are going to get from Bubba in the MVFC. Just an opinion.
  20. I think SIU is in the drivers seat. They don’t play NDSU this year and will be favored by double digits in every game left on the schedule.
  21. I hear they say if they are looking for success on the field they point to NDSU. They asked Larsen about the MWC and he said no comment. In the past he has flat out said he has not been contacted. They may be some truth to their interest in NDSU.
  22. That is not what people on this board were saying that supposedly were in the know. They were saying UND had a much better shot at Hegerle than most thought. Maybe even an inside track. While I don't think Entz is a great recruiter, thankfully some assistants are and the program kind of recruits itself.
  23. And a different team would be best for him if he wants to play. But a lifetime back up QB in the NFL is a good gig. Chase Daniel has made about $50 million and has started 6 NFL games.
  24. Except that Chase Daniel and the new coaching staff have a long history together. It will be extremely hard for this coaching staff to cut Daniel from what I have heard from Charger beat writers.
  25. So if Lance was a UND player you would have said the same thing about Lance. That is complete BS. I think there may be a bit of envy that NDSU was mentioned multiple times on the NFL network tonight. Nobody has said he has been perfect, but lost is not remotely accurate.
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