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  1. Appreciate all the work you put into it, UND Fan. It’s a great resource for us to have on here.
  2. This isn’t about a typical transfer... we’ve taken plenty of transfers over the last 6 years (JJ, Kett, Zimmerman & many others). This particular scenario is a kid that decommitted from UND three days before signing day.... Totally different situations. Mayfield, Murray, Fields & Burrows never backed out of commitments to the teams they ended up transferring to. All hypothetical at this point anyways...
  3. Exactly... “Second Chance U”??? No thanks.
  4. Geaux_sioux’s list is spot on. Unfortunately, the same glaring issues have existed after every year for the past 6 years. Just keep recycling this list. I’d add lack of talent, depth & recruiting of the QB position to that list as well. Studsrud was a great young man, good leader & cerebral “game manager” type but he didn’t wow anyone with his athleticism or arm. Sure would be nice to have a game changer at QB. New season = same problems
  5. Sorry I was incorrect. Being on the bottom line, I thought UND was at home
  6. Westside

    2019 Season

    Listened to the postgame show on the way home from game. They interviewed Evan Holm. He talked about “playing for the seniors” & “playing for them” yesterday. They didn’t ask him directly about his plans, but the way he spoke makes me think he is planning on coming back next year & finished for this year.
  7. Having guys with UND/local/regional ties is great, but with Chaves background from the East Coast, stops at N Colorado & Baylor and his EWU time, there could very likely be some coaches on Chaves’ short list without any UND or Midwest ties.
  8. https://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/football/lincoln-high-quarterback-cedric-case-chooses-texas-state-after-decommitting/article_d01220d4-d174-52ac-bc5b-02a4feb09644.html There was no indication that Case was looking elsewhere... The new staff & OC at Texas State came in on him very late. He de-committed from UND three days before signing day.
  9. WR & OL positions were posted today https://www1.und.edu/finance-operations/human-resources-payroll/careers/secure/job-openings-external.cfm?category=2150+Athletics|Coaches
  10. In Fargo, blacked out on espn app & I don't get wday xtra on directv. What a joke.
  11. Can we just play Cal Poly each week? #EradicatingTheVeer
  12. Westside

    2017 Season

    Bumping this post from Dec '16. It did change in 2017..... He had 10
  13. I have a perfect candidate for UMary... loads of DII & NSIC experience. Added bonus: permanently resides a mere 115 miles away in Minot ND.
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