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  1. Staying with my pick going into the weekend = the Captain
  2. Addressing McMahan only, as he played for the Fargo Force before Mankato and I knew someone close to him. Shane moved to Mankato the summer after juniors, but did not suit up at least the first season. He did not play elsewhere. Reasoning would be speculation on my part, so I won't do it. A similar thing happened with Colton St. Clair with our team. Got to school, only to find out the NCAA had disallowed one of his on-line classes for credit and he ended up practicing/working out a whole additional year before playing with the team.
  3. Finding a plane on Thanksgiving weekend isn't rocket science, but it may be harder than getting to space...
  4. Crazy - I thought he was going to be our deep threat when he first got on the field.
  5. This is the truth. See, I'd take them for a season vs. Duluth's guys for 2 series. Just don't push my buttons the same way I guess. Probably because Bucci has always been a good guy during my interactions with him, so I just give him a little more leniency.
  6. Holy schnikes - that is 30 years ago... Yeah, feels more like 15... I'm apparently now old and should start cane shopping soon.
  7. and where Arnold and Sinbad fought in Jingle All the Way, and many others. Mickey's is not the copycat here, but more of a landmark (of sorts). Places in Fargo-Moorhead that haven't changed would be tough as Fargo turns over so much that even places like Duffy's Tavern (opened in the late 1960's) probably look a little different. Though not open as long, Vic's in Moorhead hasn't changed much to my memory. Honorable mention to Mick's Office, though I believe it moved in the last 30 years. Dilworth still has the real Hi-Ho.
  8. I will not defend not scoring on the 5, but I won't complain about much else. Sweep tomorrow.
  9. When the puck is in the cornerner and I say to my wife, "here's another one's and I'm actually right!!??!! Great night!
  10. That's a good clip. Or you walk really slowly...
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