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  1. With the new CCHA, I'm really curious what will happen to the two Alaska schools and UAH. All 3 are outliers for travel and now without a conference. Also, with lack of competitiveness/money/attendance in recent history, they're not going to have conferences banging on their doors with invites to join. Drop to DIII? Drop the program all together? If there's been news on this, I've missed it...
  2. *checks calendar* Hmmm, Feb 14, 2020, home vs. Denver. Denver, I hate Denver the most.
  3. Gonna be onehelluva weekend! Take care of business in our home barn. 4-3 OT and 3-1, with a TCoS on Saturday night!
  4. I just read this article on Saturday afternoon. Wife and I were at Judy's prior to Saturday's game and there was a customer wearing an old Frenchy's jacket, looked to be from the 1980's. Prompted us to look up what happened to that place and the mugs. Seeing it brought up again today is quite the coincidence!
  5. Anyone figured out which CBS app to stream Friday on? Some say they're not compatible with my devices and others don't appear they'll have the game. I'd appreciate the help
  6. Good to see our team has arrived at the arena. Too bad it wasn't until 10-12 minutes into the game
  7. So far we look slow and flat. PP to change the tides... Horrible start.
  8. Please don't give up the early goal this game! Get out front and let the 3rd line grind. 3-2 UND, Smith, Senden, and Adams.
  9. I'd likely go. Had an absolute blast at the Wild outdoor game in the football stadium a couple years ago, and would want to support my team in Msp. I still don't get putting so many of these in baseball stadiums where the shape doesn't lend itself to sight lines, but the NHL does it often.
  10. I agree. Maybe make him the extra skater on Saturday so he can get some minutes back with the boys, but not play top 6 minutes? Key to Friday is just to jump on UAH early - they'll have some wonder-struck players coming into a rink the size of the Ralph with all the people (hopefully) in attendance. Grab a quick goal or three, and just put them away.
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