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  1. siouxforcefans

    2018-2019 NHL Season

    No mention yet of Schmaltz getting traded to AZ? Chicago is in a world of hurt with all those big contracts from a couple years ago. Since I've always hated Chicago (even if I liked a few players), I'm liking that this situation can continue for a few more years
  2. siouxforcefans

    Sioux Survivor 2018-2019 Game #4

    Friday: Mismash Saturday: Poolman
  3. siouxforcefans

    Filling the Ralph

    They tried one last night - used the score board and a drummer to try to start a "Go Hawks Go" chant. It didn't work very well. The drummer even seemed a little confused if he was supposed to keep doing it, since almost no one participated.
  4. siouxforcefans

    Filling the Ralph

    I have to say, the period break activities are boring as heck. Nothing goes on during timeouts (TV or called) either, and I think the students need to be allowed to be students = stand, sing, yell, etc. There are arenas for any college sport where the student sections have nick-names, because they are so loud and rowdy. If you want a great atmosphere, it starts with the students. You can keep people engaged, or let them slip away. Right now, the Ralph is content to run ads and let the people slip. Cost is another issue. Single game ticket prices have gotten silly. $49 for Western Michigan? I know it's conference, but wow. I bought a couple additional tickets for my daughter and a friend of hers a couple weeks ago, and if I hadn't connected with another season ticket holder who wasn't looking to gouge people, it just wouldn't have happened. Mind you, I'll almost never miss a game (even though we drive back and forth from Fargo every night), but I can definitely see why people complain about cost.
  5. siouxforcefans


    Miami taunting us by playing In the Air during a stoppage? They forgot they lost last night?
  6. siouxforcefans

    Senior appreciation

    After a couple of wins during that conference title season, Tank did a cartwheel on the field. I can't tell you how much I'd love to see one more cartwheel this Saturday!
  7. siouxforcefans

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

  8. siouxforcefans

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

    I'd like to see the destinations kept warm, with as few repeats as possible. Las Vegas was fun, but I don't care if I ever go back to Vegas. Seattle was gross last time I was there - and that was in June. Maybe the rain in the winter would at least keep the pot smoke down? Really looking forward to Nashville. I like the idea of AZ. Dallas would even appeal more to me than a cold weather destination, tbh.
  9. siouxforcefans

    Sioux Survivor 2018-2019 Game #3

    Friday Smith Saturday Jones
  10. siouxforcefans

    UND-Idaho Predictions

    time to go back to dominating the teams they should. UND 41, Idaho 17.
  11. siouxforcefans

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

    I had a great time in Vegas, but am definitely more excited about Nashville. I have to agree with people above - that these games are going to sell well, wherever. Look at MSG, with the exorbitant costs associated with NYC, and it was a pretty darn good crowd. Nashville will be cheaper in pretty much every way, and with the growing reputation of these "once every couple years" games, the crowds will come. A quick check says you can fly out of Fargo with only 1 layover (MSP, Chicago, or Dallas), so I don't think it's prohibitive to get there.
  12. siouxforcefans

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    I was just thinking something similar, as I was wondering if the rodents are any good. They have a ton of talent, as always, but that hasn't consistently translated into success for them. What's this year look like? Has Mots started to get them to care about playing as a team?
  13. siouxforcefans

    What to do in Vegas!

    FYP. In-n-Out has the worst fries ever. Seriously, might-as-well-eat-the-cardboard, bad.
  14. siouxforcefans


    It was this. Exactly.
  15. siouxforcefans


    Time to play a full game - both offensively and defensively. Get off the snide 5-3 with an ENG to put it away.