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  1. Remember that time ndsu beat number five seed Oklahoma Darryls?
  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Pickens makes plenty of decisions down there, but they are viewed as positive decisions helping the university! Not the same perception the Engelstad family shadow falls on und! One only needs to look at this message board to see that.
  3. Link where his daughter has gotten into a pissing match with the president playing out in the media, I’ll wait.
  4. So once again hockey and the Engelstad family were the bus drivers on a pretty major decision at a public university regarding other sports? That gift has to be one of the most controversial gifts in the history of college gifts! You never hear of crap like this from schools like Oklahoma state with t Boone Pickens donation to name one example.
  5. Ndsu is lucky that your program can’t hold on to players? I guess that’s one way to spin it and make yourself feel better!
  6. Someone has been hitting the eggnog a little to hard this holiday season!
  7. So my question is, do you guys really want qb rejects, or develop your own talent?
  8. I love when the turkeys pile up on top of each other in the rain!
  9. I would think k states buyout money should be enough to cover Kleimans salary for one or two more games.
  10. At least he is actually still working, unlike the other university football coach.
  11. Wrong, head coaches pick their own coordinators, name one time that the ad picked the coordinators on a new coach’s staff. The nonsense you try to spin on here has its limits. This is just a stupid rant on your part.
  12. Gene Taylor doesn’t hire coordinators, the coach he hires brings in his own guys he wants. Be a great way to undermine your new coach on day one!
  13. I’m pretty sure Montana state demoted their offensive coordinator earlier this year and replaced him with someone on staff during the season. Seemed to work out pretty well for them. Bubba has no balls, and you need to have balls to be a head coach. Super nice guy, not a head coach however. Bubba would be a great pat simmers type guy for und.
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