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  1. Gunnerson looks like a very good pick up as a PWO. Athletic and a good frame for a TE or DE.
  2. There is exactly one fan base, and a very small percentage of that base, that is talking a one suspended player in 10 years at NDSU.
  3. And the sooner people get their heads out of their a@@ and realize that a UND degree is not some kind of golden ticket to whatever job they want the better. Every year at recruiting time, we hear how UND is “The Flagship” school and recruits should realize how much more prestigious an UND education is over NDSU. i work for a multi-billion dollar corporation headquartered in the Upper Midwest. I know the people that do the hiring. We have Engineers, business and finance graduates, management trainee grads, era. It makes zero difference if your degree is from UND, NDSU, MSUM, Concordia, UofMary, Minot State or U of Minn. Everybody has an equal chance at getting an interview and eventually being hired. While you may be believe this, there are future doctors and lawyers enrolled at NDSU right now. Do you think when a student applies to Med School, a student with a 507 MCAT score from UND would get in over a student from NDSU with a 508 score because his undergrad degree is from UND.
  4. And the truth is, unless you want to go into the aviation field, you can go to any other D1 stste school in the Dakota’s and get the same education and go onto being a CEO, doctor, lawyer or whatever you want to be also. Plus. That can say if you want to play beyond college NDSU gives you your best chance. Yes, UND and NDSU both screeed up when they stayed D2 when the Montana schools and UNI went D1AA. NDSU corrected that mistake sooner than UND. Now the gap between the top and everyone else is massive. i wonder how recruits respond to “did you see Kenny Golloday Sunday? He started here before he transferred. Did you see Joe Schobert Sunday? He almost came here.” The sooner Chave’s realizes Bubba ain’t the answer the better for your program and your fans.
  5. I don't know if that is the answer. I don't think NDSU has had a 300 lb DL in any of their championship years and have played against plenty of teams that have had 300 lb DL. You need 275 to 285 lb DT's and 250 LB DE'S that are athletic, strong, and can move.
  6. And when Missouri offered Radunz and Boise State (I know they are not technically P5), offered Lance, both a week or less before signing day, those schools offered but said we don’t actually want you?
  7. Then maybe Baukol needs to grow a pair and tell the coaches a featured tailback is going to lose speed and quickness if he adds 25 pounds when he is already 225. I can see s 175 lb TB needing to add some weight, but if you have a 225 pounder, maybe you drop 5 lbs to try to add a little speed and quickness. Maybe that is on the coaches.
  8. So are you saying Bubba is getting the same kind of FB player and athlete as NDSU and other top FCS schools and the S&C program just isn’t doing their job?
  9. Some FCS schools get kids that have several FBS offers, but no, they aren’t getting any 4or 5 star kids with Bama or Clemson offers. Not what you are calling “highly recruited” kids. I would call a kid with say 10 D1 offers highly recruited vs a kid with just 1 D1 offer.
  10. How about the whole OL this year. And a player that came in at an ideal weight, Johnannesson, about 225 or 230, they inexplicably ran up to 250 pounds. JJ lost a step in speed and some quickness at 250 lbs. He was plenty powerful at 225 or 230 and had more speed and was much more effective than this he was this year. .
  11. While yes you are correct that NDSU doesn't get many "highly recruited" athletes, if you mean P5 kids, they do get a few kids every year that have G5 FBS offers with the occasional 1 or 2 P5 offers every year. If you would add up the FBS offers that NDSU recruits sign every year and the other FCS offers that UND signs every year, my guess is the FBS offers to NDSU kids outnumbers the other FCS offers for UND signees. How many of the 20 or so commits UND has so far this year have other D1 offers? 4? While I agree the S&C coaching has a large impact on the program, the 2 schools are starting off with a different level of athlete. It still amazes me that Bubba and his staff didn't offer Lance coming out of high school. That would concern me about Bubba and his staffs eye for talent.
  12. I assume there is a dietician on staff to educate and monitor what the players are eating.
  13. As someone who is on the outside looking in, one thing UND lacks is athleticism and SPEED. I think it was obvious that UND was outmatched in the speed department today vs Nicholls. UND didn't have any skill position players that could separate from Nicholl's players. It appears that the WR commits this year don't address the fact that you don't have anybody that can stretch the field and at least pet a little fear of a deep pass in an opponent. The OL and DL do also need to get bigger and more physical also. I think you will see next week when Nicholls comes to Fargo that NDSU will not have a speed disadvantage. NDSU recruits the South(Florida and Georgia specifically) for Skill positions (RB's, WR's and DB's). Maybe Bubba's staff needs to look at that. After seeing Chave's tweet tonight, it looks like there is a better chance of an Bubba extension than a Bubba firing.
  14. You have heard Nicholls has staff eavesdropping on the opposition outside the tent before games and at halftime? Dokay...
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