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  1. I see Hunter came home to North Dakota today. All the best for him. Really good kid. Puts sports in perspective. Would trade all wins/ championships for him to have his mobility back. But I know he will thrive with the hand that was dealt him. The wirkd would be a better place with more Hunter Pinkes in it.
  2. Agree with this. Nelson has gotten the better local athletes over NDSU recently, at least before Collins arrived. Not sure if that will continue but she seems to be able to recognize and develop talent.
  3. High major transfers have to sit a year. Won't help next year.
  4. You are comparing kids that miss out on the NIT or CBI to kids missing out on the Big Dance? I am not saying it is the best plan, but there is NO reason a player that completed their season should get another year. It really sucks for the kids, and seniors in particular, that missed out on the tournament. There probably isn't a good solution and my guess is there will be no relief for Winter season kids, but there should be. And for the conferences that didn't complete their tournaments, the highest remaining seed gets the benefit of the extra year. The regular season does matter.
  5. Not saying it is the best decision, just something that was mentioned.
  6. Marlon’s career ended Tuesday night. They are talking about another year for those seniors that were still playing or had already qualified for the Big Dance. Ward and Vinnie would be invluded, although I really doubt Ward would come back.
  7. I think comparing DAE to Hooker is a stretch. Hooker was a really good to great player in a mid-major conference that could single handily lead a team to a championship. DAE has a loooonnngggg way to go to reach that level. You need to build around Rebraca the next 2 years. I was kind of wishing NDSU had gotten DAE before the season started. I think I would take Eady and Griesel over him.
  8. Rewarding teams that do well in the regular season is a good thing. The 1 and 2 seeds should get that advantage. It is the 3,4,5 and 6 seeds that would have to play 3 days in a row.
  9. I didn’t say he didn’t play the best that night during that game, I said he wasn’t the best BB player overall on the floor that night. And I was right.
  10. It does, but I get UND fans perspective. It may have been better financially for the conference if UND had won. They almost certainly would have been in a play-in game and would have had a much better chance of winning that game than NDSU will have as a 15 seed playing a 2. I think I heard the play-in game gets a payment for the conference.
  11. Brew explained all of the problems after the game. They are just too young. That is all. He is hoping that if he keeps saying how young they are and how much talent those freshmen have, he can buy himself an extension. Jack Michaels said out of 340 some D1 teams, UND is number 1 in total fouls committed. They have to be close to the top in turnovers. And there you have Brew's coaching philosophy. He prefers no possession, offense or defense, is longer than 10 seconds.
  12. I am not sure playing PFW is any better than playing SDSU without Wilson. The whole mens SLT is wide open. Nobody should be more than a 5 point favorite. Very balanced 1-8.
  13. nd1sufan

    Bubba extension

    UND might get close to covering that line if the committee takes 5 MVFC teams like they probably should. If they only take 2 like most UND fans think the MVFC deserve, the over/under may be 10 years.
  14. I agree. I wish him the best. But is is a good reason if the kid is at all good enough to contribute right away as a true freshman, play him.
  15. nd1sufan

    Bubba extension

    Usually you give extensions to coaches that have been performing well and you want to make it harder for them to leave with a large buyout for leaving before the end of the contract. At this stage in Bubba's career, I don't think any AD will be knocking on Chaves door to talk to Bubba about a job anytime soon. And I really don't think people are going into recruits homes telling kids Bubba won't be around in a year or two.
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