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  1. Depends on what you mean by fully funded. NDSU’s football budget is much higher than UND’s. NDSU’s football budget is closer to a G5 budget than UND’s. Plus the extra media revenue from even the bottom of FBS would make up the difference.
  2. Commenting that Entz’s recruits are turrible, as Chuck would say.
  3. Compare offers from commits to both schools.
  4. Nobody said they did. When the kid tweeted his offers he said he received his first D1 offer from UND. When he tweeted his NDSU offer he tweeted he received a PWO offer from NDSU. Nobody said what UND’s offer was.
  5. NDSU to the Mountain West when the Big 12 takes Boise State.
  6. Noriega committed to a PWO to NDSU tonight.
  7. If Feeney is 6’3 the Omaha kid is 6’5
  8. It is too early to tell but no I am not really nervous. The only kid he has lost other than Dixon, who was a unique situation, so far is Teiken. I think the we will know more in a month. I think he had a good class last year but we won’t know for another year or two. I think they missed on not offering Belquist but I don’t fault them for taking the Omaha QB over Feeney. Looking at them both and their physical abilities and athleticism, the Omaha kid is a much better athlete with a much stronger arm, along with being a couple inches bigger and 25 lbs heavier, not saying which of the 2 has the “it” factor. It may turn out to be a bad decision.
  9. I don’t think either kid had an option other than UND. Not saying that was the right decision by the NDSU staff, but I don’t think either kid had an NDSU offer.
  10. Not sure comparing twins that have not stepped in campus yet with a kid whose brother has been on campus for 3 years is the same. Jamal has been around the players and coaches at UND for 3 years. If you can’t build a relationship in that time you are doing something wrong. Just like it would have been a bad look if Bryce Lance has chosen SDSU or another MVFC school over NDSU.
  11. Didn’t say they didn’t want him. They did, but never really had a chance. The worm has turned in one recruit so far this year, Teiken. It is about one a year on average. That is one slow turning worm.
  12. Pretty good thanks for asking.
  13. The family was upset that the NDSU staff didn’t offer Otis. I don’t think there was ever a chance Jamal was going to NDSU.
  14. The kids brother is on the roster. It would have been a really bad look if they had not gotten him.
  15. I think that while UNI was short handed on the D-Line, the were not undersized.
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