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  1. nd1sufan

    2019 Season

    Lance learned from Stick and Hedberg and goes up against a much better defense that UND can throw at him everyday in practice that will give him every look you can imagine with better athletes. I don't think the almighty DC Schmidt that couldn't stop a backup QB at UNA last year in the biggest game of the season will fluster Lance into the fetal position like you are suggesting.
  2. nd1sufan

    2019 Season

    Well, the game against NDSU is everybody's Super Bowl...
  3. Thank you. You never know as a corner if a tackle is a good thing or not.
  4. I didn't see the Redskins game last night and was thinking I would see an update on Harris on this site. Did anyone see the game? Did Harris play? If he did how did he do? Just wondering. He is a "local" kid from NW Minn. Would like to see him make succeed.
  5. UND has an advantage onkKids that want to go into aviation, which is not terribly common. Kids that want to be doctors or lawyers can go to NDSU just as well as UND. I have two cousins, one a lawyer and one a doctor, that received their undergrad degrees from NDSU in the last 10 years and were accepted into every Med School and Law School they applied to. They graduated from Law and Med school just as fast as kids in their class that started at UND.
  6. You are most likely right on in this observation. Any school that gets a kid with one D1 offer to commit would tell a recruit that is the best recruit in the same state at the same position that all of the regional D1 schools want "sorry, we no longer need you".
  7. So what do MVC schools think of Missouri State, Illinois State, SIU, etc? Do they consider those schools trash schools because they have Colleges of AG? Why wouldn't they vote those hick schools out and add the elite UND's and USD's?
  8. OMG, bite your tongue. UND, the Harvard of the Upper Midwest, should never stoop as low as being in the same conference as an AG school like NMSU... Where are your standards???
  9. And they only need a 19,000 seat capacity once every 2 years and that is because a third of the stadium is green and gold.
  10. Yep, Fargo is going to piss off 90% of their travelers that have a 10 mile or less drive to the airport to make it more convenient for people in the GF area to catch a flight. Not going to happen.
  11. I think it has been discussed in this forum that there are 18 random tests per team after every playoff game. At 4 or 5 games per year during a 9 year run, that would put the number of NCAA administered tests at close to a thousand. Not a bad percentage of positive tests compared to every other team in the country. You must be an NDSU FB insider to know about the rampant positive internal tests they are coming up with.
  12. OK. A couple of months removed. I am sure he started dealing after the season was over...
  13. One suspension in hundreds if not thousands of tests in the last 8 years. I guess you have a new definition of an epidemic than most. My assumption is there is not widespread usage or there would have been more positive tests. And I would hate for the athletic department to go down in flames like Clemson did after several positive tests a couple of years ago... I'm not sure if they will ever recover... And from a program that had a player arrested for dealing steroids a couple of years ago, pot meet kettle.
  14. Yep. Ya ain't trying if ya ain;t cheatin.. Especially if you are smart enough not to get caught. And if only one positive test out of a thousand or more is all you get caught on, I say keep doing what you are doing...
  15. I would say that is an idiotic prediction/statement but it is not nearly your most outrageous one.
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