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  1. Since NDSU currently has 15 players on on an NFL contract and UND has 1, this is an idiotic comment. And NDSU had more active players on NFL rosters last season than any FCS school in the country. That being said, I hope all MVFC kids that were drafted or signed UDFA contracts make it.
  2. I hear the Al still hasn’t figured out how to handle large crowds. I saw lots of like for boycotthealerus. Some friends went to the concert, got their in plenty of time and missed the entire opening act and all but 2 songs of the second act. Was told it is not the Alerus’s fault. The Tour decides when doors open. Even if the decide they open an hour before the concert that should be plenty of time to get everyone in.
  3. Then don’t say anything at all. The Herald is living by that principle.
  4. You know, if you can’t say anything nice….
  5. UND also could have easily lost to two MVFC bottom feeders at home. If you are playing 7 of 8 conference games that close, you are going to lose your share of them. They finished around a 500 team, probably where they should have.
  6. Can he catch Christian Watson if he is healthy? Because they had no answer for him 2 years ago.
  7. Maybe Bubba recruited him to play TE. He looked more like a FB player than BB.
  8. Did not know the UND Bison men’s basketball team had a following big enough to move games to other sites around the country. I guess it’s not just hockey that can do it.
  9. I think he is a true freshman too.
  10. Hunter will be playing on Sundays in a couple of years, Otis will not be.
  11. Did you really watch the game. Miller was pretty good. Had a couple of 3rd down passes dropped the would have kept drives moving, and he didn’t have his best receiver. Not sure what this comment says about UND QB’s, because Miller’s combo or throwing and being able to run if he has to makes him much better than either F’N Hawk QB.
  12. I would say guard. I think 6’5 is pushing it a bit. Don’t think he is quite that tall.
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