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  1. I could see Jody going back to WDAY. Don’t think he is interested in relocating right now and don’t see a lot of other opportunities in the broadcast world in the area.
  2. NDSU has offered him too. For what it is worth, yes, Richman is hard to play for. But the ones in the portal so far I am okay with. Skunberg had a good run but his time was up. Morgan can go. To be completely honest it was a 50/50 option if it would be a bucket or a turnover every time they forced it into him. He will not be a major contributor at a P5 school if he gets a big NIL offer like is speculated. If Federson, White or Wheeler-Thomas go, I will be more upset.
  3. Is that now 2 8th graders and a 9th grader? Or were the Horace kids a freshman and sophomore?
  4. Maybe have to start a 28-29 recruiting thread.
  5. I see Kacie scored half of the teams points again tonight. Is there anyway they are any better next year after she graduates? Not sure the kids from Horace can enroll that early to help Mail out.
  6. You are kidding right. She didn’t chew out Collins, the ORU coach and Johnston did she?
  7. this is Collins 5th year. The cupboard was bare when he arrived.
  8. Collins has recruited Evan’s (who I hope They can keep) and Draper, but his freshman(Koenen, Krawzinski, Simon and the younger Hamling) all all very good with great length and athletism. Collins has a very good thing going in Fargo right now. And it sounds like he has some more good kids from Minnesota coming in next year. He knows getting kids from MN and ND is the best opportunity for success here.
  9. He does. I have nothing against Mallory, but she does not have the right kids to play in the Summit right now. Other than Kacie, and possibly Pemberton, I am not sure there is a kid that would make the rotation on a top 4 team In the league. Unless she has some top recruits coming in ready to play next year, I think what you saw today may be the norm next year. Honestly, I’m not sure they are a Top 4 college women’s team in the state of ND next year without Kacie. Hurst seems to have some talent, but if she isn’t handling the ball and casting up 3’a she seems very disinterested.
  10. I don’t think he is not well liked by opposing teams or media but maybe I’m wrong. But he can coach, and most players that left didn’t play or went home to Europe. As long as he is at NDSU and Mail is at UND, I think NDSU will dominate this series.
  11. I think you and Jack better go back and look at the play by play of that game. Bernhardt took a timeout with 7 seconds left with the ball leading by 9. The only sub she made was Hoskins out and Hurst in. Hoskins was coming back for another year and it was a mid season game, not senior night anyway. It wasn’t to recognize anyone. If Jack is calling Collins Busch league what did he say about Mallory last year.
  12. I was not able to watch the 2nd half of the men’s game , but was following on ESPN. Saw there was a foul and 2 FT’s by UND and then a bucket right after. Was the flagrant foul a no doubter?
  13. You would have to get the offense quality control guy. I think other position coaches at NDSU make more than 88k.
  14. I would say maybe the best bet for UND is have only Kacie B. Take the shot. They would probably have the best shot at keeping it close if only she were allowed to shoot.
  15. What are you talking about. I thought UND proved they have left NDSU in their dust. That game of total domination proved it is just like the late 90’s early 2000’s. UND is now the dominant program in North Dakota?
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