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  1. There are very few local kids that can play D1 basketball, but when they come along you have to at least recruit them. I think NDSU has a few on the roster that can be contributors. I think Jones failed by not going after Harden Hayes at all. He is not a star but is athletic and will hit a high percentage of open 3’s. I am pretty sure Sather did offer Grant Nelson from Devils Lake but am not positive. That kid isn’t there yet but his potential is very high. Those two kids would help UND right now.
  2. As a fan of Summit league basketball and an observer that had NDSU's game on the computer (horrible feed by the way) and UND's game on Midco 2, UND is definitely lacking a scoring threat outside of Rebraca. I think you need to have someone capable of hitting a 3 consistently to take the pressure off PR. Right now that threat isn't there. DAE is a good player but I really don't think he is an all conference type player. Everybody is trying to catch SDSU right now anyway, so this year and next, especially if SDSU keeps Wilson, it will be tough for anybody to overtake them anyway.
  3. After being down 18-5 after 1 quarter. In years past they would have folded the tent and lost by 40. This is a decent Kansas team that beat Oklahoma a week ago and that Oklahoma team just beat USD. A coach that can coach and recruit makes all of the difference.
  4. NDSU will not shoot under 20% for 3 quarters again. They should have been down 30 after 3. If NDSU full court pressures UND the whole game, UND commits 40 turnovers. They have no clue how to handle the press and you could put Jarnot, Reinke, Orth and Leet at the line and they may draw iron and may make it if they get a good bounce, but 50% out of the group would be a bonus for UND. I would give 10 points for both games at the Betty this year and would give better odds that NDSU finishes above UND in the Summit this year.
  5. The previous years before this year when Collins didn't have his own players, I would have said UND is the better team with the better athletes. But this year is different. This game was more than likely the best shot UND had at beating NDSU this year. NDSU couldn't have played worse for 38 minutes. I think the last couple of minutes of regulation and OT showed that NDSU has the better athletes and BB players now. Outside of Fleecs and maybe Zander, UND is overmatched with NDSU. UND was getting almost every call and they were getting every bounce in the first 38 minutes but still couldn't put
  6. With 15 scholarships, I don’t see how you wouldn’t have everybody on scholarship. Not sure the limit on a roster, but 15 seems like it should be the limit.
  7. Nobody won that game last night. That was an ugly game on both sides outside of Rebraca. And the refs blew calls both way. They call a charge on Krueser and the next time down the court Rebraca does the same thing and it was a no call. Sims got all hand on a block of Cook at the rim in the last couple of minutes and no call but they call Cook for a call on the rebound. If both teams play like that the rest of the season, they will both be in the bottom half of the conference.
  8. If Brewster left the cupboard as bare as the NDSU coach did, she needs to clean house. I am not sure he did though. Collins has just 3 girls left from the previous staff. All of the rest are his recruits. That is cleaning house in just his second year. He was honest in his first singing day press conference when he basically said he didn’t have the kids in the program when the toughness and talent to compete. He definitely was right. Bernhardt may have to do the same. I know that is harder to do when she was part of the previous staff, but I don’t think she has the talent to compete with the
  9. Top of the Big Sky is middle of the pack in the Summit in women's basketball. They will need to get much better than their best Big Sky team to compete for a title in the Summit. NDSU waited 10 years to find a coach that can compete. Hopefully for UND you don't have to wait that long.
  10. So sorry for your loss. While I may have questioned some of his theories I always admired his passion for UND athletics. We all could take a lesson from his passion and commitment. I am sure it went beyond UND.
  11. Are there PWO’s in WBB? They have 15 scholarships. I thought everybody on roster was a scholarship athlete.
  12. They may not win it this year but this isn't a normal year. They lost more than 1st round QB and LT. They lost a first round LB (Cox), another starting LB and very likely a starting CB, among possibly 2 more starting OL that may opt op of the spring season.
  13. Zeb will do until the Omaha kid gets to Fargo. He is blowing up this year and will probably get some FBS offers, but I would bet he will stay with his commitment. Zeb has a really strong and accurate arm, just not nearly as athletic as Lance. He has NFL aspirations too.
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