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  1. I didn't hear, did he sign any in the early signing period? And I am assuming DAE has shown more in previous games than he showed today? My guess is today was an off night for him?
  2. I agree UND may have better players, but your coach doesn't appear to have much if any of a coaching philosophy. He appears to just tell his players to play as fast as possible, full court press and be as physical as possible. Then complain that the refs called the game too tight. UND's girls generally deserve their fouls. BTW, the free throw were 33 for UND and 38 for NDSU, which is fairly even considering at least 10 of NDSU's were from intentional fouls at the end of the game.
  3. Agree. Huge improvement over Jones. We will see if he can recruit. The cupboard was fairly bare. I am not sure bringing Danielson along was a good move. Is he on a a scholarship? As an NDSU fan, when Richman puts Quayle in the game I always question if he really doesn't have someone better to put in (I know he does). I am guessing if I were a UND fan I would be saying the same when Danielson enters a game.
  4. Unfortunately, it is the truth.. but UND by 10 to 15 in this one.
  5. NDSU has been, and still is this year, historically bad. But I have confidence that Jory Collins can finally turn it around when he gets his kids in. The 2 best players in the program have to sit out this year for transfer reasons. I think we will find out today it is still USD and SDSU and then the rest of the Summit. I think we will find out, even though UND will win, they are closer to NDSU than the SD schools.
  6. I don’t think the talent level between these two teams is very big at all. If you exchange the two point guards, I think UND is a slight favorite. The difference in leadership between Shahid and Stewart is huge.
  7. How can the Montana schools add 22 Scholarships when they can't afford FCOA?
  8. The MWC has talked about adding FB only schools. That is the only way NDSU gets in the MWC.
  9. Whoever want him they can have him. I’m not sure if it is him or Entz responsible for the play calling, but if they have a lead in the second half , they become EXTREMELY conservative and predictable.
  10. Two very tragic reminders that football is just a game. Thoughts and prayers to the Schweigert family.
  11. I had seen 5Dimes opened with NDSU as a slight favorite but 2 sports books in Vegas had JMU as a slight favorite.
  12. Shannon Schweigert had nothing to do with UND media until Bubba was hired and KFGO and Associates got the contract for UND athletics. My guess is as soon as Bubba is gone, Shannon is also. I would think they would want somebody at least partially unbiased and able to criticize a little bit. Kelly Howe, while hardly neutral, is a little more open about criticizing a bit, and actually picked against UND a couple of times. I don't think Shannon picked against his brother once.
  13. Not so sure. NDSU has 10 -15 very good recruits in the early signing period. They lost a couple but will probably replace them in the late period, like they did last year with Kobe Johnson and a couple of Texas guys.
  14. In fairness to Grand Forks, I am fairly sure the GF market wasn't included in the study.
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