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  1. NDSU could go FBS today with the Fargodome without making any increases in seating. The Fargodome meets the minimum standard for FBS capacity and they probably have more FB ticket revenue than a great majority of the G5 FBS schools while they are still in the FCS. They charge as much for a ticket than the bottom third of the Big 10. UND on the other hand would have to get creative with having a "home" game at a power 5 away stadium to work the attendance numbers to qualify. I am not saying NDSU is going FBS anytime soon, but they could with the Fargodome as is.
  2. But all used to hear from UND fans is "we compete against Minnesota, Wisconsin," ... Not Miami of OH, W. Mich, St. Cloud, CC... If the Pig Ten had extended an offer at the split, The Big Ten commissioner wouldn't have been able to complete extending the offer before Faison would have accepted. He would have been lynched by UND hockey fans if he would have turned down an offer to go with the U of M and Wisconsin. You can say all you want about the NCHC is a better conference than the Big 10 in hockey, but a great deal of the luster of UND hockey has gone away since the split of the WCHA,
  3. I don't think Matt Larsen is embarrassed about not getting an invite to an FBS conference, but maybe you know him more personally than I do. Conferences and school presidents do what is in the best interests of their entities. There may be some monetary reasons and concerns about the competitiveness of NDSU when weighing possible membership. I guess the UND AD and President must have been extremely embarrassed when the Big 10 schools split from their conferences in hockey and invited an associate member and it wasn't UND. How embarrassing for the supposed top program in college hockey.
  4. Probably not. And he looks like an athletic player. But if you don't have at least a more than 50/50 shot at hitting an open jumper, your effectiveness as a D1 player is diminished. You can offset that by having 4 other offensive minded players on the court at the same time, I don't know if UND has that, but if they do he would be a very good addition as a slasher/defensive specialist.
  5. You are right as always. Damned embarrassing to win 7 of 8 titles and beat every FBS with enough guts to schedule you. And I wouldn't be so sure UND will be following NDSU into an FBS conference if they ever get the opportunity to join one, like the MWC. If they want two teams, my guess their first choice to join NDSU would be SDSU, not UND. But we all know you know better than the rest of us. You haven't been wrong yet...
  6. When a player says his shot is a work in progress that would be a bit concerning.
  7. I don't think they offered him that early and I never thought he was worthy of a scholarship. You can look back and I always thought RIchman definitely offered the wrong Dickinson kid. I still wish he would have offered Moody.
  8. I get why Santiago would want to get on a CFL practice squad. You don't make any money but you keep your dream alive. I see John Crockett was cut from Ottawa but make their practice squad. I really don't get why someone who is 3 or 4 years out of college and had a taste of the NFL would try to hang on with very little chance of getting back to the NFL.
  9. The kids from Enderlin just finished their freshman seasons. You might want to pump the brakes on them a bit. I am not saying they may not be good in the future, but they are very young playing against class B kids a half a foot shorter than them and they weren't exactly dominating. Again, they may wind up being good D1 players, but I think it is way too early to be offering them scholarships.
  10. He will also be peddling the very rare and extremely accurate “SiouxVolley crystal ball”. The predictions are guaranteed to come true, even if nobody alive today will be around to see it.
  11. Well, I think you said in your 2014 posts that in 10 - 15 years Williston would be in the 400,000 range. Since then in 5 years, WIlliston has actually lost population. And even though oil prices are down, April was very close to a record of oil production in ND. Williston could double in the next 5 years (which won't happen) and still lose ground to Fargo.
  12. They reportedly have half of the $37,5 Million raised for the practice facility. A couple of phone calls to Mr. Wentz and Mr. Turner may close that gap.
  13. SiouxVolley with another of his incredibly accurate predictions. The Fargo Metro has added just about 20,000 people since these posts, almost as much as todays population of Williston,
  14. Not a bad contract extension for Mr. Wentz. 4 years at $32 million a year with $107 Million guaranteed.
  15. So far there has been one D1 commit from ND that both schools have offered...
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