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  1. I think that while UNI was short handed on the D-Line, the were not undersized.
  2. Youngstown should bow out of next weeks game and the MVFC should schedule Missouri Stare to come to Grand Forks.
  3. Don’t think that is going to happen. The big NSU fish is going to a Major CBB program.
  4. Agree, and this game will not be made up as USD already has a game scheduled for April 17th. Have to figure SDSU game is in jeopardy now too.
  5. According to Jack Michael’s the positive test came back Friday AM. And Kelly Burke from the MVFC game of the week broadcast said she has heard it may affect an entire position group. Don’t know how reliable either of those sources are, but if true it doesn’t bode well for next weekend.
  6. I am not sure if Jones was making that kind of money after 7 years was he?
  7. Culhane tweeted UND issue. Rescheduled for April 17th
  8. UND or YSU having the issue?
  9. You are correct. You could tell when Kabellis left 3 years ago, Richman was caught off guard and pissed. He really liked him and the way he played but I think he got homesick for California. Geu and Hunter were both mutually agreed on departures. Both were frequently in and out of Richman's doghouse and it was time to move on. The 3 this year were deep bench players and probably wouldn't have seen the floor next year. That being said, I would not be a bit surprised to see another one or two leave this year who are key contributors. As watching UND MBB from the outside, I think Sather is
  10. NDSU quickly made it a 28-13 game on the next possession (well a 7 minute drive). They kicked a couple of field goals after that because they wouldn't throw because they didn't have to. UND was fortunate Zeb threw a couple of picks in UND territory early in the game or it would have been a 4 score game at halftime. Zeb won't be the QB the next time they play next fall. NDSU may get knocked off their pedestal, but it won't be by UND.
  11. No. It was said NDSU fans would claim it is a legit championship if NDSU won and illegitimate if anyone else won. It will not be the same this year no matter who wins.
  12. Not at all. This year is different and this years championship, if it happens, will not be the same, whether it is NDSU or anybody else. Even if the perennial top 5 or 10 teams are competing, those teams are not playing with the same roster as they had planned on playing with in the fall. Take a quarter of your starting lineup off the field from opt outs or declaring for the draft off any roster and you have a watered down product.
  13. Zimmee’s column quotes Stig as saying Spack called him last week way before it was announced. Not sure what else last week would mean.
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